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  1. Psychick is an Archetype of Psychic Pendulum Monsters with various Levels and Attributes, as well as a single non-Pendulum and Link Monster. They focus on having multiple copies of the same card on the field for various effects, Pendulum Summoning and shuffling themselves into the Deck. Each of the Pendulum Monsters have two Pendulum Effects, one that can only be used once while it's face-up, and one that shuffles the card into the Deck to replace it with another Pendulum Monster. They also have a monster effect that is based on how many of the same copies you control, cards with Dual in their
  2. I recently began watching Your Lie In April, I'm about 10 episodes in, and I don't know why, but I kind of enjoy it, not a show I typically would watch.

  3. Something I found fascinating is the idea that groups and communities may have certain aspects that they deem the proper way of doing things, that acting different and calling you the same as "us" makes you a bad actor, a person who doesn't deserve to be in our group. This makes it seem like there are rules to being in a group, perhaps unspoken, but as long as you are not behaving properly, you are not one of us, though nobody ever told me these rules, I am not intending to break them, I just don't believe that me not following them doesn't exclude me from your group, rather a sub-culture or simply someone who isn't defined this way.

    1. Tinkerer


      Hmm... this is interesting.  Care to make a topic about this?  I'm actually really curious on other people's thoughts on this matter.

    2. Zaziuma


      I could, but why not just continue the discussion here?

  4. I recently realized that I have been using this username for almost 13 years at this point, that's like 1/3 of my life. The funny thing is that I don't even like it that much, I just made it up one day, and now I'm kind of stuck with it, nobody knows how to spell it or pronounce it correctly, hell I don't even know I want to pronounce it sometimes, either it's Za-zi-u-ma or Zaz-i-uma, I prefer the former though. How long have you all had your usernames?

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    2. Thar


      "Thar she blows"

    3. Horu


      Haha yeah. Always been so tempted to find a random song and change the lyrics to pirate speak.

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      you're still zazubat to me

  5. I think this is the first time someone has called my cards "really good design", which makes it even weirder that I just kind of threw something together without thinking too much, but thanks I guess.
  6. I made a Witchcrafter Deck recently, and I wanted a Rank 8 because reasons, and found out that no Spellcaster Rank 8s exist, so that's just totally unacceptable, so here's one! It's pretty easy to Summon, though its stats are based on the number of Spells in your GY, so it doesn't get strong unless you fill the GY up with Spells, though its main purpose is the burn effect that can deal 2000 damage, which is a Quick Effect meant to work with Witchcrafter Haine.
  7. I recently made a Deep Sea Deck, so figured I would make some support. I was missing a Tuner I could easily Special Summon, so here's one that does that, as well as plays into their milling tactics a bit.
  8. Apparently the last time I did a Forming an Archetype was in 2019, so wow, has been a while, here's new one! It's for Anarchist Monk Ranshin.


  9. Anarchist Monk is an Archetype of Spellcaster/EARTH Level 4 monsters. They focus on banishing monsters from your opponent's GY, Xyz Summoning and using Anarchist Monk Ranshin for various effects. Most of the monsters have an effect that banishes from your opponent's GY or gives an effect to an Xyz Monster. Their playstyle revolves around banishing from your opponent's GY and Xyz Summoning their boss monster Reborn Ranshin, which can be done in two ways, either 3 monsters or 1 monster depending on the right conditions, and if you used Ranshin for its Xyz Summon, you get to equip Khakkhara
  10. Can you guess who I made this for specifically? It's probably pretty obvious, but I am curious if anyone would guess, because could be for a lot, but if you know, it's hard to say it was made for anything else. So, easy to Special Summon while a Field Spell exists, and is able to add monsters from your Deck to your hand when you Fusion Summon something.
  11. Just a simple Pendulum Normal Monster, powerful but simple, it destroys, and guess what, it destroys some more (based on non-Effect Monsters you control). That's pretty much it, got some stats you can look at, check them stats! Oh and it's a Level 5 Warrior/WATER monster with a Pendulum Scale of 3, so that's something. Check out that lore I had to write, even though I had no idea what to write! Yeah!
  12. Well, just finished Gurren Lagann. I can't say it's my favorite anime of all time or anything, but I did enjoy it. Animation definitely was the strong suit, beautiful use of color and lighting at times, and they give it their all that's for sure, with a few exceptions where it does feel a bit cheap. Story has both good moments and bad moments, it gets pretty anime at times, but how the show changes over time with how few episodes there are is interesting.

    1. Tinkerer


      Funny.  My little brother finally convinced me to watch it and I just watched the first couple episodes yesterday.

      It doesn't really feel like my thing so far, and the fanservice is... not subtle, but I'll reserve further judgment on it for a few more episodes.  I do like the expressive "poppy" art style; it's very distinct.

  13. Act of Faith is an Archetype of Fairy/DIVINE Level 5 monsters with 0 ATK/DEF, along with a few Level 10 and Divine-Beast monsters. They focus on using Synchro and Ritual Monsters together, making monsters into Continuous Spells and coin toss flips. Each non-Ritual Main Deck monster is a Special Summon only monster that has an effect in your hand that tosses a coin, and depending on the result, either is Special Summoned, or placed in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell, and another effect that activates if Special Summoned. All monsters also can only be Special Summoned once per t
  14. I made a Fortune Fairy Deck recently, so wanted to make a support card for them, so here's a Pendulum Synchro Monster, because I haven't made on in a while, and figured why not, Spell Counters have a place in their Deck, so throw in some of those Pendulum Monsters and have a weird ass Deck. Anyway, this is able to easily get something on top of your Deck, destroy a card your opponent controls and draw a card, which let's you Special Summon a monster from the hand, and boosts Spellcaster monsters' stats
  15. I recently made a Melffy Deck, so got in the mood to make a little something for them, so here's a LINK-3 that boosts ATK, protects and even revives itself. Bring it out with some Tri-Brigades if you want, works great with that, though keep in mind you can't use the GY effect if you do.
  16. Straya is an Archetype of Beast-Warrior/WATER Link Monsters. They have no Main Deck monsters, rather focusing on using their Field Spells to get them out, co-linking and even being able to make an Extra Link. Each monster gains 500 ATK while co-linked, plus some other effect depending on various conditions of it being linked, and another effect, where controlling a Field Spell makes your opponent unable to respond to its activation. They are based on Australian animals, with an ice age twist, hence the WATER Attribute (which is closest to ice), and their name Straya, which is slang for we
  17. I just made a Melffy Deck, they are super cute, I love them, and they got more going for them than I first thought, some decent combos in there.

  18. I made a Dragonmaid Deck recently, so figured I would make some support for them. This card is able to Special Summon monsters from your hand and add stuff from your GY to your hand, based on the Levels of the monsters you use, and as Dragonmaid have both low Level monsters and high Level monsters, I made a little gimmick for that here.
  19. I'm making an Archetype based on Australian animals, the name I came up with is Oceanic Beast, however that makes it sound like it's fish and such, so does anyone have a better name? They Beast-Warrior/WATER and there's an ice age theme, because I liked the juxtaposition.

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)
    3. Horu


      Sorry about that Zaziuma. Guess we got carried away.

    4. Horu


      Anyway. Back to Zaziuma's Archetype idea. I think it sounds rather intriguing.

  20. Felt like making a support for DARK Dragons because I like DARK Dragons. So there we are. It's easy to get out, but you only get half the ATK if you don't put some effort into the monster you get it out with. It's able to mill cards to destroy...even twice! But again, it will cost ya.
  21. I really wish this site was just about card games, but that isn't going to happen, is it?

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Ngl I forgot that horu is in the record as being against citing sources in debates.

    3. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      ye i was just amused that i couldn't find the "replies" button

    4. Horu


      Cow, that kinda tripped me out too. I almost thought they locked the status.


      But yeah, Giga, I will use sources if I can't offer a real world viewpoint on a subject. But I mostly use the sources for that purpose. But typically, if I post a source, it will be something on a detail I may have missed or something that cleared up any misunderstanding on a given subject. So when I post a source, it isn't only for the sake of argument but also a way of admitting that I was wrong about certain details or that I could've have missed certain details. Does that make sense now?

  22. I made a Vision HERO Deck recently, and well, this isn't exactly where I thought my support card would be going, but I figured it had been a while since I made a Pendulum Fusion Monster, so why not? I wanted something for them that would set up their effects to make themselves Continuous Traps, so it deals burn damage to both players, which offsets its low stats. It's able to destroy your opponent's monsters as well to make it place itself in the Pendulum Zone, where you can get it back easily or even make Pendulum Summons with another copy.
  23. I'm sure you have all been asking this question, "what would a Spirit monster Archetype based on emo bands look like...if they were Insects." Well ask no more! 


  24. Melancolony is an Archetype of Insect/DARK Spirit monsters with various Levels. They focus on Tribute Summoning, Tokens and face-down Defense Position and flipping tactics. Each monster has an effect that activates when Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, and one that activates in the Main Phase 2 as a Quick Effect. Due to the high Level monsters, they take heavy use of Tokens, and their Field Spell called Underground Scene can produce them, as well as providing an extra Normal Set, so Tribute Summoning isn't going to be a huge deal. Due to them being Spirit monsters, they have various ways of
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