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  1. Suspiria 6/LIGHT/Spellcaster/?/? Gains ATK equal to the highest DEF among the monsters on the field. While this card is in your hand or field (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 monster with ? DEF in your hand or this card on the field; you cannot Tribute monsters for the rest of the turn, also apply 1 of these effects. ● Special Summon 1 monster with ? ATK from your hand, or if this card was Tributed on the field to activate this effect, you can Special Summon that monster from your Extra Deck instead. ● Banish 2 Normal Spell/Trap Cards from your hand and/or the GYs with the same name, and if you do, apply the effect of 1 of those banished Spell/Trap Cards. Happy Halloween! Some inspiration from a 1977 horror movie and an even more bizarre set of inspirations card-wise later, we have Helena Markos herself personified. Fortune Ladies come to mind, but I'll let everyone else have fun with the bizarre possibilities here! This card's possibilities and interesting angles are about as versatile as the soundtrack of the movie that inspired it
  2. The issue is with the new errata, it doesn't let you do anything else. I have watched how the card has impacted the OCG (Japanese) game, and for the most part, it was used in Shaddolls when they were heavy on the Chaos theme in order to close out duels. It didn't do much else than put your opponent on a clock, and honestly if you didn't draw it at the right time, it could be an inconvenience and you may as well be running something else. This is why personally, I will take my Envoy of the Beginning before considering CED unless the Deck in question can really put out enough damage to put the opponent on a consistent clock. It's not very good going first either, which is an important thing now, the same issue that will hold back Dark Armed Dragon going to 2 to an extent. You don't want to play that sort of top-decking game, as with the lack of being able to follow it up with a Sangan/Witch effect, you will not be in an advantageous state. You essentially are giving your opponent the time and day to re-establish their hand and make a field presence and if any of their cards do anything in the Graveyard, you're flat out dead. One of the best Decks in the format at the moment, Orcust, is especially good at this, and the Gouki engine they will be pairing it with also gives you floats if you try to take out their field. That's not to also say about the negates they will also have on board if you go second. As much as I would like to see CED get some time just for the sake of it being THE Chaos Emperor Dragon, it's not going to happen more than likely. Thunder Dragons (The most likely Chaos Deck) have better things to do, and Shaddolls probably won't want to banish their Jugglers or Clowns now that they have those to mess around with instead of the White/Black Dragons and Lightsworns they used when they were using those Chaos bosses. I actually did some testing with Dark Armed, and yeah, I am feeling about the same way about it here, though I suppose it also doesn't help the lack of Eclipse Wyvern. I think it could maybe head to three, but I am yet to test more out. It's been comfy though not having to deal with Mermaid though, I welcome that part of the format with the most open of arms.
  3. Harrington had one of the worst designed GX Decks tbh. He could have won by just burn, and yet he plays some impractical alternate wincon that Jaden could have won the duel through not triggering if you count the LP. I really don't get it.....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dae


      You're giving the writers too much credit. It was a gimmick duel that had nothing to do with the macro plot of the matter, so it was just a gimmick that has nothing more than being that.

    3. Thar


      I'd love to see an anime duel that's written out like the average Duel Links game.

    4. VampireofDarkness


      @Thar But see, this isn't the only example, Harrington is just perhaps the most jarring. Damon is another that has an awful, and I mean awful, gimmick that is all sorts of frustrating. I was namely making a point of how GX has a bad tendency for some of these gimmick Decks to be impractical compared to other series, even if some of the overall episodes end up being better

  4. This might be shocking to some, but I really like Mudkip. It's a really useful Pokemon in the games, there isn't a Gym it is outright bad against, and Swampert is one hell of an evolution. I played Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends, and it was a big help in that game in spite of being a hindrance at first (Because your rival gets a damn Pikachu)
  5. I am going to pull a fast one on everyone and declare Eevee from Pokemon XD. I have always loved this decision by Game Freak for this game, and wish there was another game that did similar. You have this Pokemon with several different evolution paths, and they all are super accessible not just within being given the stone/shard by the man in the Gateon Port shop (IIRC?), but also throughout the game you get more of these stones. It's a perfect choice and I very much appreciate this singular moment.
  6. Thanks to @The Nyx Avatar, I may need to pull out Dragon Age: Origins once again. I forgot how amazing and well written/framed some of the characters are in the series

  7. Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. The framing of her character is rather unique, in that no matter what perspective you see it in, there is a rather questionable aspect about her. There is something that makes her seem like she is evil, but she might actually be not, but there is never a real answer to that.
  8. Super Rejuvenation is one of those cards that either is super broken or is not good at all. As such, I don't think it is going to nearly have the impact one may think it would. Just stay from too many Rulers, plz. Knightmare Mermaid...... BYE I don't care about Guardragons, they are kinda degenerate but at the same time I like using REDMD, so I don't mind what happens to it 1 Widow Anchor tbh might be a bit of a punch in the gut, I am not exactly sure yet. I am slowly working my way back in and this is one I need to study more, but I think this might be the most impactful move here aside from the bans. DAD shockingly did little impact at 2 in the OCG, I think it might see more in the TCG, but I am not as scared as I want to be. In fact, I am absolutely amused by alongside 3 Mali. Maybe I should try to work in *THAT* Deck again, though Arma and Grepher at 1 makes me still sad. (I absolutely get why though from what I have heard/seen) Stratos might actually do something though, especially with the Evil HERO cards. There has to be something there, otherwise I see it being used for FTKs if nothing else *sighs* Inzektor might become a hilarious rogue Deck, I at least am here for the meme of this Deck placing well in Regionals with full power Monarchs still have 1 Pantheism but 3 Ehther is a start. I am curious to know if this is going to do anything 3 Shurit is alarming, though IIRC Unicore is the one that is at 1. As long as I never have to see the face of Djinn again, we good.
  9. So the original site is back up...... perhaps time to put in some work around here once I do some more work on my album

  10. Is the discard that you make to negate your opponent's Magic Drain considered to be a discard by effect or a discard as a cost?
  11. Banned for featuring a hate symbol in your signature
  12. Genex Furnace 5 FIRE/Pyro 2000/1300 If you control a face-up "Genex Controller", you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). A "Genex" Synchro Monster that used this card as a Synchro Material is unaffected by other monster effects. Basically just made it a Kizan for Controller. Makes it a 1 card Sync 8, and if you go into either of the Genex Synchro options with it, you get a nice little immunity. How about I challenge somebody to the task of Diabolos, King of the Abyss?
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