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  1. Thank you so much for the advice! (I knew those notes would come in handy!) Correctamundo! When I add more monsters, the lower ones are probably gonna range from level 1-4, hence the scales. Y'know, you're totally right! I must've flip-flopped the ATK/DEF values while I was writing, but I'd meant to make the DARK ones have more ATK and the LIGHT ones have more DEF. Definitely adding that one to the to-do list! Aboouut that... As you mentioned a little later in the reply, I did flub a bit on writing Greatwyrm's summon effect. I'd intended it to only be
  2. Hello! This is the first time I've posted anything in a looong time, but I've had a bit of inspiration for some cards and I wanted to get my ideas down. Given my relative inexperience with the forum, I'm not totally familiar with Realistic Cards' standards, nor am I wholly confident in my ability to design cards suited for the metagame. That being said though, any feedback is welcome and appreciated! For context, this archetype is largely based on Zefraath. From a design standpoint, it's one of my favorite cards, and I've always loved the half-and-half light/dark aesthetic it had. So I deci
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