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  1. Thanks so much for your time Rayfield Lumina! writing this must have took alot of your time, and it was because of the second paragraph that I was in doubt. In the game YGO link evolution i noted the 2 spots and saw the link monsters but i didn't understand how to use it. Thanks to you know i can have a go. Thank you so much again!
  2. Hi people! I have been kinda distant from the card game for a while because of many reasons actually, but now i just got back and I found myself knowing nothing of what the game looks like anymore. The last time I've played was in 2017 when the pendulum launch and i kinda stopped there, not knowing what was the meta anymore. I know there must be an article for my doubts but I just feel I was in need of a more personal help so if anyone could it would be nice.
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