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  1. I love the effect of Dymenssion Warrior! NecroARK is a bit OP I think. You could summon any monster that has been vanished (without restrictions), I like it. But you can summon this card without tribute . I would consider to remove that effect. Make it harder to summon it but easyer to add in the magic/trap card zone so Dymenssion Warrior can us its ability. I could play with this cards!
  2. 5000 ATK points! Insane for a very easy to summon monster. The second part of the card effect is bizare: 'Unless this monster attacks your opponent's life ponts..' What does it means? They are easier ways to write that damage is set to 0 when attacking a monster . I dont like rituals but this could be cool
  3. Cool achetype! I a just play-for-fun yu gi oh player but I could try this archetype. It would be fun
  4. And with this card now we have a FTK... Sphere Rage + Primodial Sphere + Ascendant Sphere + Thermosphere = BURST!
  5. Dear all, I have always been interested in the Sphere archetype, but there is no way to make it playable nowadays. So I have made my own cards that would allow a very cool way of playing using the opponent cards at will and easy ways of summoning monsters. What do you think? Let me know what you think
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