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  1. Hello :) I am a Scientist and like that I would like to see more Science related cards. Because it is cool, and the myth around it, I have decided to create my own Alchemia Cards. Let me know what you think. The Archetype works around "Alchemist" cards, "Alchemia" Spell cards (that can only be activated when an "Alchemist" is on the Field) and the "Alchemic Creation" Extra deck cards. Here are my first ideas. The rest of the deck is built around different Attribute cards that can be interconverted around the "Alchemist" or "Alchemia" effects. Please let me know what do you think :)
  2. I love the effect of Dymenssion Warrior! NecroARK is a bit OP I think. You could summon any monster that has been vanished (without restrictions), I like it. But you can summon this card without tribute . I would consider to remove that effect. Make it harder to summon it but easyer to add in the magic/trap card zone so Dymenssion Warrior can us its ability. I could play with this cards!
  3. 5000 ATK points! Insane for a very easy to summon monster. The second part of the card effect is bizare: 'Unless this monster attacks your opponent's life ponts..' What does it means? They are easier ways to write that damage is set to 0 when attacking a monster . I dont like rituals but this could be cool
  4. Cool achetype! I a just play-for-fun yu gi oh player but I could try this archetype. It would be fun
  5. And with this card now we have a FTK... Sphere Rage + Primodial Sphere + Ascendant Sphere + Thermosphere = BURST!
  6. Dear all, I have always been interested in the Sphere archetype, but there is no way to make it playable nowadays. So I have made my own cards that would allow a very cool way of playing using the opponent cards at will and easy ways of summoning monsters. What do you think? Let me know what you think
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