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  1. Yes if there is a good one/something that strike a liking to me
  2. I will probably go for the dark side, although i also watch plenty of slice of life, but cute, isn't my forte to list, barely watch anime with cute stuff The Promised Neverland, hmm, even general description will spoil the story and "surprise" moments, maybe just watch it instead and see for yourself? The plot twist is real tho, so good overall, also already going into season 2 Goblin Slayer, i guess this falls into dark-fantasy category, although compared to Berserk, still a way to go, but the backstory, and how things goes with goblin, not bad. Your generic armored knight, hunting weak monster, goblin, for a living Psycho-Pass, set in futuristic timeline, basically some kind of police (inspector), with a futuristic system, examining people who is going to be a threat, lalalalala, old inspector corrupt etc justice twisted. Other than that you probably already watched, like Death Note, or FMA, etc
  3. Mostly animax/aniplus, but for the likes of Great Pretender i watch it from Netflix
  4. A lot, but my all time favorite goes to Code Geass and Oregairu Code Geass due to, well, everything is just perfect imo, the plot, two-sides protag, struggle, politics, also the first thing i dwell into kind of mecha anime from someone. Oregairu, well aside from the story, when i watch first few episodes, it makes me go into tears, not because how emotional it is, but looking at Yukinoshita feels like looking at myself irl. Being born into sorta well-respected family, being a shadow of a perfect sister and are forced to be perfect, in the name of family (yes i have an older sister, too perfect to be exact, first rank throughout academics school not counting her achievement in basketball too, thus, the burden of following her steps goes to me), not much of a talker/social person irl, so i can count my friends throughout my elementary to high school with my fingers, i am blunt with words, with total honesty, example if i hate someone, i tell them directly, that causes me sort of, being shunned. Although aside those two, honorable mentions goes to Great Pretender, Kaguya-sama Love is War, Baccano, Durararara, Tenshura, Overlord, Jormungand, also Jujutsu Kaisen
  5. What's this? Are you going to treat me? Let's gooooo Well, Neapolitan above is okay? I mean i much more favorable into the chocolate ones Other than that, Coffee and Blueberry kinda good too, but i will say no to Banana, Durian or even Peanut Butter flavor
  6. Obv chocolate! Athough Vanilla and Strawberry are also okay for me
  7. There is also Kit Kat bar here, but hard to find, and won't find it on a small store. Tobias, because y'know, i love bullshit Joke aside, these persons, because i like them equally
  8. Stressed with final projects and guess what i do to relieve myself? Make a custom card heh An idea i have for such a long time, but kinda stopped, and forgotten, now i revived again after i found around my old custom archive This might changed into archetype? Who knows Idea lore, he is a Master Summoner (Golem Master), that he can transform basically any non-living things into Golem, for him to defend or to attack? Levi, Alterspell Summoner EARTH/Level 4 Spellcaster/Effect Once while face-up on the field (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Spell/Trap on the field; Special Summon it as a Normal Monster (Rock/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 2000) (That card is NOT treated as a Spell/Trap.) If Set Spell/Trap is targeted this way, it cannot be activated in response to this effect activation. You cannot Special Summon any monster during the turn you activate this effect, except EARTH Rock monster or EARTH Spellcaster monster. 1700/1700
  9. Not much candy bar products in my country, Snickers, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Silver Queen, if you count dietary bar e.g. Soy Joy, then sure it is (the taste ugh). My fav goes to Cadbury Dairy Milk, they say that the products taste different on each countries, but here, at least it taste good.
  10. Okay i have been lurking around the forum quite a bit, and i felt the need to bring this up. A bit of backstory for those who don't know, Card Contest is a section where you can make a new thread, for a certain event or competition, and people/members who are interested on said competition can participate within the time that has been announced. Competition here of course, in regards to Custom Cards, especially Yu-Gi-Oh. These competition consists of certain criteria, e.g 1) Theme of the competition 2) Some uses requirements/fee to participate (optional) 3) Participants send their creations for the competition 4) Scoring, judging the participants card 5) Lastly, prize for the winner, or top contestants (optional) My issues are: > As for whatever happened to the forum, formerly we have a points, some kind of number/numerical currency where we can spend to buy in the shop, give it to others, etc, basically like digital money. This is essential part for Card Contests (main prize), although, not entirely, contest creator can also give the participants a different prize or even if you don't give the participants a prize, sure, people have fun making a card anyway, and acknowledged as a winner of a certain contest alone, is probably enough to make them happy. > As of lately, well first of all, i want to say thanks for those who creates a competition in this newly reborn YCM, and make the sections, kinda alive, but some lacks of a few main criteria of what card contests should be, as per the sections rule itself (e.g theme, deadline, creativity, aforementioned above prize although optional, also scoring/judging), after a few checks on the thread, it derails into a Create a Card game? with no final phase of scoring judging. Some contest creators also leave the thread altogether without any further notice or information, in which how the contests end. This leaves us to some choices and my questions regarding it, 1) Do we need to enforce the rules of that section? But doing so also reduces the traffic altogether, potentially killing the section 2) Restore the currency (points)? But i am not sure if that is a viable solution given the situation 3) Merge the section with Card Game Workshop/Card Game Workshop divided into a new section, formerly known as Card Contest? 4) Leave it all be like this? And just, let it goo~ I mean, 4th question/option is fine for me (leave it be like that), my main reason of why i am doing this is, to hear what you guys think about the section in general. Because it is not an issue so dire/urgent that needs an immediate solution, but rather, that section is created for a purpose, and it's derailed so much, that it's purpose are forgotten.
  11. Never heard of it, a quick search on google it looks like a chocolate cake? but instead of melting chocolate, it use cocoa powder/coffee? Sounds tasty
  12. chocolate obv, other than that spicy food, anything, i'm not that picky eater, but choco always goes first
  13. 2, first is Phoenix, as you may already know, symbolize rebirth, renew, immortality, solitude, and fiery spirit. The idea of Spirit bird consist of fiery flame, having immortality (resurrect upon death) is just awesome Second is local deity, called Nyi Roro Kidul (translated as Goddess of the South Sea), for those who don't know, there are many version of her stories, but the famous one is that she is a princess from an ancient kingdom, due to some issue occurring, she is discarded and exiled, also cursed by the king's sorcerer/black witch, as such she is forced to jump into the sea, since her spirit is in rage and goes violent, it forever live within the south sea, and the demons crowned her as the Spirit Queen of the Sea, the later she met a prince who has a strong spirit power (Senopati), as she fell in love to him, as exchange of protecting both the South Seas, and the prince's kingdom (Mataram Sultanate), becoming sort of spiritual escort. She represents strong-will, protection, loyalty and prosperity. What i like about her is that, her myth still believed up by people up until now, example here, forbid of wearing green-ish/aqua color, since it is her outfit color, thus will be cursed for those who wear, like some sort of terrors still haunts to people, although handful people (including myself), still question the truth and logic behind that, also she is a demon queen, led a demonic armies, in the middle of the seas, how aspiring is that for a girl, seeing a badass demon queen, that is not entirely evil nor cruel (neutral)
  14. Look at that I love all cat breeds, hmm if i were to choose . . . Himalayan, i've had it once and he is so fluffy and adorable and kind of spoiled cat basically, he always goes to wherever i am, even when sleeping, he will sneak out to my room (either from windows, or just meow-ing in front of my room's door), cute. The other being, Lulu? If you know it from Kittisaurus, or other channel on Youtube (Claire's cats), he looks cute, and i believe he is a mix breed, short paws/legs, round-ish tail, and that innocent look so cute Look at dat face~ Sadly tho, since my house is a weird mix of in the core city, yet middle of a rice field, the last 2 cats i have all have been passed away due to poisoning from the field (my guess is pest control poison), so i prevent myself of having another cat if it were going to be ended the same, but maybe i will have cats if i live alone/moved somewhere safe from poison
  15. Ah, not our house apparently Little me loves Caterpillar and Earthworm, i don't know how, but i like it back then, when i cry, my parents will look for earthworm/caterpillar and i stopped crying at that moment, when i play outside, i bring them myself at home only to be scolded by everyone Older me loves (until now), loves Cat and Owl, both has fluffy fur/feather, looks cute, and especially owl, like example barn owl or snowy owl, give kinda mysterious looks in it, and love it
  16. When people used to it, they will adapt to them, same goes for me
  17. A porting funny side story from cygames and convert it to YGO, where a Dragonslaying Man met a Dragon, and then married, together, forever, be happy ever after, or is it? But how they gonna make the babies?
  18. The usual city crowds (truck, car, cheap-loud-exhaust motorcycle, ambulance), croaking frogs, so yes
  19. I want somewhere, like, fresh air in the middle of the forest, not too separated with neighbors, like a small village in a forest, and close to a river while also avoiding the noisy city crowds, what a heaven.
  20. Well, it's in the middle of the city, so it's urban for sure, but also feels like a village, since it's also in the middle of a rice field and mountain slope.
  21. Funny, around the time playing YGO Tag Force with my dad back then, i always thought B.E.S. is the rarest cards given how expensive the card packs on the shop (most expensive than any other packs) along with Destiny HERO, and we tried to build B.E.S. deck, but so hard to think about when Boss Rush stops NS xD Making the pendulum support is actually clever, way to make a monster, yet at the same time, can be used as a "kind of" Continuous Spell as a scale. > Gradius EX : Gradius support is always welcomed, PE effect is good, and combined with Vic Viper, you get a whooping 2000 ATK bonus for a 3200 ATK beatstick on each plane you control, the protection from monster effect is icing on the cake, and given how prevalent the disruption nowadays using quick effect of monsters, this helps a lot to ensure the combo goes well and they're (the planes) can go brrrr shot 'em enemies. As for ME, it's good that you don't need to destroy the said opponent monsters, as by inflicting battle damage alone is enough, but, as for the S/T removal on attack declaration, i guess it's okay effect? Was expecting something like free tutor from deck/SS them, but your opponent can summon free token or something, you can go more beatings with Victory Viper/Lord British you Summoned from Deck > destroy the opponent's token, Summon another free token for another beatings, but i guess that's too strong? > B.E.S. Constructed Core : PE, another free SS, and with Zelos, you have a free 2 body each turn, given you have both this and Zelos, the bounce is clever to avoid Boss Rush restriction of no NS, so good. ME is okay-ish, you get a free removal on NS, but a Normal Spaceship when SS'd, nothing else to say. My suggestion maybe, make Constructed Core can remove 2 counters from B.E.S. monsters anywhere on the field, but anyway, the card is already good the way it is. Quite sad that Gradius and friends has utterly specific support S/T for each of their plane, and B.E.S. lacks any in-archetype searcher for it to be at least decent or consistent.
  22. Back then, there is always a YGO community during car free day in the morning (Sunday), as of now, i never see them again. Not sure if in my country YGO is still a thing again, especially there is no show/anime on going on local channels. This is hard, but i narrow down to 2
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