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  1. A series of cards based on the Robomi story (If you have played Cygames games, like GBF, Shadowverse or RoB, u should know that already)
  2. I do know Shaddoll get another support lately, but idk, i just feel it needs more Tho i also dont know how the current Shaddoll play, going to take on the Shaddoll i used to know, blindly Nephe Shaddoll Strings Spell/Quick-Play Target 1 monster your opponent controls; this turn, if you would Fusion Summon a "Shaddoll" Fusion monster, you can use the targeted monster as 1 of the Fusion material used to Fusion Summon. During your Main Phase, if you control an "El Shaddoll" Fusion monster: You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; its effect is negated, it becomes DARK attribute, also take control of that monster. You cannot Special Summon any monster during the turn you activate this effect, except "Shaddoll" monster. You can only use 1 effect of "Nephe Shaddoll Strings" per turn, and only once that turn. Edit: - Making the requirement easier by needing only "El Shaddoll" Fusion - Putting hard OPT All thanks to Darj~
  3. RIPPPPPPP, yes ik the field sounds weird, cuz idk how to put it into ygo language, i guess you knew what im aiming for the effects, will change that Side note, i make the field without opt intentionally, so the synchro may have 2.9k atk due to new "Hidden Strength" activated from the synchro itself, and gaining 3 effects from the field too, but i will leave it like that from now on, unless if there are any input coming, and thx for the reply!
  4. A week has passed since the lockdown in my city, games and drawings arent enough, TV's only shows covid this covid that . . .

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    2. The Nyx Avatar
    3. Gimme Choco and I Wont Go

      Gimme Choco and I Wont Go



      1) Seriously wtf lel

      2) "Put a smile on my face" - Thanos, tho kinda expected that joke

      3) Now thats what i call OST, gotta download that later

      4) Love the video more than the music, this awkwardness actually made my day xD

    4. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      I just wanted to broaden your videos. Or put a smile on your face at least.

      If you need/want anything else to watch, I'm up to give recommendations

  5. 1) Thx~ 2) I believe so , tho i rarely play ygo rn, only on db if im bored 3) [copy and paste this topic's title text here] 4) Im scared if i make it too useful, it ended up powercreeped the old cards like CotH, tho ik that reasoning is kinda weak, no one run CotH nowadays, so i will change the trap to be better/more useful then without the need of kinda hard condition 5) I was thinking of avoiding the abuse of this card's cheap summoning condition, then i realized when u replied that, "wait wtf, it already needs 6 ed monsters be banished fd, so it doesnt need opd" The only thing this card has a unique value other than the other bosses cards is the "You take no battle or effect damage", why? I design it with an idea of "emergency boss monster if i already used a lot of ed assets", and "no battle or effect damage" simply means it kinda saving ur ass of getting hurt lel and flipping the table of current gamestate 1) Simple, a) find a 2 similar but different arts, b) make 2 cards, in which same effects, but has different arts, c) make the gif and voila~, plenty of gifmaker flying around the net 2) Thx, tho i consider "can be negated with solemn or summon negation" as its weakness, because its already cheap card in an ed spam deck. As for OPD, yeah i will remove it 3) The thing with destruction proof is, from my perspective: a) too mainstream b) no one runs dark hole and torrential tribute nowadays, and targeting effects flies around heavily, but hmm . . . okay will change to destruction proof then Anyhow, updated* Monsters: > Added "OPT: You can send 1 [The Tree Trap] from Deck to the GY" to make Yggdrasil goes strong easily. > Removing "Once per Duel" summoning clause. > Changing hexproof effects > destruction proof > Making Yggdrasil gains effects based on the banished [The Tree Trap], instead of the [The Tree Trap] in the GY, so you can activate the Trap's GY effect without worrying it wont buff Yggdrasil. Trap > Changing GY effect, now without the need of taking damage, but limited to 1.5k ATK, negated effects, and destroyed during the EP Also thx guys for the reply/input!
  6. Idk lel, i'm bored rn so why not? Also feedback is apreaciated :3
  7. Updated* > FIxed the clause so that the effect works (Flipping face-up on the cost, then return the to face-down banished at the end of the effect), tho i think the clause can be worded better than currently on . . . > Editing the layout to make it easier to see (without a lot of spoiler tag), and centered them.
  8. CFV is Cardfight Vanguard, another card game Just looked up on the ruling, ugh yeah, u are right, it is considered like a card in a deck (no name etc etc), albeit the controller can look, as long as its not a public knowledge, it cannot be targeted with a specific card target (monster, spell, trap), exception with effects that target only card in general Fix im gonna do, in 2 ways: 1) Making them normal face-up banish instead of a face-down. 2) At the cost of each effects, makes them to turn any face-down banished to be flipped into face-up, then target them specifically (monster, spell, trap) > apply effects > return them into face-down. That way its public knowledge while applying the cost. (credit to Dr. Jolly) As for the additional balancing, instead of freely target stuff on banished, make them sylvan-ish hmmmmm, it may goes to practical stuff, probs i will apply the no. 2) fix first, and see if it is too broken/much upon playtest, will do the sylvan-ish Anyhow thx for the reply~
  9. Things has changed a lot here . . .

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    2. Thar


      Most of the community is more active on another forum, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by neocardmaker.com

      But if you're just trying to be low-key, then I'll respect that.

    3. Yuuji Kazami
    4. Gimme Choco and I Wont Go

      Gimme Choco and I Wont Go

      @Thar thx for the recommendations, im going to stay here for a while anyhow . . . hoping the community can stay alive

  10. Thx~ Well . . . drawing hot guy *joke* I mostly draw original character tho im suck at drawing the background and detailing the sketch, still learning coloration/colorization or whatever is it called with Photoshop, trying to save some money to buy pen tablet rip i have no money, rn im just doing the sketch manually and scanning it via scanner on my printer (well my sister's printer). So yeah i really want to create a fully colorized original character.
  11. Well in my country its called S1, after searching the correct words in english, its called bachelor degree? So bachelor degree of graphic design, as i want to become freelance illustrator (leaning into digital art).
  12. I believe u mean college/university, since i already graduated high school, anyway, the end of my academic calendar of this semester around late january/early february.
  13. A lot, like many many hours, recently i finished doing 110 sketch of objects drawing homework, cant finish it in one day. Theres this 2d nirmana that also has a lot of homework too, spending time for both the ideas and the time u drew for the art so yeah.
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