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  1. A week has passed since the lockdown in my city, games and drawings arent enough, TV's only shows covid this covid that . . .

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    2. The Nyx Avatar
    3. Gimme Choco and I Wont Go

      Gimme Choco and I Wont Go



      1) Seriously wtf lel

      2) "Put a smile on my face" - Thanos, tho kinda expected that joke

      3) Now thats what i call OST, gotta download that later

      4) Love the video more than the music, this awkwardness actually made my day xD

    4. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      I just wanted to broaden your videos. Or put a smile on your face at least.

      If you need/want anything else to watch, I'm up to give recommendations

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