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  1. 1) Well their artwork (shadowverse) is insanely good, from their illustrator team (from Tachikawa Mushimaro, Soji Hisakata, etc etc), art varies from realistically drawn, manga-anime ish or art straight from the Lovecraftian. As a newbie designer and illustrator myself, i kinda adore their art, and learn it for myself. As for the game itself hmm, depends, its a good game and i myself still enjoy playing, but it progress so fast (i think? subjectively), so powercreep is real fast inbetween expansion As for using for custom cards, u should! lel 2) mhm 3) feel free to use that
  2. 1) it can be found here (shadowverse art, tho the site is dead rip, no longer be updated with the latest cards) 2) yeet, in comparison to upstart in which you can activate easily, it needs something to do first like discard, or you can set this card and pop it, say ala Scrap Dragon-ish effect, it also means turbo draw deck-ish hardly run this, since you need to discard/sent to gy first to draw otherwise dead in hand, in which, tend to avoid that instead. Design-wise, tho i intended this card to be more like . . . costless for a card that require discard or destroy your own card (1), becau
  3. Relic Appraisal Spell/Normal Cannot be activated from hand or field. If this card is sent from your hand or field to the GY; draw 1 card. An old card i made baaack then since ancient times. I believe the topic title is self-explanatory already, so thoughts?
  4. Update* > Added art and effect of "Praetor Lapis, Celestial Glory"
  5. Just an archetype with a unique gimmick i can think of, based on the cygames lore of lapis, tho not all the art are related, but still follow the lapis lore but not an exact copy As usual, art taken from cygames ccg Missing 1 Link (Lapis Link) and possibly 1 more S/T, who knows Soo, thoughts?
  6. Saw Paleozoic and Golden Land the other day, hmm both looks interesting, so this idea came from those 2 archetypes, kinda mixing them up Archetype (Arcanum) based on the tarot cards of the arcana, main character is Rosamia, in which she is the arcana reader, she can level up into the clairvoyance, stronger, and has a useful removal, but last for 1 turn The Trap is the arcana card itself, ranging from The Hanged into The World etc, tho putting all of the arcana makes the Deck less consistent, so i put only few arcana, and also image source limitation from gbf. They can search u
  7. Updated* > Changing to whatever it should be (Spell wording fix adding "they", changing protection and etc, thx to Dr. Jolly @Dr. Jolly Glot the III I've installed Arknights, tho it looks like a plant vs Zombie :v, pm me instead of generating a derailing answer on this topic
  8. > Thing with the spell is "whoever add to hand, draw from deck instead" that affect both players, tho making it affect the controller only . . . still okay, but differ than what i originally intended The spell wording should be: "If 1 or more card(s) are added to a player's hand, except during the Draw Phase or by the effect of "It's a Magic Showtime!": Shuffle them into the Deck, and if you do, they draw card(s) equal to the number of card(s) that was shuffled this way, then, place 1 Illusion Counter on this card (max. 3). Cannot be targeted or be destroyed by card effects if t
  9. Wait wait, RIPPPPPPP i worded it wrong with the spell 1) Yeah will nerf the ATK bonuses on the dove, tho i overdid it on purpose to see some reply 2) the spell . . . It was meant (whoever try to add, screw u, return that and draw random stuff instead yo), looks like i worded it as if whatever happens, the controller always get the draw 3) hmm yeah, will nerf the ATK boost and changing protection to controller's turn instead? Thing is, i planned this series to become kinda competitive generic search disruption OR you can be meme-ish and put any 2 card combo search + ss, ma
  10. Kimi wa kyou mo staayyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      kono uta ga suki desu! 

      \( °□° )/

    2. Gym Leader Viola
  11. Idk what to say, guess i just free rn that im able to post cards here? :3
  12. Thing why i post so much this few days is, cuz free from college work, dont know what to do while still on the lockdown, so yeah . . . Totem of Mad Deity Spell/Continuous Activate only if you have a "Lyssa, Spirit of Madness" in your Extra Deck. Unaffected by other card effects. Each time a monster is sent from field to the GY, place 1 Madness Counter on this card (max. 10). If this card has 10 counters on it: Send this card to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Lyssa, Spirit of Madness" from your Extra Deck to the player's side of the field whose sent a monste
  13. You can do this now? Thats certainly an imrpovement, tho sadly, not the cardmaker itself 😢

  14. Update* > Fixed some wording issue, i find problematic > Slightly change the effect of both Shiro's Fusion monsters, make it easier to procs the last effect, while also make the Darkslayer slightly stronger (adding monster immunity during the turn it is Summoned) > Added additional cards, Zerobomi (Effect monster), Mass Re-Production (Spell/Normal), and Gigante Blazer (Spell/Equip)
  15. A series of cards based on the Robomi story (If you have played Cygames games, like GBF, Shadowverse or RoB, u should know that already)
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