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  1. Why it must be a counter trap? The only reason i can grasp is balance-wise, so that it can still be negated/disrupted with SS2 effects, otherwise as counter trap, can only be chained with another counter traps, narrowing the list of cards that can answer. Also i think its better that way. Bamboo as a strong draw-engine, yes, with that, gathering all of your "stance" cards as fast as possible, fully acquired, then Mr. Trainee here is a one-man army. Since i already here, might as well review it . . . .
  2. I am not sure if around my age is actually a high schooler So yes college/university
  3. Thank you You know, all those Allchemic monsters, BEWD and Magnet boss share the same trait of both Level 8 and has Fusion power-ups. This alone grants you a consistent draw engine (Trade-In, the discarded card can also be Necro'd Fusion), and also access to the said Fusion, since the Cagliostro basically your go to search starter card, Bestia is your 2nd Poly + Mystical Sheep, Mostro is a searchable E-Hero Prisma, without using E-Emergency Call/A Hero Lives, but Deployment/Conscription. Example 1: https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=348556-33104948 Example 2: https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=348556-33104981 You see above, how easy it is to access Blue Eyes Twin/Blue Eyes Ultimate/Imperion Magnum, and if you open Necro Fusion, you can just Imperion Magnum your turn, then Necro Fusion > 2nd Imperion Magnum next turn, which is kinda solid board of 2 negation, 4k beaters, also float into another giant body. It is that easy because how generic those cards to be able to search Fusion focused monsters. You can also put Dank Magician/REBD for Dark Dragoon, but meh the card is overused + they both Level 7, rip Trade In. As for A to Z, no sadly it cant, it requires "original names", cannot be cheated. As much as appreciate balanced + well designed card on top of creativity, i'm not sure how Beyond Polymerization fit here, it mentions Fusion material banished from ED, which, most of the Fusion used here were material that are used from Main Deck. EDIT: These cards (Allchemic series as a whole), is just me intentionally making some cards with the idea of "cheesing"/"cheating" the Fusion boss monsters, using a generic Fusion supports.
  4. I do, but it depends (maybe after i graduate? idk), as of now since where i work were close, it's just plans and no act as of yet
  5. Music so you won't get bored of reviewing^^ (if any) To start off, we have these handsome generic support for Fusion: What if, something/series/archetype linking them together? How broken/strong can it be? Well that is what i did right now here Also art taken from GBF (as usual using Cygames art)
  6. This is new, alr lets see what spookiness can you give!
  7. I'm not sure this is the correct section about the topic tittle (probably fitting on TCG/OCG section, since this doesn't add customs), but anyway already mentioned this before on my archetype years ago: "Pay 800 Life Points. Pick up 4 cards from the top of your Deck and Special Summon to your side of the field all Level 3 or lower Normal Monsters among the picked-up cards. Return all the other picked-up cards to your Deck and the Deck is then shuffled." A potential +3 or 1 card Link-4 if you somehow lucky/stack enough low level Normies, sadly we have not seen Konami make a spammable low level normal monsters as a Deck a whole/archetype relied on stacking cards (to prevent bricking draw) and make use of those stacking top deck with this.
  8. Nah, mom is always anti-console person, she just hate it for some reason (just like the general parents here)
  9. Updated* > Added additional line to Virna the Maiden "If you activate this effect, you cannot win the Duel by cards or effects, except by the effect of "Chronous Virna, the Maiden".", for obvious reason Final Countdown exist. > Added another line to Virna the Keeper "You can only control 1 "Chronous Virna, the Keeper"." > Added the effects of Elysium and Paradox. > Now available fully at DB! Feel free to use it! https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=9246401 > I think i also broke this up (be sure to fast forward, because the combo might get too long to watch) https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=348556-32828777
  10. Seems like i am kinda free atm, so i can update stuff Updated* > Added the effects of Unicorn and Wyvern.
  11. Going here just because you put a lot of efforts on making such a huge pool of cards, even goes as far as foretell the stories + art edit by yourself. Reminder, i don't know D-Quest, like at all. As usual, Realistic sections, means you really need to look up into the general YGO card pool + their powerlevel. What i do mostly here probably just balancing issue, and how your cards (maybe?) potentially break the said pool.
  12. Just put your cards on db and hit me up when you are ready
  13. Done! Also side infos, the update probs late due to me kind of busy with rl stuff, sowwy.
  14. Since you asked me for it, even ping me to go here, i will put my thoughts on these cards, also at realistic sections, so yeah, don't expect some sugarcoated review, it'll be a harsh review regarding realistic sections + comparation to current cards/powerlevel As a side note, i already know that other people probably already review this archetype before (you mention being a repost), so yeah, i dont know why you bring this up again, anyway, i will still do it. Here goes nothing!
  15. Updated* > Fixed the Chronous Timeworn text, so now it is specified into Timeworn only for the backwards turn (thx to Darj) > After a few test duels (using only 30 cards deck, since its unfinished), in a single turn uninterrupted, can gain 8-12 turns, which is scarily strong, so i decided to nerf both VIrna and the Synchro so they only move 1 turn instead of 2. > Changing Saniya effect a bit, now it can send "card" instead of just "monster". > Changing the Dragon effect, since it has shuffle effect before damage calc, the ATK gain is kind of useless, so removing ATK gain and move the rest of the effects up with the last effect being "Draw 3 cards". > Added the effect of Chronous Time Shield.
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