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  1. Yļ»æeļ»æs, it's yet another take on the ever popular "What if pendulum monsters but trap cards" and while I don't expect even my version of the concept to be particularly unique it's been some time since I've made a post about my cards. While I consider this, like most of the more out there stuff I make, more a proof of concept than a well thought out and balanced set notes on the individual cards are always appreciated. The Mechanic - As you'd expect they work for the most part like regular pendulums with the exception of being set the turn before you activate them in a s/t zone. -
  2. ah, sorry for the misunderstanding then, i've got a couple workable character idea's for ritual and fusion so if you could pm me some deck options to go over i'd love to see what i can come up with
  3. i don't mean to sound rude but you've kind of killed any interest i have in this now. while i disagree with being forced to use your cards instead of either my own or existing ones, it wasn't a deal breaker (i understand you're reasoning but that could also easily be handled by paying attention to the decks people submit in their apps and either rejecting a character based on too strong/weak cards or working with the individual privately to make some adjustments. not to mention in an rp, at least in every one i've been a part of, the outcome of a duel isn't actually determined by how good the
  4. added my as of yet unnamed space opera RP as an option
  5. is this an interest check or an ooc? if it's an interest check then interest noted, although i'm not thrilled about being forced to use someone else cards i've always liked the idea of expanding on the arc-v dimensions to include stuff like rituals and various other subtypes. if it's an ooc, did you just forget to add a character app? where can we look at the deck options to decide which one we like/fits the kind of character we're going to play? what is the plot going to be, based on what you've written it seems like it's about a war between these three factions but over what, and where do th
  6. i've noticed there aren't any active RP's right now and thought i might try to rectify that, i've had a couple RP's that either got started and never went anywhere or never made it to an IC thread so i'll just put a couple here and hold a poll to see which one (if any) people are most interested in. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Break The Wall [Status: Unstarted] in a small town strange events, suspected to be the work of Stand Users, have become frequent ever since a recently convicted killer was transferred to a nearby prison. for a more detailed description see the original I
  7. battle flag just seems like an archetypal card trader, it doesn't really help in my opinion because, like i said before, the cards don't really do much. there's not much of a strategy to them aside from trying to summon Cymru, a fusion beatstick who's only effect is to get a little bigger, that costs at least 6 cards to make. the fusion spell has an interesting self searching ability (not a fan of stuff like that personally in regards to making at least semi-realistic cards because as far as i know there's not a single card who's effect activates while it's in the deck) but it's immediate
  8. after skimming through some welsh dragon mythos and keeping in mind what the cards are in their current state i've got an idea for main deck monsters a set of elemental dragons with various effects based on the attributes of your opponents monsters and the ability to SS themselves to your opponents field either with their effects negated or useless to your opponent in some way, kind of like mini kaiju having lower stats and not sacrificing either players monsters to do so. maybe have some level 2-3's with searching abilities, draw power, and other supportive effects that activate by givin
  9. so, beyond being a group of mostly level 4 dragons with unusual ATK/DEF values what's the point of them being an archetype? the main deck monsters don't interact with each other any more than they do with every other monster and besides the semi-consistent attribute based effects they're completely unrelated. in terms of actual usability they all rely to much on what your opponent is doing. in the case of Tywyll i also find the wording strange, firstly i don't think any card in yugioh uses percentages so that would make this an incredibly odd card, second at least 25% Light monsters
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