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  1. Oh okay, that was the issue then, I was trying to name spoilers and it wasnt working. Thank you for the help :)
  2. Thank you very much for the feedback! Its always very thought provoking and greatly appreciated! Knight - I agree, I am very happy with him, which is why I want to solidify the final touches on his effect, because I want to have a custom card made of him. I also am working on editing the art some, we will see how that turns out. I think the banish effect is nice, but a little concerned he may be too live being able to banish from the hand as well. Im likely over thinking it. He can already just be normal summoned for a good effect turn one and Special Summoned by banishing one. Its probably
  3. Okay testing it. I noticed looking at the forum discussing how to do spoilers text, their spoilers didnt seem to work, and the ones in their signature didnt either. and is the title/display of the spoiler done in a similar way
  4. Made some new changes and would really like some feedback. Laval Knight - I would love some feedback on how people feel about his Special Summoning effect allowing you to banish a "Laval" from the hand as well, and not just the GY. Does this seem reasonable? Is it strange? Is it a little extra? I would like to solidify this card, and this is one of the only issues I have keeping this card from 100% satisfaction. The other being whether his search effect should include "cards with "Laval" in their card text". I dont know if this is an effect any card has, to list an archetype in card text.
  5. I have been trying to use the spoiler tags, and have viewed some older posts that used them, and they seem to be broken and no longer working. Is there a solution or new syntax for creating spoilers in posts? Thank you.
  6. Lavalval Molten Land - Added a New card as a potential single card option to improve existing Laval effects and the Deck. It would exist to hopefully reduce the need for numerous new cards and try to utilize existing effects to improve the deck, especially of Lavals that are not normally used. Laval Knight - Added the option to banish a "Laval" from your hand in addition to the GY to his Special Summoning from your hand effect. You can banish 1 "Laval" monster from your hand or GY: Special Summon this card (from your hand). Lavalval Molten Lord - Changed his Synchro Summon effect from You ca
  7. Thats very true. I am fairly open to different effects, especially if they fit very well into the archetype existing strategies as you mention about staying true to the essence of the Archetype. I dont mean to limit new ideas, I just mean I would like to stay within the realms of what makes sense in a Laval theme. Lavals typically involve effects milling, sending lavals to the grave, having effects when sent to the grave, discarding and banishing for costs, and gaining effects based on the number of laval names in the grave. I think that covers pretty much all of them. The new monster card La
  8. @Rayfield Lumina Thanks for the input. I changed some effects and moved some cards to an alternate section. The alternate ones are possible different effects and cards since I tried to reduce some of the effects into less cards. Theyre other options that may cause effects to be moved around. I also added new art for Laval Mander and am quite happy with it! Knight - Considering adding the ability to banish "Laval" monsters from the hand as well as the GY to Special Summon himself from the hand. This would set up first turn Cannon plays and would mean I would probably remove the banish effect
  9. I am not extremely familiar with the current meta, but I know enough to say it is not exactly fun going second and your opponents field basically says you cannot play. Not being able to special summon, have some spell card effects negated and monster effects negated are all things that seem quite prevelant. So a card that allows you to get past some of that, at the cost of the second turn advantage of drawing, and the ability to do damage seems reasonable to me. Some concerns I have would be, as stated in some of the discussion, its niche usability of mainly the first turn. Having an excito
  10. @Rayfield Lumina These are great suggestions and feedback! Thank you so much! These are exactly the kinds of feedback and discussion I hoped to have. I definitely didnt see that as lazy, I just wanted you to know that your feedback would be much more valuable than you gave yourself credit for. This feedback is definitely valuable, and these will defeinitely help me flesh out and change some of the effects. Thank you so much for the detailed and constructive feedback! I may update some cards soon and see how they feel.
  11. @Rayfield Lumina Well thank you very much! Thats very kind of you. I have spent a bit trying understand card text but im definitely not perfect. Lavals have been my favorite since they came out, and Ive played them since then, so I understand them fairly well. I would absolutely love any suggestions or other feedback you have though. Its great to have other input, because I can get ideas and thoughts from perspectives that I wouldnt normally see. Regardless, any feedback is valuable :)
  12. Laval Archetype Lavals are a Synchro focused archetype that are very strong at controlling their graveyard. Based on many years of play and experience with the archetype, Their effects are extremely dependent on this Graveyard setup, and you may not be able to make plays if you dont get cards like Molten Conduction Field in the first turn. Once their Graveyard has been established, they can use up their hand rather quickly, with no way to replenish it, and result in top decking after one or two plays. Finally, Lavals are great at filling their Graveyard once they get going, but lack recursio
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