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  1. Those two were the type of Support I was looking for. Reincarnations Limitations keep it from being outright broken, yet still facilitate great advantage, while Assimilation gives access to possible negate(s). Looking like a really solid and fun ritual archetype!
  2. I'm gonna say it, this card and super poly cannot exist at the same time. It doesn't just punish players for over extending, it punishes players for having more than one monster on the field. It's a guaranteed board wipe considering your opponent cannot respond to it, and that makes it completely unbalanced, I think. The drawback just isn't enough to deter someone from running 1 or 2 copies of this in their extra deck at all times, especially going second where they can clear a board full of negates, just to set one up themselves after their opponent exhausted a lot of materials. I cannot see this card being even limited unless you restrict the materials needed to summon it by a lot. I like the concept, but it's WAY too strong.
  3. Currently, this archetype doesn't do much. I have to agree though, this concept is super neat! I'd really love to see you expand on it more. I also like the idea that you can recycle Liberation with Alteration, making this deck able to consistently search the cards it needs (if it gets more, of course.) Again, definitely would love to see more support for this archetype!
  4. I'm going to take my first attempt to fix a cards text with PSCT! I ripped the super poly clause to shorten the end a bit, maybe I'm wrong for doing that? But hey I'm still learning to haha. As for the card itself, it's very strong, besides the fact that it relies on your opponent doing something pretty specific. I can see this being a powerful side deck card at best, considering that not everyone plays solemn cards in the main deck, and sometimes even the side deck.
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