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  1. Yeah like I saw their recent support and thought it was nice but didn't exactly do enough to make getting an earthbound immortal out easier and that's really what I think is needed - some consistency. It's why I added the floating searching effect to the field spell, because I didn't just want a field spell that gave protection, but on second thought it's probably not good enough
  2. https://imgur.com/a/v2J0Yn1 So I've always thought the Earthbound Immortal boss monsters were the coolest looking cards and it was a shame they didn't have decent support. Six years ago I made my own crack at giving them some, but looking back at them, I don't really like them. So I'm giving it another shot. Palace of the Dreaming Sun is an attempt to give an archetype entirely reliant on field spells a field spell worth a damn. It can't be targeted by card effects meaning nuking it to nuke an immortal is easier said then done, and it provides a really solid once per tu
  3. There are a few errors in the card text, but if I understand the intention of this card correctly, there are 2 effects - one of which activates from the hand or field, the other which activates from the grave. Increasing life points equal to damage you take is ... well not a useless effect, it can prevent an OTK at a critical moment, but not very good either, but the effect that activates in the graveyard is very good and worth running this for. A special summon from the deck is really powerful.
  4. LOSER An archetype with monsters of modest stats that when summoned, generate counters, and when they die, you get to banish cards from the opponent's deck. They have a powerful field spell with an Endymion like effect. This field spell gains abilities depending on the number of counters on it. At three, it might give a small attack boost, and so on. When the Field Spell reaches a certain number of counters, you win the game. Sphinct Edited because first attempt was rather bad.
  5. An archetype of insect type monsters with three subgroups of monsters. First are the forwards. These monsters special summon easily, have high attack and can attack directly, but after a successful direct attack they are sent to the graveyard. Then there are the midfielders. These guys have effects that benefit your monsters. They can revive forwards, search for others in the archetype, and recycle. Finally there are the defense. These guys protect themselves, negate, have high defense and are the only targets your opponent's monsters can attack. Ayyubid (Bonus points if one of their monst
  6. (About to make a quick play spell called Police Brutality, then thinks better of it.) How about this - an archetype of Warrior monsters that when normal summoned, send a monster from your opponent's side of the field to your hand. They are restricted to only being able to do this with monsters whose level is less than the summoned monster and with the same attribute (These requirements can be modified as needed). Their boss monster can be summoned from the hand, deck or graveyard when you have 3 or more of your opponent's monsters in your hand. Spells focus on getting them from the deck into
  7. Psychic Emperor A Psychic-Type archetype that is counter based. The field spell is called Pax Imperio, it generates a counter (called an empire counter) per turn, and can expend counters to protect itself and negate attacks. It can also add empire counters from anywhere on the field to itself. When it is destroyed, it adds one of itself to your hand from the deck. The lower tier monsters all create empire counters when they are summoned, or when they leave the field. They gain effects based on the number of empire counters on the field. The upper tier monsters expend empire counters to fuel th
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