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  1. YouTube keeps reccomending I watch All Dogs Go To Heaven. I remember crying to that movie as a kid and I am scared to go back and see if those tears were valid.

    1. Thar


      taste your tears

  2. No like, the fact I can keep pushing the rules for months now and recieve no WP shows the absolute disrepair of the site. Doesnt matter if I'm not as bad as Enguin or Winter, I should still be recieving punshiment. Mod system is broken, it isnt subjective.

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    2. Ryusei the Morning Star
    3. mido9
    4. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow


      As Winter has said he's only had at the highest point 6 WPs for a while and Enguin has had much less even while active. You think you're doing things that are big rule breakers but there was hardly anything big. That being said if you start to go too far just to prove a point I have no qualms getting rid of you entirely.

  3. til; AJ Michalka voices Catra and suddenly "Like Woah" is on repeat from my childhood and Catra best girl in ever

    1. Arimetal


      She just gets better and better

  4. People really out here saying they want a partner who's kinky as funk but then get scarred when that partner wants to be given a black eye, smh

    1. Shradow


      Well, the method for getting a black eye can be potentially dangerous, no? Blows to the head are serious business.

    2. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      I got a great partner. Kinky enough to do things I want to do.

  5. Sup you fucknuggets, I'm not dead.

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    2. Hallohallo
    3. Arimetal


      4 days, all my insurance would cover

    4. Arimetal


      @Engcuck I didn't even have my phone let alone internet. Your time all funked up. I'm starting to think that alcohol is having a bad effect on ya.

  6. Currently in the hospital. Might not be on for a good time. Sorry to anyone that it causes an inconvenience to.

  7. Oh sheet almost forgot. Happy Birthday to Himiko.

  8. It has come to my attention that Shadman looks like Sans from Jojo's Bizzare Adventures

  9. Just had thrown in my face out of no where that "Newt from Fantastic Beasts is ripped from Doctor Who."

  10. Is Kim Jung still telling people he found Unicorns or has he been called on his bs?

    1. mido9


      It's punishable by death to call it out

    2. Arimetal


      He couldn't catch my great grandma and he wont catch me

  11. @Tythe what happened to posting the RP "tomorrow morning"

    1. Lazarus IV

      Lazarus IV



      I said I had an exam "tomorrow morning". I was gonna post when I was free this evening. Should be good to post within the hour though.

    2. Arimetal
  12. Unpopular Opinion: Azula won the Agni Kai.

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      She violated the terms of the agni kai when she realized zuko had surpassed her, so the last agni kai went unfinished.

    3. Arimetal


      You can argue she never intended to hurt Katara and anticipated Zuko with his new "softer" side to take the blow instead.

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      She's smart, but even moreso she is spiteful. She realized Zuko had surpassed her through the bonds he had developed after leaving (subsequently learning how to firebend from the original masters, the dragons, as his uncle once had), and so she tried to sever them.

  13. Lulu and Boo look so full of personality just based on their facial expressions. Lulu looks like an ever loving sweetheart and Boo the skeptical protector.
  14. Just beat Enguin in Highlander with Exodia, get cucked on baka

  15. Confession: I dont know who people are talking about when they say ABC... All Beef Cow or ABC Gun

  16. My biggest issue with YGO Custom Cards on DB: People will get upset at you if you have a playable archetype that has good plays, despite it not doing a thing against meta. Aka: A viable rogue.

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    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Troll face but more passive aggressive and depressing

    3. mido9


      it was supposed to be a jeopardy joke, but ok

    4. Azuriena


      What is context what is shitposting face

  17. Okay, so I wanna say something that has been on my mind. I think Supergirl (the show) is trash. I find many of the plot lines and acting stale and honestly it feels like a forced show. That goes for it's political side too. I dont have an issue with a show leaning into right or left, but it feels like they really piled on the left leaning in this one, and when I compare it to things like Arrow and Flash, it makes me think its because the main character is a girl.. that alone bothers me enough.

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Yup gave up watching it for those reasons. Also they killed astra. Arrow going strong

    2. Arimetal


      Have a movie night with me again, jabroni

  18. Finally got around to watching She-Ra a little. It's basically Battle Lesbians: The Show and I am 100% ok with that.

  19. Finally found that funking Overwatch Key-Card. About a month after Halloween so I missed any events for that sheet sadly. At least I finally got it though.

  20. Why are you playing 2 Storm and 2 Cyclone at the same time?
  21. I was getting really paranoid that my PC was badly infected cuz of how slow it was, turns out it was just cuz I was scanning Window's Defender and Malwarebytes at the same time. Now that I stopped them both, I'm fast af boi.

    1. Arimetal


      tl;dr I cause my own issues

    2. mido9


      When you think you have too much malware but it actually you have too much malware removal

  22. Windows Defender picked up 3 Trojans in a single day. Wonderful.

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    2. Arimetal


      Steam Games, Nicoblog. Site used to be good, started going downhill when they got a C&D for most console games. Now apparently they aren't protecting their games.

    3. Thar


      It's almost as if it's illegal or something.

    4. mido9


      Those probably arent actually trojans but you know, stuff to circuvent DRM, but whatever

  23. That feel when CowCow temp banned Rewas. Lmao, get funked.

  24. If you ever text "uwu" unironically, there is a 101% chance you have a daddy kink.

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