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  1. After thinking about it, all the traptrix look pretty young. Are they trying to lure in Lolicons?

  2. I feel like you can visably see CowCow decaying from having to mod this site

  3. Mekk-Knights vs PSY-Frames sounds like such a fun match up

    1. Conflicted


      Did a skim read on the archetypes. They both sound really interesting.

    2. Darj


      Even they both have the same Attribute and Type so they cannot even try to floodgate each other with Gozen, Rivalry, Light-Imprisoning Mirror, etc. xD

      Mind Drain for Mekk-Knights ftw

  4. Chaos Dancer LIGHT LV 5 Fiend / Fusion / Effect 2400 / 1700 "Effect Veiler" + "Skull Meister" Once per turn, discard 1 monster; Negate the effect of 1 monster your opponent controls and banish it. If this card is sent to the GY: Add 1 LIGHT or DARK monster from your Deck to your hand, but you cannot summon monsters with that name for the rest of the duel. Mezuki + Gozuki
  5. Featherine Augustus Aurora

  6. Ever post a pic then instantly regret it haha depression

    1. Enguin


      you're literally dova

    2. Arimetal


      That literally means nothing

  7. Found some pictures of me from pre-hrt and I'm honestly mad. I thought people were suppose to get hotter as they got older, but after looking at this I realize that I'm going backwards [spoiler=14 yr old XOXO] EDIT: Not gonna delete the pic cuz I aint no jabroni but this is probably the last time I'm ever gonna post anything pre-HRT. Be kinda cool to look at it as a reference point years to come though...
  8. >ROMI uploads Monochrome no Kiss >I orgasm

  9. Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?

    1. Archtoddler


      So cash DOES grow in trees!

    2. Thar


      Did you know that cashews are poisonous fresh off said fruit?

  10. Ftr: I might be an jabroni but I promise ya I care regardless of how much I dont want to. Enguin is a really good exanple for someone I care about despite him not actually being worth the resources needed for him to be alive.

    1. mido9


      I think it's endearing, almost

    2. Arimetal


      <3 Aw, thanks love

    3. Mr. Best Male 2008
  11. I take back everything I ever said about the Halloween event, again, the activity was much better then

  12. Was halfway through a video on YouTube talking about drama about Social Repose and his ex and her current bf and I left for a second to get a drink. When I cameback, I was about to push play before I realized I don't know who any of these people are, I had never been on this person's channel before, why the funk was I caring about this? Weird how far you can get sucked into YouTube.

  13. Couldnt help but notice the mods havent married me to Dae yet, tf mods?

  14. I usually jump in it just for some of the rewards they give out, it's more of a grind fest for me. So no, not actually trying to climb.
  15. Lmao, Blackwings suck. They need Black Armor Master or some sheet. Hell, "3, 2, 1, Fire in the Hole!" Delta Crow - Anti Reverse would make SUCH a difference. Yeah, didn't live up to the hype for me. I'm on it from time to time, usually waiting for a good event or box to come out, I try not to let myself drop below gold by the end of the season and if I feel like it I'll climb to Plat. Too much of a hassle to do anything else when you're f2p imo. User: XOXOkidding ID: 553-265-061
  16. Now I'm hungry for some calamari.

  17. Everyone going crazy over Delta Rune, meanwhile I'm upset Zak didn't open the Dybbuk box.

  18. In case anyone was ever curious what I listen to, here is the front page of my iheart radio https://imgur.com/a/ysL0Rs3

    1. mido9


      Are literally any of these good in any capacity? Pretty much the only things I've listened to in the last two years that I actively went to listen to were poopty scoop and the ting goes

  19. TIL: Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon's ACTUAL name is Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. Welp...

    1. Draconus297


      Same with Red-Eyes Toon Dragon. The only reason I remembered as a kid was because I tried to do a Pegasus impression, and had to pick up each Toon card I owned to carefully read its name.

  20. Straight up had a man walk in just now asking if we sell fake pee. I am done.

    1. Arimetal


      Omfg he found it on the shelf I had no idea.

    2. mido9


      ah yes, a staple of every walmart store, fake pee(?)

    3. Arimetal


      We're a smoke shop

  21. I legit did not realize through my 6 years on this site that there was a report button. Huh...

    1. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      reported you for your ignorance using the report button.

  22. Has anyone played My Hero's One justice yet? I've heard really mixed tnhikngs about it. Like its customization is sub-par and that it isnt very balanced. Another one I keep hearing is that its a Naruto Ninja Storm clone.

    1. mido9


      I mean, all things considered that's exactly what I'd expect it to be, a 3D brawler.

  23. So I went ahead and bought Overwatch, but I lost the account activation card so I can't play it yet.

  24. Is it too late to jump onto the Overwatch train?

    1. Ralsei


      Nah, you can jump into it practically anytime. You'll have more to learn, but I think this is a fairly good time, especially with the Halloween event going.

    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      A lot of the hype has passed, but the game is definitely still popular.

    3. UltimateIRS


      it's too late, you've already been banned

  25. @mido9 should be in charge of dealing with all political debates and given mod powers #ChangeMyMind

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    2. mido9
    3. Proto


      sure. i don't know them, but they're probably alright.


    4. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow
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