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  1. This is for any system/style so yeah! I'll start! (Note: Horror themes are accepted!) 1. Friday the 13th the Game 2. Resident Evil Series 3. Dying Light 4. Dead Island Series 5. Dead by Daylight 6. Silent Hill Series
  2. Banned for being named Rayfield.
  3. Banned for being upset that I banned someone for banning me over a reversal.
  4. Banned for not liking the concept of reversal.
  5. Banned for not knowing it was a reversal to keep it going!
  6. Wow 1k views and I haven't been here for years. 😮 

    1. Horu


      Welcome back

  7. I ban everyone above me for keeping this thread going!
  8. Banned for being a crybaby.
  9. Got a warning for spam? :^/ Guess I'm going back to being inactive.

  10. @@Yui banned for being a meany! @@Fruiota_Hiroshi banned for trying to remember me!
  11. I got so many notifications because if the "Ban the user above you" and I made a few years back LOL.

  12. I ban everyone because I'm the original author!
  13. What happened to my homie Thar??? ):

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    2. goddamnit names are a pain

      goddamnit names are a pain

      Didn't know you had one, my bad, fam.

    3. Shradow
    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Hey tgm at least I am around for now, right?

  14. I ban all of you for not noticing me being gone!
  15. Banned because i personally dislike you.....
  16. Mentioning my old bans from other sites?.....wow people have no life

  17. Banned because I dislike your username.
  18. Banned for not having a avatar.
  19. I ban everyone for blowing up my email!
  20. #BeyonderSolosMarvel

  21. To busy with my sites.....like holy s***

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    2. Beyonder


      Lol I only remember this place because a ton of emails came in for the ban the user thread.

    3. epicmemesbro


      :P yeah I kept it alive.

    4. Beyonder


      Kepts what alive? lol

  22. Banned because of your avatar.
  23. banned for letting me upset your rock!
  24. banned because your avatar looks like a down syndromes mr.potatoehead!
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