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  1. It’s dead. There’s no coming back from this.

  2. looool this place still exists

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    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      what did you delete

    3. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      loot the place and hide the bodies......


      - Flame Dragon

    4. Snatch Steal
  3. Hurry up and give me alerts dumbfucks

  4. getting an abortion is a positive elixr trade

  5. Honestly I wish I could play as piranha right now, but february 4th isn't too far away. DLC pack 1 is a different story, can't wait for that
  6. I think I want to secondary Isabelle or Richter for the Luigi & Bowser matchup

    1. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Or duck hunt because up air beats bowser dair

  7. Reminder to nerf the bury mechanic so that the status bar is all smash ultimate, kthxbye

    1. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Doesn’t make it unbroken

  8. let me put my dick on yo ankoes (please)

  9. [spoiler=unlocking stuff] I beat Classic mode as samus at least twice and didn't unlock dark samus, so I guess I'll have to try Random character. Sonic definitely is unlocked by Mario and unlocks Bayonetta, but I would like clarification on Dark Samus so I can get Cloud and Wario
  10. Also, please add me SW-7980-7917-0781
  11. Every single user of YCM is funking autistic

    1. Arimetal


      Technically, yes.

  12. So my math exam is in about 2 weeks and it's been so long since I've seen and used some of the review material that it feels like I'm learning it for the first time. Now what

  13. teeny bit tired of washboard abs being the only acceptable body type for men

    1. Proto


      that aint true


      thats just the only quality one for like idk, people who arent tall and got cool shoulders

    2. Snatch Steal
  14. Actually seems weird that Firewall is now a main character card that is banned

    1. Blake


      Konami and Shueisha have been trying to distance themselves from it for ages, to the point it isn’t the reprinted Ace for Yusaku in a 20th anniversary set.


      Sadly, the damage was done.

    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Karmic how Yugioh's 20th anniversary is devalued because of power creep

  15. 998791 reps away from 1 million....whose gonna make it happen :) :)

    1. Azuriena


      I'd rep this status

    2. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      Let me get my rep squad to help.

    3. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Thank you honeys I appreciate it

  16. You tell of an outstanding father with marvelous devotion, Who himself would’ve “pissed” into the lap of his own son.

    1. Spinny


      and thus the water cycle was created

    2. Snatch Steal
  17. somehow db status bar is even worse than ycm's

    1. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      Because we have standards, even if they are low.

  18. how many more people are going to get akali avatars

  19. So apparently the learnsets are funked up in let’s go lmao

    1. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      What do you mean? They are certainly very limited, but that makes sense given this is a scaled back experience. Most Pokemon have workable move sets and the TMs are basically all insanely good.

    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      This was before I realized mega drain was buffed

      Also Tri Attack sucks

    3. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Tri Attack is a fine special normal move. The worst one is Teleport being a TM. You'll always have some weak TMs, but this is likely the strongest batch we've ever had.

  20. I’ve noticed that yugioh cards have gotten progressively uglier as gen 6 packs roll out

    1. Abbie


      Dunno if I agree with that, I still think the art's great. The only times are the anime arts that sometimes are a bit lacking, but it's actually not too bad anymore.

  21. Oh god Otis from barnyard has such wide hips

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Why does he have an udder

    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      I don’t know but I love him unconditionally

  22. Not using customs in smash 4 is LDE I can totally see why they’d be scrapped though considering there are so many characters and it’s coming out in a few weeks
  23. guys are giving me attention and validation what the funk this has never happened before what the funk what the funk

    1. Tourmaline


      How in the world does a gay kid date in school

    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      No it’s guys from discord

      I am actually an internet thot now

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