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  1. Pretty nice except that none of my midschool friends were able to enter (the school accepts 240 students out of 20000+ students).
  2. checkmate atheist

    1. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      his voice makes me want to kill myself

  3. studying for a certain high school's entrance exam that's ridiculously hard and YCM is kinda distracting
  4. hello im not dead

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    2. mido9


      You were pretty cool

    3. Tourmaline


      Cooler than Mido at least.

    4. xlArisenRoselx


      Guess I can't call Chaotic Angel "Angel" anymore...

  5. sup f***er

    1. Abbie


      Excuse me, I prefer mother funker.

    2. mido9
  6. i hate life

    1. Madgogeta



    2. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      Thank god someone else said it for me

    3. Snatch Steal

      Snatch Steal

      This should be a thread

  7. can someone cosplay as Unica so we can be best buds

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)
    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      looked it up, i don't think i can cosplay that

  8. Which grade do you start learning about parabola? Just wondering.

    1. Smear


      8-9, can't remember

    2. Bellringer Angel
    3. Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Whenever you start taking algebra 1 or something, then you deal with parabolas. I got it around grade 8, but it may vary depending on your skill level and country. (Some of my classmates learned a year or two later than me)

  9. tfw the rules dont let me host five 1v1's at once

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    2. Arimetal


      Stupid Rule tbqh

    3. Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Flash Flyer - Sakura

      As the explanation states, the cap is at 3 to give other members a chance to compete (and not just you hogging all of the open 1v1s). Also, can you prove that you can actually keep tabs on all of them. If you guys can prove that, the rule MAY be changed.

    4. Arimetal


      Kinda hard to prove we can do it if we aren't allowed in the first place

  10. Has anyone here ever played Mobile Legends?

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    2. Bellringer Angel
    3. mido9


      I've seen a million ads for it

    4. StoryTeller


      i have downloaded it into my computer and then i abused the mouse and my account was banned T_T

  11. tfw you discovered that world naked gardening day is a thing

  12. tfw you have an unstable personality

    1. mido9


      I love it! I hate it!

  13. genex is your god
    1. Tourmaline


      You look like a shitposter of the highest order. Truly an awesome sight to behold.

  14. I know Shadowverse's balance is questionable, but damn, this game is generous.

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    2. Abbie


      I'm not sure what you're trying to say with that statement, I am aware of that.

    3. Bellringer Angel

      Bellringer Angel

      digital cards and physical cards aren't the same


      also, technically you can still look at a digital card's effects by hovering and/or clicking it

    4. Abbie


      I knoooooooow, and that's what I'm saying, I don't like that we are calling them cards when they are nothing like cards.

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