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  1. Three Majestic Dragons base on "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Cyber Dragon". I used images from their other card forms but you get the idea. I used the formula for "Majestic" monsters- 40% of original ATK + 2800, 1000 + original DEF. For Red-Eyes' ATK I rounded up to nearest hundred, same for Cyber Dragon. So, take a look!
  2. Made this a few years ago. Gave it a little tweak.
  3. Created this a few years ago, made some tweaks.
  4. Came up with this idea weeks ago. Had to do a little research to get it right.
  5. Thank You, ITSUKOSOADO. I'll be writing more in the coming days.
  6. A Counter Trap I created a few years ago.
  7. Created these a few year ago.
  8. A few Monster I created a few years ago.
  9. I always loved the 3 Poker Knights so I created these a few years ago. "Ace Knight" is created by me
  10. Mr Melon, thank you for the review and questions. Quantum Divide can only be use once per turn and for one monster at a time, that's what I meant. For example if you attack your opponent's Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Buster Blader and they activate Mirror Force you activate this card to save Buster Blader, but your other monsters are toast. If you activate a card effect that destroys Spells and Traps on your field or your opponent unwittly destroys Quantum Divide with Harpie's Feather Duster or something, Buster Blader comes back, as if time stopped for him.
  11. I think I fixed these two iconic cards. Mayde this would make them off the "Forbidden" list.
  12. A new "Inca" card I thought of.
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