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  1. A new archetype that supports "Red-Eyes" I created a while ago. It is called "Red". It is inspired by the card "Lord of the Red". I thought I could created an archetype based on that and expand upon it. Basically, "Red" is a secret society of sorcerers and warriors that protect and worship the Red-Eyes B. Dragon and his counterparts. They conjure up monsters (Fiend-Types) and Spells. Their base of operations is called the Sanctuary of the Black Dragons (The Field Spell for this archetype).
  2. I had this idea for a few weeks now. I always wondered why there hasn't been any Synchro Monsters for "Cyber Dragon". So, I went out the way to create 2 along with a Tuner and support.
  3. Creates these a few years ago on this site. Made a few changes.
  4. Again I created this a few years ago. I made a few adjustments.
  5. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it. You're absolutely right about this card not building up a lot of ATK. A few years ago I created Red-Eyes cards that would have help this card. I only thought out this card last year. I posted a few of my ideas on "Casual Multiples" if you want to check that out.
  6. I create these cards a few years ago when I first join this website. They were saved originally, but I can't find them because of the reformatting.
  7. This is a "Red-Eyes" version of "Deep-Eyes White Dragon". Attribute: DARK Level 10 Dragon/Effect Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by having 2 or more Level 7 or higher "Red-Eyes" monsters in your Graveyard (at least 1 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"). If this card is Special Summoned by its own effect: This card is unaffected by card effect on the turn its Summoned. When this card is Special Summon: Inflict 400 damage to your opponent for every DARK Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard. This card's ATK and DEF becomes the combined original Levels of every Level 7 or higher "Red-Eyes" monster in your Graveyard x 100.
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