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  1. So the idea behind the game is simple, create support for any "Legendary Duelist" with in a certain theme. the game would begin each new round or theme with the new theme picker chosing which style of characters the game should support next. these types could include the main protagonists (Yugi/Atem, Jaden, Yusei etc.), main villains (Pegasus, Mairk, Shadow riders, Dark signers, etc.) you get the idea. the next person after this would choose a character that fits that theme to support and then would pick a different season (Duel monsters, GX, 5ds) for the next person to chose who to support from. Ex. post 1: Theme- Rivals Post 2: Kite/Galaxy Eyes Support next: Arc-v Post 3: Reiji/ D/D/D Support next: ... [spoiler=Rules] 1. normal YCM Rules apply 2. Keep the normal summoning mechanics, meaning no introducing any self made or non-canon mechanics - you can introduce new summoning mechanics to legendary duelists just not self made ones 3. create at least 1 new monster, spell and trap. 4. after 3 Duelists have been supported then a new theme can be selected Starting theme: Legendary Duelist pack 5: Villianous Sidekicks
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