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  1. Question: Are the images supposed to be generic question marks or did you actually draw stuff for these?
  2. Mhm, mhm, but can you explain what Pot Of Greed does?
  3. I could've sworn a card with this name already existed.
  4. What happened to Experimental and Casual Multiples? Whose idea was it to make this place less organized?
  5. That's not what "niega" means. It means "negate". The rest of the card being in Spanish really should've tipped you off to that. This should actually be an effect monster as the card text states "Once per turn, negate the attack." I don't know how to actually translate effects into Spanish, so I can't help with the actual words.
  6. All you'd have to do is add the words "your field or" as far as I can see (i.e., "If this card would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can banish 1 FIRE Pyro monster from your field or GY instead."). There's probably some card out there that can already protect itself that way anyway.
  7. Uh, I don't think you need to specify all the things it can't be, just the thing it has to be.
  8. OK, you're new here. So don't know if someone's told you this yet, but cards with Types that don't exist in game belong in the Experimental section. And you don't need to create a new thread for every single card. You can just make one post with all of them, though if there are a lot you might want to split it at the 10-15 mark or so.
  9. Do you mean to make it blow itself up when it does this, since it can't Summon itself with this effect?
  10. So, if I want to keep the effect as-is, I need a steeper cost, is what you're saying.
  11. The 0 DEF thing is just because of how Zombies were originally shown in the anime with the Joey vs. Bonz (Jonouchi vs. "Ghost" Kozuka if you want to be pedantic) Duel.
  12. I'm putting this in here because I'm pretty sure it counts as "experimental". At the very least, I don't think there's anything quite like it yet. Spellsummon Sorcerer DARK Spellcaster Level 9 ATK 2900/DEF 2800 Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned. Once per turn, and only once that turn, you can reveal 1 monster in your hand whose text states that it cannot be Normal Summoned/Set and can only be Summoned by the effect of a card listed in its text. This card's name becomes the listed card's name and its effect becomes this effect, until the End Phase: Pay half
  13. Outbreak SPELL Normal Effect: Target 1 non-Zombie monster in a Main Monster Zone. That target gains the following effect. - This card becomes a Zombie monster and its DEF becomes 0. This card's printed effects are negated. During the End Phase, non-Zombie monsters adjacent to this card (and, if this card is in the leftmost or rightmost Main Monster Zone, also in this card's column) gain this effect. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. LANtern An archetype that consists of WIND Cyberse Main Deck monsters and LIGHT Winged Beast Link Monsters who all resemble different species of tern. Because they are on a LAN, they not only can't affect your opponent in any way, their effects only work on other "LANtern" cards as well (the one exception being a LINK monster with a North arrow ("Aleutian LANtern"), since all Link "LANterns" share the effect of preventing non-"LANtern" summons to their zones). All their Link monsters have an extra effect when co-linked and when Extra Linked. Spectacled LANtern WIND
  15. WATER isn't a Type, it's an Attribute. The card should be worded like this: "The ATK of all non-WATER monsters on the field is reduced to 0." Also, this is multiples, you should have posted this card in the outer section that is just Casual Card Design.
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