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  1. Thanks for your feedback. This is very good, thanks a lot. Have a nice day and God bless you.
  2. Thank tou for your feedback. This card could be good for some link plays and the best part is that It Can be searched by thunder wolf, good job. Again, Thank you, have a nice day and God bless you.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I understand those supports are overpowered but they were supposed to be like that because i wanted to make supports in a way that make hunders/watts competitive. I forgot to put watthunder as a tuner, i will eventually fix that, and will put the description below each card, so just wait and dont worry. I really though on making a protection so it only protect against targets (effects and attacks) and destruction, but there are just too many cards that can just bypass it easely, thats why i did them like that, but i will just change them so lets us just see what happens. Oh and dont worry about giving your opinion, im not a troll or anything like that. Again thanks for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it, i found those images on google, if you want, i can put the link where i found them. And yeah i forgot to put a hopt clause on the special summoning part, maybe it wouldnt be much of a problem. Again, thanks for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
  5. Watthunder: If you control no monster or control only Thunder monsters, you can special summon this card from your hand. you can only special summon 1 watt hunder per turn this way. when this card is summoned: you can special summon a level 4 light thunder monster from your deck or gy except watthunder, then add a watt monster from your deck or gy to your hand except watthunder. you can only resolve this effect of watthunder once per turn Miraihunder: 2 level 4 light thunder monsters All non xyz thunder monsters you control cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponents card effects and cannot be selected as an attack target. once per turn, you detach a meterial from this card: add a level 4 light thunder tmonster from your deck or gy to you hand and normal summon it when this effect resolves Wattphoenix A watt tuner monster + 1 or more non tuner thunder monsters All non synchro thunder monsters cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponents card effects and cannot be selected as an attack target. can attack directly. when this card inflicts battle damage by a directlly attack, your opponent cannot negate cards or effects until the end phase of his next turn.
  6. This would be very good to use with the field spell i made. Very good work. Have a nice day and God bless you.
  7. I though on some ways to prevent it, for example, an extra deck monster that activates at the beggining of the duel, so he keeps reavealed on the extra deck and while like that, you cannot lose the duel except by having your lp reduced to 0 or by drawing a card while having no other cards in your deck. Another way would be to make a trap that activate from hand (or deck, maybe from gy or banish zone too) that prevent anything you want, in this case lets say something not too broken like preventing the activation of any card that needs to be activated during the main phase 1 or that cannot be responded. Another way is to create an handtrap that allows you to special summon thunder king rai-oh from your deck, hand and/or gy (maybe thats banished as well) during your opponent turn. Another example is to create a card that can be activated during your opponent turn that can prevent the first card that would be added from the deck to the hand because of a card effect. There are many possibilities to stop the card, at least i guess. Thank you for inviting me for the coversation, have a nice day and God bless you.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, those fixes makes the card much better now and im glad you liked my idea. Once again thanks for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
  9. Again, thanks for your feedback. Heres the text: You can only activate "Valley Of The Thunder Spirits" once per turn. When this card is activated: Both players lose 1000 LP. Once During their Main Phase, either player can discard a card, then add 1 Level 4 Light Thunder-Type monster from the Deck or GY to the Hand. Apply the appropriate effects according to the monsters either player control: ● Thunder King Rai-Oh: Your opponent cannot add cards to their hand except during their normal draw in the Draw Phase; ● Lightning Rod Lord: Your opponent cannot activate Spell cards, except during the Main Phase 1; ● Denko Sekka: Your opponent cannot activate Trap cards without Setting it on the field first; ● Zap Mustung: Your opponent cannot Normal Summon/Set and cannot Special Summon during your turn. The 1000 damage to both players is because if you sum the attacks of the 4 thunder floodgates it results in 7000, and since the usual maximum lp is 8000, i can potentially otk my opponent next time i attack. Also, Well, they cant normal summon/set on their turn, at least that was meant to be like that, the summon lock outside their turn is only special summons, that was my intention. My bad, i thought you were talking about both players for activating traps from hand. Once again thanks for your feedback and thank you for your support, have a nice day and God bless you.
  10. Thanks for your feedback. Im not so much used to all psct rules, so maybe i should put a dot instead of a semi colon. The 1000 damage i copied from contract with don thousand, so it is an aditional cost, but its also an otk enabler (i guess). The effects stun only the opponent, i was thinking on do them in a way that the opponent of the player who controls those mentioned floodgates gets stunned and that applies to both players, that was my intention, not sure if i did it right though. Youre right about the 4 effects combined, except for the special summon restriction, because the opponent wont be able to normal/set and cannot special during your turn, and then you apply zap mustung effect (in truth they wont be able to summon cause they wont be able to summon nothing and therefore they wont be able to attack, unless they have a monster before this lock is being applied on the field). The last part is also right, excpt for activating traps from hand, cause denko prevent them from being set, so as long as the trap card allows me to activate it from hand while having my cards on the field, i will be able to do it. Agin, thanks for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. The idea is to make a card that could do a full lock using the thunder floodgates, for example, you mentioned zap mustung, this card prevents normal summon/set and speciall during your turn, because zap is really good imo, but those summons zap cannot prevent and this card help preventing it, as long as you have zap mustung on the field. As for thunder dragons, yeah the discarded card can be used for other things, but i dont think it would change much, unless colossus come back from the banlist. Once again thank you for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
  12. Thank you for your feedback. Personally, i dont think it would break thunder dragons, because even if solar is an stater, its not the best one since colossus is banned now, but even if we had colossus, i dont think they would play this card, since you essentially go -1 in order to add the monster to your hand. The idea of searching only the floodgates is a very good idea and i even thought about it for a second, i just couldnt figure out how to make an psct good enough for this that wouldnt make the card have too much text in it. And this card, do not replicates the effects of the floodgates, instead it (kinda) amplify even further their effects, in a way that if you have this card and the 4 floodgates on the field, its basically a full lock, so your opponent cant play (probably there are few ways to deal with this lock that im not thinking of or that im not used to, but i think these possible outs may be too specific, probably requiring a certain combination of cards instead of only 1 card). As for this card being a field spell is not that problematic right now since terraforming, set rotation and metaverse are limited, and i personally probably wouldnt use demise of the land since a deck with this card would have zap mustung, a monster that prevents special summon and demise of the land requires your opponent to special summon a monster. Again i thank you for your feedback, have a nice day and God bless you.
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