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  1. I have nothing much to do(except wait), so I'll be here occasionally. I'm at school, have something to show later.
  2. Neo-Space Call Normal Spell If you control a "Elemental Hero Neos", add from your deck to your hand 1 "Neo-Spacian" monster. Malefic
  3. Air Defense System Counter Trap When your Opponent activates the ability of a WIND monster, negate it's effect, and destroy it. Mirror Strike
  4. Punishment for Disobedience Quick-Play Spell If your opponent would negates the activation of a card effect, you can activate this effect. Negate the activation, destroy it, and inflict 500 points of damage. If this card is destroyed by a card effect, you may banish it, inflict 800 points of damage. You may only activate "Punishment for Disobedience" once per turn. Fiend Buster Destruction Sword.
  5. Yes you did. You asked me if I would like to know where your name came from. My answer is yes, even though I haven't been as active because of finals.
  6. I just realized that nyx sounds like next.
  7. Thanks for specifying. I thought you meant completely.
  8. That's not true. In Tails vs Luigi, they took notice of their fears, and their personalities.
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