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  1. I edited the text and the effect based on your response, Thyte. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Thanks for you response. Do you think it will still be broken if you could add to your hand another type of spell cards like continuous or field type, or it's more functional with only normal and quick-play spells? Anyway, thanks for the advice. I will try to edit the text based on what you wrote.
  3. I edited the card. Now you can see it's new effect on the first post.
  4. Thanks for your comment. I'm going to edit that card keeping in mind what you told me. If there's a problem with it, you can always tell me.
  5. Thanks for telling me which are it's problems. So do you think i should put a cost like paying 1500 lp or sending 2 spellcaster to the GY, and make that you can't search other cards that let you add or draw cards? I'm going to change it based on what you write. So if there is a problem with it you can tell me.
  6. I thought it would be nice to make a little spellcaster support so here it is: EDIT #2 06/22/2020: If there is something wrong with the card or you have a better idea for it's effect, just let me know ;).
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