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  1. finally managed to finish my christmas candy + a song ive been workin on 


    1. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      As someone who enjoys synthetic music I'll tell you this: good work, keep it up!

  2. merry christmas, forums are still cooler than discord

  3. It might just need to be "Skip your next two draw phases, THEN {graceful charity}" lol
  4. fun idea but i think it'd get pretty broken if you put too many low level rush cards into your deck
  5. i super miss the times when forums were big. its really the optimal form of community. ten years ago this status section would be updated like every couple of minutes. i wish i could relive my early teens

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      we can bring it back!


      It was like that as recent as last year

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