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    Florence + the Machine and horror movies.

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  1. Having my Six Samurais attached to a Xyz monster. Can I activate Musakani?
  2. I like how my username haven't changed since I started here.

  3. I've been out since November of last year and YCM still celebrates Christmas? What's going on with the logo?

    1. J-Max


      YCMaker is a lazy bastard.... He put a Shop in then went back to hibernation for the last 3 Months.

    2. wero-vasto


      Thank you Mu, anyway this status is going to turn into a "blame YCMaker all you want" topic soon... hope it won't

  4. Anyone plas at Dueling Network? XD

    1. M.B X

      M.B X

      No, sorry I play DMG! BTW! Nice to see you buddy =]

    2. wero-vasto


      u_u' Damn xD Nice to see you too buddy :B

  5. Glad to see Alcander back at YCM!

    1. ▼AlcaNdeR▼


      xD glad to see you're still around here too wero.

  6. Sh*t Dx are you playing with my mind? D:

  7. Wait... are you the old Alcander? ._.

  8. Hell yeah! I was accepted in the Faculty of Medicine!

  9. In the mood of an 1on1, someone? Anyone? D:

  10. Really... is that time of the year where everybody use it's fav. card as avi and user name?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. wero-vasto


      *bows Daemon and J-Max*

    3. Ieyasu Tokugawa

      Ieyasu Tokugawa

      Theiry actually doing a fad thing. They've got a planet group and God group, 2 person number group, and then somebody trying to start a machine group.

    4. wero-vasto


      It was funny... but I can recognize who is who

  11. Why I'm seeing all the planets at TCG section? ._.

    1. Black W Mage

      Black W Mage

      I shall be the planet of life :P

    2. wero-vasto


      lol we have a galaxy here

  12. Welcome back Rag! Finally... as you can see I never changed ;)

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