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    Rimworld and other similarly awful chaotic messes of a game, like Noita. R1D2 gang, les go. Guess i also read a metric ton of LNs and WNs, and i've played quite a number of ttrpgs. Also, M o n s t e r G i r l Q u e s t

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  1. I find low key hilarious how this card also works on Effect Veiler. Ah, yes, my favorite archetype, the Ghost Girls and the T w i n k. There is also probably some dumb combo out there that uses this as 3 extra copies of a tuner for weird Halq nonsense, but honestly, i couldnt care less tbh. Looks like quite a fun card to play on some sort of control adjacent deck, specially something like Eldlich or Ghostrick that doesnt particularly care about any specific Field Spells. Also, thank god Droll and Lock is older than tuners, having a card to search that guy would NOT have been fun at all, it is maybe the one hadtrap that still stops most combos on the stop. Same for Lancea and D Shifter not fitting the stats Nice to see ya after a while btw
  2. First of all, sorry for taking a while, we're having a huge storm here and internet has taken quite a blow. Hey, at least i had more time to properly think my response lol. If i were to summarize my response in just one sentence, id say yer kind of overestimating a lot of these cards P much yeah. Important to note, though, that this card can be quite miserable if drawn outside turn 1. After all, ya wont be able to trigger the eff to add a Trainee, and ya arent ensured a Bamboo Sword line to generate advantage from. Given that this deck eats through advantage like crazy, discarding for cost around 3 cards per turn (To the point where a lot of your searches end up being discard fodder), a lot of the time ya simply cannot afford to activate this card, as doing so without a Bamboo Sword in hand to trigger it would mean losing one of your turn pops, and overall end up as a "do nothing" card. Bit of a pain in the ass, innit? I mean, every time they get hand trapped, ya immediatly perform a Designator/Called by check. If ya fail, that's it, that's game. Plus, the cards ya tribute either are doing nothing (A spent Way/a Way when you have a copy on hand, or a normal Bamboo sword) or actively plus you out of being Tributed (Cursed), so making so they remain on field when Trainee's eff doesnt get to resolve aint gonna solve the problem there, as they are at that point just wasted advantage. Either way, what killed you wasnt the tributed card, but missing part of your resource loop True, Chudan is kind of the decks wincon in the end, it kinda just devolves into just grind down the opponent until a Towers Trainee is far too much for them to deal with. Plus, Chudan is part of your main resource loop, of shuffling back spent Hassos and the like alongside Curseds so ya can try to add them back to hand or dig them through a Pot of Prosperity. The whole "one or less" clause is meant to trigger if ya have an empty board, to make hands without Trainee access even slightly less miserable, but im almost certain it is worded incorrectly, i just couldnt remember a card with a similar clause to grab the correct PSCT from tbh I mean, the deck has a singular beater, and capped at 3100. Jodan being non-targetting non-destruction removal is the only thing keeping the deck from needing to play Kaijus (Thus, further increasing your bricks and reducing your Designator package, both things crippling to this deck) in order to not be immediatly swarmed by pretty much every single boss monster in yugioh. Without it as is, a board with 2 destruction immune dudes or a singular Dragoon would probably be GG for the deck, so im feeling recluctant to nerf it that way. On the other hand, given that most S/T negators destroy in cards, and thus, can be blocked by Gedan, in order for this to be negated and ya to be punished with the 2 discards for nothing, your opponent would have to have 3 or more negates first turn (Or 2 after that where you're just Hasso Jodan looping), and at that point, they kinda deserve to punish ya that roughly ngl To be honest, the only reason why this card doesnt target is because i forgot to make it do so, the intended use of this card is less to be removal and more to be a way to catch up in advantage in scenarios where ya just couldnt afford to pay a Hasso and had to opt for this less advantage-intensive card, and it doesnt need to be non targetting to do that tbh Nah, this card aint seeing use outside of pure Bamboo or maybe like, Fifty-fifty variants (And whatever ya decide to cram alongside the Bamboo engine, it better improve yer ceiling, because given that the alternative is the two Pots and the Designator package, it needs to do a lot to be as good as that). After all, small engines for this archetype dont do anything mainly due to the TCG/OCG pool including better alternatives. First of all, the fact that both Hasso and Jodan require 1 monster or less on field to be able to trigger completely ruins any interest a combo deck might have in jamming this in, after all, between chosing to use a Trainee package to squeeze out a negate but have that as the ceiling of their board, or, y'know, just making an actual board, the latter feels better. So, going with the idea of playing this in Control, there is no chance your Trainee package is gonna trigger out of Trainee being SSed, yer gonna have to NS. Now, the bare minimum to access a line ending on Hasso on field (Or a Jodan if yer into that) would be a line that NS Trainee, and requires 3 Trainee on deck, a Cursed Bamboo Sword to dump out of the NS, a Broken Bamboo Sword to add and tribute for Trainee's second eff, and of course, the Hasso. Think for a second. 6 card minimum engine, that consumes your NS for an omni negate that requires a discard. Where have i heard that before? Yeah, a small Trainee package is just a makeshift, worse Aleister the Invoker. Plus, unlike Invoked set ups, ya dont keep the negator for next turn nor do you recycle the NSed guy, and your negator floodgates you as you cant trigger them if ya have above a certain monster count. The fact that you're vulnerable to even more handtraps that Aleister dodges just adds insult to injury. Sure, ya could go Jodan instead, but that would just be a worse Dogmatika package. There are just plain better alternatives out there than using any Bamboo package smaller that 20ish cards (That's where ya begin to be able of performing things such as looping Hasso Jodan every turn or abuse Cursed and Golden swords). Plus, the decks that can deal with the single face up restriction (Guru, Striker, Zoo) have cards that compete with Trainee for the NS, and the ones that dont (Eldlich) need to actively spend part of their combo getting rid out of their own field to fulfill the activation requirements. Its just, not happening. Plus, one thing that all the decks ive mentioned have in common is, that they just suck ass right now. Ya could technically play this -1 omni negate without a package to search it, but why do so instead of playing some Solemns? There just isnt any niche for this to fulfill outside pure/fifty-fifty variant tbh Agreed, Waki is p much one of the best cards in the deck. Your main resource loop consists of shuffling back your spent interactions and then adding em to hand with Waki's GY eff. This card is an amazing piece of discard fodder, and the deck really appreciates it I kinda agree on Mystic Mine being problematic with this deck, all in all, past your first combo ya dont really care about Trainee's effects tbh (Other than using it to turn Bamboo Swords into Stances, but that is kind of a fair trade off for having Mystic Mine on field, specially given that ya can just save the swords). Still, though, unlike other Mystic Mine abusers, it like Zoo, it isnt like this deck is gonna pop the Mine, suddenly summon Vespenado and immediatly OTK someone. It just, doesnt quite have any ability to threaten LPs p much. So, even if Mine would be annoying to deal with against this deck, ya wouldnt really be preparing yourself for a big push out of it, you would just buy some time for your opponent to draw their out to this card. The fact that all the outs to Mine also out Chodan (Feather Duster, Storm, or god forbid, Cosmic Cyclone) aint helping either. It is a card that works well with the archetype, specially to help it cope with going second, but it isnt the broken mess it has been in other decks like Zoo tbh. Ya just, cant really archieve that much with the time bought by the lockdown. I mean, playing this deck i had more than once to non ironically use Cursed Bamboo Sword's first eff to attack directly in order to be able to threaten LP. Your offensive capabilities are just, that bad On the other hand, though it doesnt look that much like it, Kaijus kind of obliterate this deck funnily enough. Its kind of hard to get rid of them in a way that leaves only a Trainee on field afterwards, as linking them off to have only the link on field wouldnt leave a Trainee on field, just NSing a Trainee would turn of all your interactions, and having to Jodan a singular Kaiju to then be able of NSing Trainee is miserable. They also turn off your ability to search Trainee with Way (Since ya control a monster) unlike other forms of removal, which is hella annoying. As for why not having a Trainee on field matters, well, without Trainee ya cant Waki, and ya cant tribute Bamboo Swords for Stances (Though you can use em to trigger Way. Still, as i said at the start of this, Way is kind of unreliable at best), which means that your resource loop of shuffling back your interactions and using your searches to set them back gets completely stopped on its tracks. Still, way better than doing so is, well, just threatning the Chodan itself. By doing so, ya force the Gedan activation (Or worse, if they dont have it, the Hasso), and make it easier to grind them out. Specially on latter turns, it is really easy for a Duster or the like to just immediatly force a Hasso and give you free reign to attempt an OTK. Cosmic Cyclone is even worse, as well as Shuraigh, since ya cant Gedan those guys, given that Gedan only protects from destruction, not banishes. Zeus sending to GY also archieves the same thing. In general, the current meta is full of cards that can kinda screw this deck. Between that and the general vulnerability to handtraps, i'd say it is rogue tier at best tbh As for PSCT problems, man do i agree with this. Sorry for that, i just, am accustomed to a bunch of outdated clauses, like "your side of the field", and catch myself doing them from time to time. Plus, y'know, im not that knowledgeable all in all, so sometimes i have to improvise a clause even though there already exist a much cleaner, official way to write the same effect. Oh well
  3. In practice? Ya kinda loop Jodan 3 turns in a row, using searches both to add it to hand and get cards to use as discard fodder for it (Ya can consistently pop 2 cards with it each turn), and reach a simplified gamestate where a Trainee under Chodan protection is not something that can quite be removed from the field (Have in mind that latter on the match Trainee under Chodan is pretty much a 3100 atk towers. If ya drain enough resources through Hasso and Jodan spam, it is kind of hard to deal). Or, y'know, add Hasso a bunch of times. As for why Reactive isnt a counter trap i- I forgor Mb there
  4. Man, i really need to stop making omni negates and divide my archetype's negates properly into multiple cards, like a S/T negate, a Monster Negate and a Summon Negate. It aint doin me any favors, its kind of uninteresting and kind of simplifies playing em. Oh well

  5. And yes, i know, i play like a monkey. Listen, there is a reason i only make control-ish decks, aight?
  6. https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=868939-33105614 Man, this deck's grind game is actually p good, Jodan's eff to shuffle itself comes up way more often than you'd expect. Plus, drawing Cursed Swords latter feels good. As a side note, midway through i realised i forgot to swap around Hasso and Waki's gy effs, and since i felt scummy using em i decided to for the rest of the duel try to not activate em Also, due to the strenght of a late game Cursed Bamboo Sword, changed Waki's GY eff to only search Stances
  7. *something something Empanada timezone* Thank god i dont have any plans (So far) on doing any changes to my submision, every time i have to deal with figuring out how timezones work i have an aneurysm In a completely unrelated topic, Infinity y la pvta madre que te pario, ya no quiero ser de latinoamerica
  8. Oh, makes sense now that you put it that way, i just completely forgot about the level 8 bit of the fusion requirements. Actually, yeah, good pick i guess, i imagine the pool of specific fusion targets that also happen to be lv 8 and are part of a good fusion card probably is quite limited, with that in mind, Magnum is probably among your best picks, given just how many awful fusion monsters are out there that you wouldnt want to ever make. At least the guy is a negate lol. MB
  9. My only complain about Bamboo Swords is that god dammit drawing your Designator AFTER you combo'ed can feel miserable, specially that one time i got Cursed Bamboo Sword Ash'ed beforehand. Mf comes to the party 3 hours late

  10. I feel like Hasso's and Waki's GY effects should be swapped the other way around, as it is, Hasso is far too much of a power play when drawn/added and can make the deck feel a tad scummy on some matches. On other news, the amount of times just having a face up Chudan after grinding out the opponent's first hand down was quite high, the card feels amazing. I also kinda misplayed a lot during, like forgetting that Jodan doesnt trigger destruction float effs. Oh well The worst choke so far was playing the deck on a TAG duel of all things. I during turn 3 thought my whole turn had been ilegal since my partner had put a monster on field, but thank god he had T-setted passed and mid way through saying "wait i fucked up" i realised the cards say one or less FACE UP monsters. That could have been quite a big chet. Still, please dont be like me, please dont play this on a TAG duel, its a terrible idea unless your partner is playing exactly Guru/Ghostrick Also, this deck has a surprising amount of terrible hands. I'll playtest a bit more and mess with the lists, but if ya had any ideas for good cards that could get to Trainee as starters, i would love to hear it
  11. Hey, we have 'til the deadline to figure out a final submision, at least i personally dont mind at all if anyone changes their card/the card effect before that day, dw mate, it happens (Maybe with the sole exception of if they received feedback directly from Nyx, as then it would feel a tad cheaty to have the judge telling only 1 guy what they thought of their card to allow them to improve. At the same time, if they did so to everyone, the problem is kinda solved as far as im concerned).
  12. Ah, yes, activating a Field Spell in hand as response to a Counter Trap, a custom duel staple play. That was absolutely hilarious

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    2. Loleo


      how does this work?

    3. drowsyCoffee


      It doesnt work. The guy just, randomly activated a field spell from their hand mid chain, sayign "cl5", for next to no reason whatsoever. It was funny though, so i didnt particularly minded tbh

    4. drowsyCoffee


      Like, the field didnt even interact with the rest of the chain in any way shape or form, it wasnt like it had an eff that negater or anything. They just decided mid chain that they wanted to play their turn out and i appreciate the ability to do so with a straight face, i kinda laughed a lot at the moment

  13. Getting Droll and Lock-ed as the Bamboo Sword deck wasnt very fun, that was a quick duel. Also, somehow, the best, most fun custom duels are the Tag ones. They are just a god damn mess man

  14. In one hand, man this archetype's idea is among the cooler ones i've seen i quite some time. On the other, please explain, what the actual f*ck was going on that deck sample? I just, saw some random magnets and blue eyes and just, lost my sh*t. To be fair, even if ya might risk bricking, making a board that includes a Superconductive would be hilarious as all hell. Wonder if ya could turn this into like, an A to Z engine, or the weird Armed Dragon + XYZ fusion. Cant remember how those were worded, but if you could, it would be absolutely hilarious. Thank you, this is beautiful
  15. To no one's surprise, the deck that got to play 3 Duality 3 Prosperity was really consistent. Who could have posibly thought. Also, that one time i super highrolled and got to trigger 2 Cursed Bamboo Sword 3 Golden Bamboo Sword felt kind of amazing. Unironically, the 4 (Technically 5 since im playing 1 Gamma, but i dont play driver for obvious reasons) Designator targets were kinda nutty, as i kept drawing them and having them as live interaction options Deck still works with Trainee as a HOPT, it just ends somewhat often in hands were it doesnt have enough cards in hand to trigger all effects like ending up only on a Jodan for 1, or in hands were it has just barely enough cards to discard but those cards are handtraps and you are presented with the tough choice between using them as discard fodder or as interruptions. Feels a lot more balanced. Still, every time i get a Cursed Bamboo Sword out of a Pot i feel my serotonin levels skyrocket. Ya can brick too, ya still need to have a Trainee on all games, and there aremurky hands like, 2 traps, a called by and 2 of your designator targets that do absolutely nothing. The deck's combos also are quite fast to play, which is a nice bonus on customs were if ya take any time at all people get hella angry at ya, even if your end board does absolutely nothing. Kinda really liking this one
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