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  1. My pc knowledge is dwarfed only by my knowledge of link combos, so if i am being honest the only way i know to describe it would be an "office notebook" (Netbook? Never learned the difference). My only experience emulating pokemon was that one time with Sun and Moon were i couldnt even go through the first cutscene, as i had in general pretty awful experiences with emulators and really didnt felt like wasting my time trying out alternatives I kinda like the idea of revealing Ghostricks, though i feel like it might be a bit too restrictive when combined with the mandatory flip. Bah,
  2. Thank you very much for the compliment, actually, explaining my thought process behind cards, and reading others thought process on em and all that stuff is my favorite part about making cards, it has got a very similar feeling to brainstorming with someone to make a deck or something, just, from a designer perspective instead of a player one Ironically, i actually know a whole lot about pokemon, specially the competitive scene, since it is in my opinion one of the most interesting Turn Based Strategy Games out there, and i've watched a whole lot of nuzlocke runs, weird builds and
  3. This is weird, this is funky, and i already can feel the headache that i would feel if anyone decided to slam down this monstrosity in a duel against me. Usually i would go through all the flavor with the Artillery series, as i've planned to do more of em, but i dont wanna clutter the comments so i'll leave it for another time. Also, quick important detail, if i understood the psct properly, on the second effect since the "Move" effect and the displacement of an opponents cards are separated by an "also", they should happen simultaneously and thus the opponents card should be set face down due
  4. Welp, those are 2 pieces of Ghostrick support i've made, being designed having in mind the 2 current main weaknesses of the archetype: lacking any kind of meaningful first turn plays and lacking any kind of interruption outside Book of Moon-ing the opponents monsters, as well as having very few outs to Link monsters. My objective with those two cards is improving the Archetype's performance in those 2 specific tasks while still keeping them as easily identifiable and exploitable weaknesses of it. Due to some lack of knowledge on my part, their psct might be wonky, specially the parts were they
  5. i just noticed, cant you just used the extra advantage that Ghostricks have to go ham with Forbidden Droplet?


    new wincon archieved

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    2. Shadow Black-Wood

      Shadow Black-Wood

      Though in theory it is a good idea, one of the main problems of Ghostricks is that literally every single one of their main deck monsters requires a normal summon, even with Mummy on the field giving you 1 extra NS per turn the deck would have a lot of problems playing a spirit monster. Not to mention the brickiness. I was going to say that it blowing up the entire field was also problematic for ghostrics, since they cannot be NS if there is no face up ghostrick on the field, but thankfully Dust does not blow up face down cards, so you could in theory just flip your entire field face down and then summon it. Another problem with that idea is that the only Ghostricks monsters that float when they hit the GY are their Xyzs, but they can already trigger those effects quite easily by ranking up into Angel and then being detached for Angel's eff

      Cute tech, seems like side deck material at best

    3. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      That's why I mentioned it for the side. Just in case those pesky Gravekeepers resurface.

    4. Shadow Black-Wood
  6. I must say, though i have heard about em in things such as A Wild Monster Appears!, lingering effs, their rulings, how to write em, etc are all things that are outside my knowledge, sorry for not being informed in the area. Still i didnt knew that just changing that detail would turn the eff into a lingering one in this case, considering how powerful they are, and how restrictive they can be as drawbacks, i'll have that in mind in the future, good to know. Still, for a monster without summoning restrictions, wouldnt it be a bit to powerful of an effect to have a lingering negate effs on it? Ev
  7. the reactions limit is starting to get on my nerves

  8. Cant agree more, in my personal experience, the Mischief win eff strats and Mill deck strats almost always end up in someone waiting for 20 turn with a big f*** off board while they have lethal just because they wanna win in a cooler way, as weird as it may sound, for some godforsaken reason in my tons upon tons of experience with the deck some weird "Spam Mischief Search Beatdown" variant was what had the most success for me, though again my deckbuilding is suboptimal at best so i bet there are more viable ways to play Ghostricks that i am not aware of On the other hand, i think t
  9. Those are some serious Doom vibes, old school games really can be played in pretty much anything xD Oh no i totally get ya, even for someone like me that really likes the genre it is pretty rare to find a roguelite that clicks with me, more often than not, you just play em for a few days or weeks and you leave it at that, its not very common that you'll find some roguelite that just sticks with you throught long periods of time. For me, i think that TBoI and Darkest Dungeon (Though i still must insist that the second is not a roguelite, and i cannot be convinced otherwise) were the
  10. I have to admit, the Itsus going full Ojama Delta Hurricane on someone is quite the hilarious image, i am surprised i havent seen a card like that so far. Overall, thank you for the feed back, it was really helpful. For the first part, i wrote like that because with all those cannots the text felt almost painfully redundant and i tried to avoid repeating the "effect" word 2 times for the target and destruction inmunity, not noticing that the cannot in the middle of the 2 divided the sentence, thank you for pointing it out, i would probably have never noticed that on my own
  11. Yeah, sadly thanks to my potato pc and my boomer brain i havent been able to emulate any pokemon game, which is kinda sad considering how interesting some of em look, specially for doing some weird challenges like Nuzlockes. If anything, my closest experience to being able to play one of those might be the Pokemon TD series or Pixelmon of all things xD. I tried once to emulate Sun and Moon, and my pc took around 10 minutes to play out the starting cutscene, or whatever that was supposed to be, just by how laggy it was, it wasnt pretty Eh, dont worry, it is not so much about me not
  12. Get ready for a wild ride, because this card is one of the weirdest things ive made so far, being a half decent attempt at trying to capture some flashy imagery in form of a card. Trying to think whether this card is powerful or not is honestly mindboggling to me, so i'll give it the benefit of the doubt and label it as a fun gimmick to mess with. Also, content warning, since some of those effects were kinda weird, you'll end up facing some very janky psct, i hope you can understand Pyotr, the Artillery of the Cryomancers Water / Level 8 Spellcaster / Effect 3000 / 1
  13. Sadly, i really havent heard of any of em. I havent even played things like Runescape, Pokemon or Skyrim, and it was only recently that i tried out Diablo 2, when i said that i was very lacking in the classics i really meant it. Though, if you know any good rpg game that could be played on pc (Emulating and/or using consoles in general hasnt really been an option for me, sadly) i would gladly check it out to see if it is worth giving it some time. Otro de mis generos favoritos son los Roguelites, con cosas como Dead Cells, TBoI, Gungeon, Noita, Nuclear Throne, etc siendo algunos de los juegos
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