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  1. "Chthonian Doom Emperor" "Chthonian Emperor Dragon" + "Doom Shaman" Level 8/Fiend/Fusion/Effect/4000/0 This card can attack once for every Spellcaster, Fiend, or Dragon monster in your GY during each Battle Phase. During either player's Main Phase, if this card is is your GY: you can banish 1 Spellcaster, Fiend, or Dragon monster from your GY, except "Chthonian Doom Emperor", Special Summon this card. "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" + "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"
  2. morrisoni4

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted. Have fun ruling a kingdom of one! I wish to rule the world!
  3. Declare either ATK or DEF, Tribute 1 DARK monster with 3000 or less of the selected stat; your opponent destroys 1 card (of their choice) in their hand or Deck for every 500 of the selected stat that monster had on the field. If you Tributed a monster with more than 2000 ATK or DEF to activate this card, look at all cards your opponent draws until the end of their 3rd turn after this card's activation. If you declared ATK, destroy all monsters among them. If you declared DEF, destroy all Spells and Traps among them. Next: Lair of Darkness
  4. Same stats. 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monstersFor this card's Synchro Summon, you can treat 1 "World Chalice" Normal Monster you control as a Tuner. You can only use each of the following effects of "Ib the World Chalice Justiciar" once per turn.● If this card is Synchro Summoned: You can add to your hand, or, if it is a Monster Card, Special Summon, 1 "World Legacy" card from your Deck.● If this Synchro Summoned card is sent from the field to the GY: You can Special Summon 1 "World Chalice" monster from your Deck or GY, except "Ib the World Chalice Justiciar". Next: "The True Name"
  5. Well, I'd love to see what you come up with.
  6. Jemfli (Pronounced "Gem-Fly") The Golden Eagle Pokémon Flying-Type Ability: Undermine (All Rock-Type moves are treated as Flying as well.) This rare Pokémon is comprised of living jewels, and has a hollow structure that allows it to soar above the clouds. It is thought that befriending one will bring a person great wealth. This Pokémon is not known to evolve from or into any other Pokémon. This Pokémon has several Forms, based on where it is found, each comprised primarily of a single Jewel, with a secondary Jewel as the eyes. Emerald Form - Ruby Eyes, found in forests/grasslands Ruby Form - Obsidian Eyes, found in desert areas Sapphire Form - Emerald Eyes, found flying over seas/rivers Obsidian Form - Sapphire Eyes, found in volcanic locations Noteable Moves: Rock Polish Fly Aerial Ace Brave Bird Sky Drop Razor Wind Stone Edge Power Gem Deadlock (20 PP, for the next 5 turns, your opponent's Pokémon is forced to use a move of the same type as Jemfli uses, or use Struggle.) Next: give us something new - a Pokémon that can only be obtained by breeding two specific other Pokémon together.
  7. morrisoni4

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted. Your Meloetta can no longer use any song moves whatsoever. I wish for a live Pikachu.
  8. "Prime Material Wasp" Level 5/Insect/Effect/WIND/2000/1000 During either player's turn, if a monster would be Special Summoned (except during the Damage Step), you can discard one card, negate the Summon, and if you do, destroy it. "Prime Material Witch" Level 6/Spellcaster/DARK/2000/2400 During either player's turn, when any player's monster declares an attack: you can discard one card, negate the attack. This card cannot be targeted for attacks while you have no cards in your hand. "Prime Material Material" Spell If you would discard a card to activate the effect of a "Prime Material" monster, you can reveal this card in your hand instead. You can only use this effect of "Prime Material Material" once per turn. Activate this card by targeting one "Prime Material" monster you control and one "Prime Material" Monster in your hand. Return the first target to your hand, Special Summon the second target. Next: "Card of Demise"
  9. "Number C28: Blazing Titanta Moth" Rank 8/Insect/Xyz/Effect/FIRE/2700/2400 2 Level 8 Insect monsters If this card has "Number 28: Titantic Moth" as an Xyz Material, it gains this effect: You can detach one Xyz Material from this card, it can attack directly this turn. If this card inflicts battle damage by a direct attack, inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each Spell/Trap card in their GY. Next: "Gem-Knight Pearl"
  10. I went back to fix it. It's "Number 32: Shark Drake".
  11. morrisoni4

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted. But your brain is in Python, and you only know JS... I wish for a dragon egg.
  12. This legendary serpent may seem meek on the surface, but those who dare face it quickly learn otherwise. With the ability to transform into its opponent, and then steal their strength, only the foolish will approach in this day and age. "Number 32: Shark Drake"
  13. "Blue-Eyes Restrict" Level 1/Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect/0/0 Once per turn, you can target one monster your opponent controls, equip that monster to this card. This card's gains Levels, ATK, and DEF equal to the Level, ATK, and DEF of that equipped monster. When you would Tribute a monster, you can destroy the monster equipped by this effect instead. "Skull Servant" + "Summoned Skull"
  14. *Note: Yes, Kami means god. It can also mean paper, funnily enough, depending on the spelling.* The "Orikami" are a group of Level 10 LIGHT Ritual Monsters of various types. They focus on stealing from your opponent. "Orikami Crane" Level 10/Winged Beast/Ritual/Effect/LIGHT/3000/3500 You can Ritual Summon this card with "Orikami Folding." Once per turn, you can Tribute one monster, target one monster your opponent controls, take control of that target. "Orikami Tiger" Level 10/Beast/Ritual/Effect/LIGHT/2500/3000 You can Ritual Summon this card with "Orikami Folding." Once per turn (Quick Effect): you can discard one card, select one Spell or Trap card in your opponent's GY, add it to your hand or Set it to your Spell/Trap Card Zone. A Trap Card set by this effect can be activated the same turn. "Orikami Folding" This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Orikami" Ritual Monster. While this card is in your GY, "Orikami" monsters you control cannot be removed from the field by your opponent's cards. Next: "Hardwired"
  15. That's actually not bad. I like the fact that instead of protecting the monsters it points to, it protects itself, unlike a lot of Links.
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