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  1. Think it's worth to wait until we get official confirmation on the new "Spirits" mode, since it seems to be promising. Smash is a game best played with others, so if you don't have any intent or method of playing either online or locally, it's can get old quick. Though, building up the roster sounds like a fun challenge since you start with the original eight characters and work your way up to the 70+ complete roster. Guess you should wait until all information has been announced to make up your mind
  2. A twitter user by the name of @noctulescent decoded the blurred green text for the new mode in the direct. https://nintendosoup.com/super-smash-bros-ultimates-blurred-menu-option-has-been-figured-out/ In both the English. Japanese and French versions of the trailer, the blurred text makes out "Spirits". Not sure if I should think that this going to be a story mode or something else. On one side, we've seen that nearly every big addition to the game has been because fans wanted it, so it would make sense to bring out the holy mother of fan requests. On the other side, I
  3. I think it's safe to say we'll get one, if not, two character reveal trailers in this direct and possibly a new mode along with other things. We've been two months without new info so Nintendo better deliver. I hope that we'll get access to every map released in every game to follow up the theme of this game.
  4. omg As for Hammond, I think he's cute. I love how you hear him in his hamster chatter before the mech says it. I haven't gotten the chance to play him in a match yet but I can tell that it's gonna be fun as hell killing people while grappling
  5. I wasn't here for the previous one, so definitely yes. I'm especially looking forward to any new skins that get released
  6. Tried Moira out. Tbh I think 20m range for a beam attack is a bit much, especially when you consider the fact that you could just reach a Pharah with it (not that you could kill her), but I guess they'll be nerfing that later. The orbs are fun to mess around with but annoying to deal with. 6-7/10 in my book
  7. Hmm, I think a new episode come out recently, so I'll probably check it out sooner or later.
  8. I don't really play yugioh, so I mostly chose kuriboh because it was in Yugioh Abridged and the fact that it was just hilarious
  9. If you mean in meeting us, I'd like to believe they'd be as curious as us to find out about each other and so be rather peaceful
  10. I have a pretty high level of confidence in the fact that, even if it's on the other side of the universe, intelligent life is out there.
  11. I have a neutral opinion on them. I don't think that doing stuff at 3am will summon them but ghost stories about places are always fun to hear.
  12. Banned for banning someone who just banned you
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