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  1. Given that it can summon any "Phantom" fusion monster and not just Armityle, there is a good chance we will get a retrain. The fact that you no longer take damage from battles is nice, given that he has 0 attack on the opponent's turn, but the protection is pretty small (only protection by battle, and now battle damage). Hopefully the other structure deck cards keep getting better.
  2. In the most technical way ever, the spell is just a little more like Creeping Darkness rather than ROTA, despite having a similar search effect to ROTA. More seriously though, these cards look pretty sweet. They boost pretty much any Sea-Serpent strategy ( namely Atlanteans and Mermails ) and have great potential to get even more better and better support in the future ( likely a synchro boss monster given the protection effect the synchro monster can give ).
  3. Personally, as a Crystron player, I've been waiting since the very first announcement about this card. This card makes that deck waaaay more consistent and gives it a more clear gameplan that it can do every game. There are a lot of simple 2 card combos the deck can perform that make the perfect set-ups for Quariongandrax or Phoenix on your opponent's turn ( Either target and banish 3 monsters from the opponent's field/GY or banish all Spell/Trap cards from your opponent's field/GY ). Not only can you set this up, but the link is so easy to summon that you can just keep looping your boss monsters over and over again, making sure that every turn you can interrupt your opponent with your key boss monsters. I'm really hoping this card can give Crystrons the necessary boost to put them up to tier 2 or rogue tier status. The link is so strong for the deck and fixes most of their problems, allowing for them to make nasty interruptions, then otk next turn.
  4. Going to the regional next weekend, need as much help as possible with my list. 


  5. I will be going to the Wisconsin regional next weekend, and am hoping to have the most optimized list for that regional. Current List 3x Night Express Knight 3x Heavy Freight Train Derricrane 3x Super Express Bullet Train 3x Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede 3x Ruffian Railcar 3x Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring 3x Effect Veiler 3x Gameciel 2x Gadarla 3x Jizukiru 3x Revolving Switchyard 3x Urgent Schedule 3x Pot of Desires 3x Limiter Removal 3x Called by the Grave 1x Skill Drain 2x Double Header Anger Knuckle 1x Platinum Gadget 1x Qliphort Genius 1x Abyss Dweller 2x Gustav Max 2x Super Dora 2x Liebe 1x Gangaridai 1x Number 35 1x Number 84 1x Number 77 3x Nibiru the Primal Being 3x Droll and Lock Bird 3x Twin Tiwsters 3x Rivalry of Warlords 3x Red Reboot I'm looking to make this list as best as I can for that regional with the cards I have available. Some cards I can think of off the top that I have that I could add to any parts of the deck would be the following. Knightmare Cerberus, LANPhorhynchus, Proxy Dragon, Gaia Saber the Lightning Shadow, Exciton Knight, Bagooska, Train Ironwolf, Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord (1x), Rocket Arrow Express, Hustle Rustle, Forbidden Chalice (2x), Scapegoat, Foolish Burial, Monster Reborn, Cosmic Cyclone, Special Schedule (2x), Dragged Down Into The Grave, Twin Twisters, Mind Drain, Torrential Tribute, Dimensional Barrier, Imperial Order, Lost Wind, Solemn Strike, Ghost Reaper, Terraforming, Gadarla, Dogoran, Numbers 35, 84, and 77, Super Dora, Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer, Liebe, Borreload Dragon, Barrage Blast, Train Connection, Solemn Judgement, Evenly Matched, Droll and Lock Bird, Super Poly (2x) and Fusion of Fire and Starving Venom/Violet Chimera/Dragostapelia/Diplexer Chimera, Pankratops, Borrelsword, Ghost Sister, Castel, Vanity's Fiend, Majesty's Fiend, Shared Ride, and Gozen Match.
  6. A searcher for the Onomato cards!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This card is pretty legit, given that it search a card that can search 2 more cards. The combo potential is amazing, and it doesn't even restrict your summons which is even better.
  7. The recently revealed Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon is pretty underwhelming, even though it had a lot of potential to be well designed. This is a quick rework I thought of to make the effects actually good and to make Odd-Eyes Dragon worth playing in 2019. Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon Level 7 / Dark / Dragon / Effect / Monster 2500 attack / 2500 defense If this card is in your hand or GY: You can send 1 "Odd-Eyes Dragon" from your hand, Deck, or face-up from your field to your GY; Special Summon this card from your hand or GY. If this card is destroyed (by battle or card effect) and sent to your GY: You can Special Summon 1 "Odd-Eyes" monster from your Deck or GY, except "Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon", then you can add 1 "Spiral Flame Strike" from your Deck or GY to your hand. Changes - No longer tributes a DARK monster - Now can summon itself from hand or GY - Now sends the original dragon as cost rather than effect ( summoning effect is no longer ash-able ) - Can be destroyed by your own card effect for its second effect - Does not need to be destroyed in your possession for its second effect - Can search a Spiral Flame Strike from Deck or GY instead of only the Deck
  8. Probaby a bit too costly, but Gale Dogra could allow you to pitch 2 Shaddoll fusion monsters, the new one and an old one, to search a Shaddoll card with the new fusion's effect, then add back a Shaddoll Spell/Trap with the second one. Edit: Just watche DPYGOs vid. Nephe Shaddoll Fusion allows you to change the attribute of a monster it is equipped to, so it can make summoning the new fusion easier. Also the idea of more main deck monsters of each attribute is nice.
  9. Just run it as the 41th card forehead
  10. The new monster isn't the best. The protection effect in the scale is cute, but not very useful. It being a scale 8 monster, and also a dark spellcaster "Magician" monster makes it searchable with Pendulum Call, which definitely helps it out. It's monster effects resolving aren't the most impactful. Being able to attack directly isn't very important, and being able to search a pendulum monster during the end phase hasn't been relevant in a long time ( no one plays majester, and that just requires 2 level 4 pendulum monsters to summon it ). The attack gain is cute, but if you want big beatsticks you will probably just play them instead of relying on a 1500 attack monster. The synchro effect of locking down monster effects for the rest of the turn seems like the best effect, since it basically acts like a level 4 Azathot. Whether or not that's worth the effort when you can just use 2 level 4 monsters for Nyarla and then Azathot is kinda debatable though. Smile Universe is searchable by Smile Sorcerer, which is nice. It being usable by both players makes it not nearly as good, but it could still work. It's kinda a big risk for not too much payoff. On one hand, you could randomly add a spell card back from your GY, and on the other hand, you just get OTKed a lot easier since the field doubles all damage you take if you don't discard the added spell. The effect is gimmicky and outclassed by Enlightenment Paladin, and that never saw play despite being the closet thing to a pre-errata DMOC. I like the Trap card. It's gimmicky like the other 2, but I feel like the effects of it are playable. They work towards each other, making it's effects easier to pull off the more you use it. If you fusion summon: You can special summon a monster with the same level, making an xyz summon easier. If you xyz summon: You can take a lower level tuner from your deck and either search it or special summon it, making a synchro summon easier. If you synchro summon: You can search a Polymerization, making a fusion summon easier. Being a trap makes it slow, but it makes up for it by helping you pop off on your plays on the following turn. Also it being a "Pendulum" card makes it searchable by Duelist Alliance, which is a pretty good searcher ( given that it's easy to use and can search other good cards as well ). TLDR Monster: Cute, but gimmicky Spell: Just plain gimmicky Trap: Really good, but slow
  11. Oh . . . . yea. That's not nearly as good then. It's ok, but that limitation hurts it a lot.
  12. Seeing Abyss Actors makes me happy, but also nervous since card text like "This card is always treated as a Pendulum Monster" isn't really a thing and the archetype somewhat restricts itself into Pendulum monsters, so what they will do with that ( if they do that ) will be interesting. Given the Simorgh ability to revive themselves, they were pretty much begging for a good strong archetypal link 2 since they were revealed. It has a lot of potential to be a great consistency / swarming boost that the deck really needs. That or a monster negation ability counterpart to the 2 new Simorghs ( much like Shining Star GT is to FA Dawn Dragster ). Sky Strikers getting a new link monster, while not unexpected, will be interesting. It will be either a link 1 that continues the current playstyle, or a link 2 to match the new ace that was revealed recently. Buster Blader: Shoutout to Rank10YGO, here's to hoping that link is good. Mayakashi will probably get a link 3 at this point, since they already have a link 2. I wouldn't be against the idea of them getting a better link 2 though ( since the link 2 we currently have isn't that good ). Union: Hopefully this works well in ABCs and continues their legacy of the deck able to get a 1-2 spots in ycs tops
  13. The ability to negate an effect that targets a monster you control is not once per turn, but the ability to negate an attack is, also the ability to revive itself is a hard once per turn effect. The card seems pretty interesting. Has a good protection effect that can protect any monster you control, and the ability to negate an attack, while not too strong, is a nice addition. The revival effect feels like you are synchro summoning it from the GY ( since it requires at least 2 synchro monsters for it's synchro summon and you have to tribute 2 synchro monsters to revive it ). Could be a nice one of in synchro strategies
  14. This card is quite crazy. It has 3000 attack, it cannot be destroyed by effects or targeted by effects, it can destroy up to 2 monsters the opponent controls each turn with burn damage, and it can negate any effect activation once per turn while gaining a permanent 1000 ATK. Eye of Timaeus can summon this since it doesn't need to be fusion summoned, which is nice since Dark Magician is gonna get a lot easier to summon with the new Magician Souls card, which can summon him straight from the deck. The Keeper of Dragonic Magic works quite well with this card, at least on paper. Since this card can either use a REBD or any Dragon effect monster, it works perfectly. A quick 2 card combo for this fusion monster would be Keeper of Dragonic Magic + Dark Magician 1. Normal summon the Keeper 2. Use it's effect ( discard 1 card to search a poly spell or fusion normal spell ) discarding the Dark Magician 3. Use it's other effect ( reveal a fusion monster in your Extra to special summon a specifically listed material from your GY in face-down defense position ) to special summon the discarded Dark Magician in face-down defense position. 4. Use Poly ( fusing both the Keeper and the face-down Dark Magician ) to summon this. Since you don't use 2 normal monsters this way, you will only get 1 monster destruction each turn, but that's still pretty good.
  15. My thoughts on the banlist are as follows. Mermaid/Agarpain were degenerate, glad they are gone DAD coming to 2 is . . . . interesting. Maybe decks will play it, but probably not CED isn't good anymore, so that really don't matter Malicious will probably matter, since having it at 3 made it much more viable then when at 2 Stratos is actually at 3 after all this time. I wonder how many copies hero players will play. They really just put Super Rejuvenation to 3!? Not sure if it will do anything too busted in the new format, but that seems kinda nuts. Shout out to all the Inzektor players who now have Dragonfly and Hornet at 3. Might be a thing now. Does triple Shurit really help Nekroz decks? It might, but I don't think you'd play Shurit as a three of ( even though he is really good ). They finally unlimited Ehther, which is good, but we still need more copies of panthieism. That card helps with unbricking so much. Edit: Forgot about anchor, glad that's at 1 now, that card was pretty stupid.
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