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  1. all ''rise'' for the honourable panel judge spell (normal) effect: Special summon one panel judge monster from your graveyard or that is banished. You can't special summon any monsters except panel judge monsters the same turn you use this card. angry panel judge level 4 scale 5 tribute; dark type; fiend/pendulum/effect atk; 1900, def; 1500 pendulum effect; 1) while this card is face up on the field, players may not activate trap cards in their opponents turn. 2) during your turn; you may special summon this monster from the pendulum zone. effect; 1) whi
  2. Hydrokinetic Flame spell; quickplay you may activate this card if you control a light, fire or water monster on your side of the field. discard a monster card from your hand that is light, fire or water and has a different attribute then the face up monster, special summon from your deck a monster that is light, fire or water and has a different attribute then the monster that is face up and the monster you discarded. then destroy up to 3 of your opponents cards. ''Sundays should have a Pause Button'' is the next one, lets make it a monster, please
  3. Lone Star Type-V **** attribute; fire type; machine atk; 1700 def; 2300 effects; when this monster is normal summoned, you may add a machine monster from your deck to your hand. you may discard this card from your hand(quick effect); your opponent takes 500 damage for every fire attribute monster you control. while this card is on the field and your opponent summons a monster, you may discard a fire attribute monster from your hand(quick effect); negate the summon and your opponent takes damage equal to half the combined attack and defence of the said monster. new ca
  4. so for a decade i had this idea, make a card game that allowed 2 card games to verse each other, example; a magic the gathering player vs a yugioh player, i would do it with the following; The rules; to keep the flavour of each card game i would first make a base set of rules, then a second set of rules for each card game that overrides the base set of rules. effects on cards would still override the rules Card design; cards would have the following on them; name of card, what card game they came from, a card score (yugioh monster level, magics cards mana cost, and energy plus poke
  5. The Land of Freezing Winter spell (field) effect: once per turn you may reveal a fusion monster from your deck then banish that card and any fusion materials from your hand, deck, field or graveyard. during the end phase special summon any fusion monster that was banished by this effect; your opponent can't activate any set spell/trap cards or flip summon any face down monsters they control at the time the fusion monster was special summoned until the next turns end phase. next card; IT'S OVER 9000!
  6. Crystallized Emotion - Essence of Rage spell(equip) effect: increase the equipped monsters attack equal half its original attack. the equipped monster must attack each turn if able. the equipped monster may attack once more if the equipped monster destroyed a monster by battle, the equipped monster piercing damage NEXT UP wackadoodle town
  7. Cry of the Black Triangle normal spell effect: guess a card type(spell, trap, monster) then send the top 5 cards of your deck to the graveyard. then add any of those cards of the card type you guessed to your hand. next up ''goroza the super ultimate prime king, omega form, max out put of its true potential''
  8. Rumble Golem lv: 4, atribute: earth type: rock ATK: 1500 DEF: 2000 effect: during a players standby phase flip all face down monsters you control into face up defence position(this counts as flip summoning). during the end phase of a players turn flip all face up monsters you control (except this card) into face down defence position. OK NEXT CARD ''drinks all around''
  9. Planetary Confinement spell (quickplay) effect: discard from your hand or tribute from your side of the field any number of earth monsters. banish face down a number of cards of your choosing that your opponent controls or that is in your opponents hand equal to the number of earth monsters you discarded or tributed. next: ''crimson smack down''
  10. Gauntlets of Demise Continuous trap effect: when this card is activated, target a monster. while this card is face up that monsters effects are negated, that monster can't attack or change its battle position and during your end phase your opponent takes damage equal to that monsters ATK. my card; crimson bowmen
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