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  1. Godbrand

    Striker for Mod

    Dear god in heaven no. Hell will freeze over before I allow it
  2. BGM Cannon has deleted his YCM account?

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Seems he did so on Neo as well.

  3. Banned for eating non-kosher food.
  4. Look lady, i do not work here on these forums.

  5. Please do not give purple nurples to bears! 

    1. Thomas★Zero


      Why would I give purple nurples to the bears!



    2. Godbrand


      People without common sense would do it. You figure it's one of those that goes without saying but people tend to disappoint people everyday.

  6. So a tournament where players form three man squads to play Skyrim VR but you only get a few power(s) and you lose your memories so you do not know that you are playing a game. The game is also weird and goofy at times. 

  7. they underestimated me from the getup. remember they never thought i was a threat when i stepped in mario tennis. jump in a sling pod, travel speed at the highest level
    bust through the ground like a giant worm from tremors. just let me chug the rest of my merlot, limber up with some tae bo.. practice swing with racquet, loosening up my elbow
    time to put ’em on deathrow guess who contronts me first pac-man, so i laughed and whacked him back to the retro

  8. Just saw Rise of Skywalker (i know, super late) boy do i got some mixed feelings about this, how they ended the trilogy and, the three films in general.



      "Mixed feelings?" It was the worst movie of the entire fucking decade o.o

    2. morrisoni4


      I wholeheartedly disagree, Cow. Was it the greatest Star Wars Movie ever made? No. You'll never beat the original 3. But I think, overall, it was a pretty good wrap-up to the series. They made some interesting calls (anyone shipping Reylo has been thoroughly heartbroken), but "interesting" doesn't mean "horrible".

  9. Just saw it (I know super late) Boy do I got some mixed feelings about this. Discuss
  10. You misunderstood. Jolly was talking about colors that typically control the battle phase. I was saying jeskai, jund, naya and even esper can control battle phase to certain degrees.
  11. You can actually run this very aggressive as well. It all depends on the player and how they want to build it. Naya (Green Red White) can control battle phases (combat phase) So can Jund (Red Black Green) So can jeakai (Red White Blue)
  12. You put in fair restrictions into it. It's low to ground CMC and has access to all colors, it has the commander win condition built right in (cEDH players will like that) It cheats something it exiles (Requires the creature on the battlefield which makes it fair also once per turn is good.) It's open ended so you build and strategize numerous ways using this card as the focal point. (Imporant for commander format and good for other formats as well.)
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