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  1. New York lawmakers strip Gov. Cuomo of emergency Covid powers as sexual harassment, death data scandals roil state. New York state lawmakers on Friday approved a bill that would significantly strip embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo of temporary emergency powers that he was granted last year to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The state Assembly passed the bill by a margin of 107-43, hours after the Senate approved the legislation in a 43-30 vote. The Democratic governor suggested earlier this week that he will sign the bill, which would revoke Cuomo's power to issue new orders re
  2. Advanced Evocation of Summoning Quick-Play Spell Banish a monster from your Deck and a monster from your hand then Special Sunmon 1 level 5 or higher monster from your Deck whose level is equal to or less than of the combined levels of the monsters banished by this card's effect. Draw 1 card.
  3. Turn 1 nearly* undefeatable board states (following current banlist) 



    1. Northern Sage

      Northern Sage

      All the Ojamas.

  4. Battle Frenzy Squadron Level 4 EARTH Warrior effect monster During your Main Phase 1, you can reveal this card in your hand and if you do: you can discard 1 other monster card in your hand then, Special Summon 1 "Battle Frenzy Squadron" from your Deck. During your Main Phase 1 while this card is in your GY while you control a "Battle Frenzy Squadron", you can Special Summon this card from your GY. Once per turn, during the Battle Phase until the End Phase, you can double this card's ATK. Once per turn while you control an other "Battle Frenzy Squadron" during the Battle Phase, until
  5. During your Draw Step before you draw, if this turn is your first turn of the Duel and this card is in your hand, you can reveal this card and if you do; discard this card, shuffle all cards in your hand into your Deck then draw five cards. 

  6. that BUMP that goes into the night
  7. Lich King, Oswidge Lv 8 DARK Zombie-Type effect monster During either player's Battle Phase, if this card is in your hand, you can reveal this card and if you do; discard this card then, draw 1 card. During your Standby Phase while this this card is in your GY, except the turn this card was sent to the GY, you can banish 1 "Lich King, Oswidge" from your hand or from your Deck then, Special Summon this card from your GY. During your opponent's End Phase you can send 1 card in your hand to the bottom of your Deck and if you do; Send banished 1 level 8 DARK Zombie monster
  8. Mulligan Mulli gan Hooligan Hooli gan Mulli-Hooli Gan, the Hand Vandal Level 10 DARK Fiend-Type This card can not be Normal Summoned or Set. During the End Phase, Destroy this card if this card was Special Summoned by a card effect except for the card effect of "Mulli-Hooli Gan, the Hand Vandal". During your Draw Step before you draw, if this turn is your first turn of the Duel and this card is in your hand, you can reveal this card and if you do; discard this card, shuffle all cards in your hand into your Deck then draw five cards. During your Standby P
  9. I have been thinking on new archetype(s) and then it hit me: cardfight vanguard! You are wondering where i am going with this. I was thinking something like the "ride" mechanic could work in Yu-Gi-Oh!. You start with a low level monster then as the game progresses something stronger comes out (still working out the bugs) Also thinking something like MTG saga card's but also monsters or LV monsters from both MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh! meshed together! What are your thoughts on this???
  10. I haven't been posting status updates or posting new thread content. 

  11. Will 2021 be better than 2020?
  12. It's a free country and such he can do whatever* he wants to do. Change your name to MIA AWOL BYE
  13. Who knows what someone MIGHT do during your absence? I may post some random card(s)/archetype(s) but other than what random idea springing in my head i will probably will not be super active thanks to my new job. You gotta recharge your batteries when you can and hang out with friends (in real life) or enjoy some kind of entertainment.
  14. Oh boy here we go again.... Seems like deja vu
  15. NYX is not the alternative account of Roxas. The world must know.... 

    1. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      I don't know. This conspiracy theory seems a little fishy to me....

    2. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      ...Was this a thing people were concerned about?

    3. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Possibly. But why are concerned about the concerns of other people? Are you really Roxas?

  16. No reason why trump can not run again 2024. But let's not put all our eggs in the Trump basket. We need many STRONG candidates, not JUST ONE strong candidate.
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