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  1. Dude….Castlevania

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Actually, I haven't seen Godbrand in a long while...

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      yeah Im actually kinda worried now

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      I mean, his last interaction on ycm was getting scolded by nyx, so I think that's pretty telling of the situation.

  2. Ready for this mind melting bomb shell? I do not think you are! Horu trolled us all. have made obversations for some time and now i have undeniably accurate information to back uo what I have suspected for sometime. In a genius stoke, horu has been playing two parts for the longest time. Making two very distinct and different personas and fooling every one. Horu deserves a reward for his method acting. Even i was fooled for a while then all the pieces land into place. You will feel very embrassed for not seeing it sooner. As if horu was mocking us, wagging the truth right in front of us the ENTIRE time just seeing if anyone would see the tree for the forest. Its unbelievable and very shocking. You probably wondering who is hour's alt account is? That's a very good question. Before i can tell you this, the two accounts have been very close but Horu have cleverly played both parts so no one suspect that he has two different accounts! The final nail in the coffin is that both account share the same isp address. So which of the two accounts share the same isp address? Horu and Roxas
  3. Gabiru, Swift Temptest of the Spear lv 4 WIND Reptile effect monster 1800 ATK 1500 DEF While this card is in the Deck, this card is also treated as a Dragon monster. Once per turn during your Main Phase while this card is in your hand, you can banish this card face-down, draw 1 card then you can Special Summon level 4 or lower WIND Reptile monster from your Hand. If this card is Normal Summoned; you can Special Summon 1 level 4 or lower WIND Dragon monster from your Deck. If your opponent would activate a spell card or the effect of a Spell card, you can banish 1 level 4 or lower WIND Dragon monster from your Deck plus banish this card face-down and if you do; negate the activation of the Spell card and/or effect of the Spell card and if you do, destroy that card. You can only activate each effect of "Gabiru, Swift Temptest of the Spear" once per turn. You can only control 1 face-up "Gabiru, Swift Temptest of the Spear".
  4. Biden Says Mask Wearing Must Continue Until Everyone Has Learned Complete Obedience To Government. In WASHINGTON D.C there's a big question on everyone’s mind is when they will finally be able to stop wearing masks. President Joe Biden recently clarified this issue, saying people will be able to stop wearing masks as soon as absolutely everyone “has learned complete obedience to the government.” “Both the federal and local governments have given you lots of different rules,” Biden told the press, “and all we want is for you to follow them unquestioningly. When people are still saying, ‘this rule is arbitrary,’ or, ‘this doesn’t make any sense with known science,’ then you’re still not ready and will have to keep wearing your masks.” Joe Biden further explained that removing mask mandates has nothing to do with how many people are vaccinated or anything else scientific or rational. “This is about demonstrating that you will do whatever we say whenever we say it,” Biden said. “When people are still talking about ‘liberty,’ then you’re just not ready. When the Constitution is in ashes, then you have my permission to die... to take off your mask, I mean.” Some reporters tried to ask questions, but this only further angered Biden, as he had told them there would be no questions, and those reporters were forced to double-mask as penance. Thoughts???
  5. Dragonewts Archetype:

    WIND reptile-typr monsters archetype that also count themselves as dragon-type monsters. They form a close nit unit while on the field to devastate their enemies.

  6. Certain people keep misusing their powers and are forced to more limited positions.
  7. Is Kaz a honorary underworlder?

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      One of the characters from a series called Chaotic. A redhead with glasses

  8. Anything else? :( This is not sufficient enough of a respone. Can you go into more details. You only posted nine words, that's less than ten words. Is the card powerful? Is the card under powered?
  9. Yo, came up with this idea for a xyz boss monster: Contagious Overslime Virus Rank 4 FIRE Aqua/Xyz/Effect Monster 2 Level 4 monsters (1) While this card is in your GY and you control a Rank 2 or 3 Xyz Monster, you can Special Summon this card from your GY then attach 1 Rank 2 or 3 Xyz Monster and it's Xyz Material(s) to this monster as this monster's Xyz Materials. (2) While you only control "Contagious" monster(s), all monster(s) your opponent controls loses 200 ATK and DEF for each "Contagious" monster(s) you control and all monster(s) you control gain 200 ATK and DEF for each "Contagious" monster(s) you control. (3) Once per turn (Quick-Effect): You can Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Decrease this card's Rank by 1, Special Summom 1 Rank 3 or Rank 4 Xyz Monster from your GY in Defense Position, it's ATK and DEF becomes 0 and its effect(s) are negated Then, you can send 1 Rank 3 or 4 Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck to the GY. (4) Once per turn while you control 2 or more monsters with same name (Quick-Effect): You can Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Special Summon 1 "Contagious Underslime Virus Token" (Pyro-Type/WATER/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). A: 1000 D: 1000 What so you think???
  10. Orbleet, Spirit Caller lv 4 EARTH Insect effect monster 1950 ATK 1500 DEF Once per turn during your End Phase, you can discard this card; Add 1 Insect monster with less than 1500 DEF from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn during your Standby Phase while this card is in your GY except the turn this card was sent to the GY, you can send 1 Insect monster from your Deck to the GY and banish 1 other insect monster from your GY then, Special Summon this card. You can only activate each effect of "Orbleet, Spirit Caller once per turn.
  11. New York lawmakers strip Gov. Cuomo of emergency Covid powers as sexual harassment, death data scandals roil state. New York state lawmakers on Friday approved a bill that would significantly strip embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo of temporary emergency powers that he was granted last year to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The state Assembly passed the bill by a margin of 107-43, hours after the Senate approved the legislation in a 43-30 vote. The Democratic governor suggested earlier this week that he will sign the bill, which would revoke Cuomo's power to issue new orders related to coronavirus, while allowing current orders to remain in effect, albeit with great legislative oversight. The effort to limit his power came as Cuomo deals with two major scandals: a cover-up of Covid nursing home death data by his administration and accusations by three women that he sexually harassed them. "I think everyone understands where we were back in March and where we are now. We certainly see the need for a quick response but also want to move toward a system of increased oversight and review. The public deserves to have checks and balances," said Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Westchester County. "This legislation creates a system with increased input while at the same time ensuring New Yorkers continue to be protected," Stewart-Cousins said. Cuomo has issued nearly 100 orders related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to debate in the Senate on Friday morning. Sen. Andrew Lanza, R-Staten Island, on Friday complained that the bill would not prevent Cuomo from acting unilaterally and continuing directives he has issued under the emergency powers authorization. Lanza, who said he would vote against the bill for that reason, blasted "one-man rule" and the effects from "when you have one man have absolute power over your lives" since last March. "If I would have told anyone two years ago that we were going to stand by and let a governor to tell student athletes that they couldn't play" or tell students they could not put on a play "people would say, you're crazy, no way, no how is that happening," Lanza said. The move to strip Cuomo's powers underscore what has been a growing rift between the governor and lawmakers from his own party. Cuomo for years has been able to enforce his political will with less effective pushback from the Senate and Assembly than his predecessors faced. In late January, Attorney General Letitia James said the Cuomo administration had underreported the number of Covid deaths related to nursing homes by up to 50% "Many nursing home residents died from Covid-19 in hospitals after being transferred from their nursing homes, which is not reflected in [the Department of Health's] published total nursing home death data," James said at the time. On Thursday night, The New York Times reported that top aides to Cuomo last June rewrote a state Department of Health report to take out the fact that more than 9,000 nursing home residents as of that month had died of the coronavirus. The move came as Cuomo was starting to write a book about what at the time was his widely praised handling of the pandemic. The Times report contradicts the recent claim by Cuomo's aides that the death data was suppressed to keep the information from being used as a political weapon by the Justice Department, which at the time was under the control of Attorney General William Barr, a loyal ally of then-President Donald Trump. The Justice Department's query for the data, however, came months after the Cuomo aides removed it. The suppression of the nursing home data has perplexed many because it did not change, in any way, the official death tally for Covid in New York. Instead, the move undercounted deaths related to nursing homes while reporting those deaths elsewhere. "Not only did they withhold the information, they changed the information," Lanza said Friday. "A lot of bad things happen when you give power to one man," he said. Cuomo's special counsel Beth Garvey on Friday afternoon issued a lengthy statement on The Times article, suggesting there was no intent to mislead the public or lawmakers. "To be clear, multiple times during the time the July 6 DOH report was being developed, public statements were made during the daily briefings and in the press regarding the existence of the data, but noting that the deaths were being counted in the facility where individuals died," Garvey said. "There were repeated public statements acknowledging the out of facility deaths were not being listed as a subset of nursing home deaths stemming from concerns related to potential for double counting and consistency and accuracy." Garvey said that no members of the governor's staff "changed any of the fatality numbers or 'altered' the fatality data." Instead, she said, staff asked Health Department questions about the source of previously unpublished data, "to which there were not clear or complete answers," and probed whether the data "was relevant to the outcome of the report." Then, Garvey said, "a decision was made to use the data set that was reported by the place of death with firsthand knowledge of the circumstances." Garvey said that decision "gave a higher degree of comfort in" the data's "accuracy." Cuomo earlier this week refused to resign over claims by two former aides and a woman who worked in the Obama White House that he sexually harassed them. But in his first public comments on the women's allegations, he also said, "I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional." The nursing home death data is the subject of a federal criminal investigation, while James is overseeing a probe of the women's allegations. Democrats throwing Cuomo under the bus so they can get a different person in. Discuss.
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