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    Depends, I'm either in Dreamland or somewhere beyond Saturn!
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    Mostly gaming of one sort or another. I also like writing though, and have started 1 written work which will likely take years to finish, so am considering starting up more written works to give me a break from my Magnum Opus when I need it.

    Games: Yugioh, Chaotic (old, dead game. But I still keep my cards!), Pokemon (slightly, always wanted to build the best Psychic-Ghost deck the world has ever seen!), Star Wars The Old Republic, Wakfu (The anime, not so much the game), Skyforge (In Soviet Russia...game beats you!), Darksiders (The whole series, its a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned! Especially Darksiders 2)

    Works of Fanfiction: Star Wars: Legacy of Darkness


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  1. Any criticism and suggestions are welcome, just try to be constructive!
  2. Posted in the wrong forum. Scuse me :$
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