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  1. I was expecting this drawing. Had not seen the finished version. It looks lovely, I think the blue background makes her stand out better than the pure white I saw last. I'll consider the suggestion on Karina xD but different projects lol
  2. I've been drawing a bunch of things lately though there's one drawing in particular I'm waiting to finish before I drop the others... but since it's been a while since I've contributed to moving my club along in activity, have this drawing of Karina (my first human OC I made back in middle school xD ) I update her once in a while as an improvemente/change milestone of sorts.
  3. You didn't "get away" in any sneaky way last time xD It is allowed. I even once posted a clay sculpture I made. It is fiiiiiine, and if you are comfortable with the medium you can use it and post for it as often as you like n.n The work is cute. Reminds me of an art style I've seen in some coloring books that I've never learned the origin of. xP Is it Marie though? Not Guadalupe?
  4. Oh I was under the impression it could, I guess it's been too long since I last used that somewhere.... That means there is virtually no way to make this quick play.... huh... wait, how does the "only from X and Y place" clause in these sorts of effects interact with "Chain Material"? Still not super great even if it ends up functioning but still am curious on if can affect it. That lowers the usefulness of the card quite a bit all in all hmmm.....
  5. Yeah first line in and one can't help but think "awww maaaaan, THIS close to turning Super Poly into a quick play Sphere Mode". Interesting nonetheless. With Super Poly you are investing 5 cards (discard included) but are getting a Spell Speed 4 Summon with a decent body and the choice of "pop 2, draw 1" OR "pop 1, draw 2" so ultimately it is like a -1. For the ability to respond to an action for disruption or to have a material dodge a bullet anyways, I think the control it can offer is pretty neat. Extra kudos if you use controlled monsters via any method under the sun (Mind Control, Crackdown, something absoved via Thousand-Eyes after an Instant Fusion play, etc). It's sufficiently good, though from how badly it seems to want you to play regular poly for that last effect.... I wonder how often that'll really end up being the method of Summon.... I don't think it's worth it next to the Super Poly play and Greater Polymerization... and it's a shame it can't use Flash Fusion, Fusion Substitute or Rapid Trigger for more choices. Heck in general, I get the feel all the Miracle Fusione-like cards are worse every year somehow.
  6. This looks great. Downbeat and Transmodify had the "same traits" and "1 level apart exactly" specifications, and it sent to GY as cost. This card can actually use Tokens, Pendulums, and cards that get banished when they leave the field no problem. The Type/Attribute thing means this is essentially a generic searcher, and since it "destroys" well there's a lot of fun "pop and go to town" themes out there.... Nephtys, Fire Kings, Graydles, Sangan/Witch, or you could use stolen monsters. Technically if you get Sphere Mode'd it is free real estate to turn it into anything under the sun. At the very least I'd be testing this card around.
  7. Quick Question: If Terrorking Archfiend attacks, flips up, and destroys by battle a FLIP monster, does the flip work?
  8. Random happenings: Today my car broke midway to work. I had to drive across the city back home at 4 in the morning mostly with no breaks.... [/responsible actions]. Sigh, at least I got a good reason for a day off xD

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Sorry to hear that, Sleepy. I remember when my car broke down 3 years ago. It sucks.

  9. Ah, that's a cute image. Is it an OC of yours or a character from somehere? In any case, I accept your suggestion. We can start rolling now xD I think anybody can decide if they wanna just glance at it or try to burn it into their brain for 20 minutes and so on.... the only rule of thumb here is that once you set out to actually start drawing your piece, you can no longer look at the original source material. So no picking while working on it, but as much as one likes BEFORE drawing the recreation. Now we need confirmation from whoever wants to be next in line to try to redraw it... if we don't confirm it here via a post, there's a chance multiple members try to do it at once, and that's not how this thing works.... if, say, Nyx said "I'll go next" and then presented his piece, the next one would have to draw basing on Nyx's version, and so on. Soooo yeah. If no volunteers pop up here, I'll confirm my turn as soon as I get the chance (but I'm not confirming it now because I'm still in a rather busy week until I believe Saturday's afternoon/evening at least). Sooo right now is a good chance for anybody else that might want in xD
  10. That is true. I'd still like this place to keep being a sort of "base of operations". I know all the regulars have each other's presense via Discord groups and that's more efficient for communicating, but I know also that not everybody has or wants to have Discord and I would like to keep the activity present and visible here in case somebody that hasn't made up their mind to post gets hooked into any of our plans xD I think the most appropriate place to have a contest of this kind would be the Showcase section. It might not be the best place to promote we are doing something but I don't think we can exactly dump it into card contests hehe xP I also am not exactly sure how it was made. I guess you give somebody the work they are to base their piece on, and just trust they'll do their thing without constantly referencing the drawing (the fun part of this group activity is what we get wrong from memory after all, not what we copied correctly from the previous artist). I guess to start the ball rolling, we have to decide on the first drawing that would get pitched hmmm....
  11. I wanna think your post is still on the table, it's just that the specifics are a lot harder to come by than they seem.
  12. Hey everyone, I was checking my YouTube feed and bumped into this little experiment. If you don't feel like watching the video in (it is long and I essentially skipped to the result in most of them to speed things up but did watch a couple that I do know of like Emirichu): Essentially, somebody draws a character and gives it to another person to look at. THEN that next person seals away that first image, unable to look at it again for the reminder of that turn, and they try to draw that character based purely on what they remember of it. Then the next person will do the same but basing themselves on the second drawing rather than the first. Then a 4th person does it based on the 3rd drawing and so on. It is meant to be a sort of "broken telephone" experience where you expect stuff to change throughout the turns due to memory trouble and the changes wind up getting carried over to the next version. At the end we might end up with something pretty unrecognizable from what we started with xD It's just an idea of a potential activity we could do, and it helps a lot that it doesn't particularly seem to care about anybody's skill level and doesn't have a winner or loser in this.... what do you people think about it?
  13. Finally got home from work! Happy Birthday @The Nyx Avatar ! Here's a gift:
  14. True FLIP monsters have gotten bits of support over the years. Penguin stuff, Subterrors, a continous Trap that flips them up/down every turn, Shaddolls.... My intention for this is to specifically support the pseudo-flips. The ones that aren't officially FLIP monsters but have the "when Flip Summoned" clause and the "set face-down again" clause.... That means Prediction Princess is out of the intended targets although it can still indirectly get support... I'm not gonna omit the indirect way it can support them but for something that they could benefit more from I'd try to do a different card... Ghostricks I so agree.... I end up personally using stuff like Marauding Captain to Special Summon them when the field gets cleared because otherwise they just can't bounce back and get stuck in "set pass".... I wish Ghostricks got support that helped them out. It's always been fun to annoy opponent's with them xD
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