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  1. That's because they are admittedly the same color as Yugioh's Link Arrows xD but it doesn't work the same. I'm gonna explain it a little more thoroughly when I complete enough cards to showcase it properly but basically: Both players share a hollow board (5 x 5 space) and each turn grab a "zone card" of their choice and place it anywhere, so you slowly build up the field (no playing cards if you haven't claimed the space with a zone card of your own) and they have an energy system where each zone gives you a bit of energy to do stuff in general. The "familiars" (basically monster cards) have arrows, and they can only attack or affect others if they are pointing at those cards, and they borrow the arrows of the zones they are in (if you end up with 2 arrows pointing in the same direction, it means you can attack up to 2 zones away in that direction so it helps the range). All cards have a stat called "Mv" (Movement), which is your cost to "move" them. Both Zones and Familiars have it so you are not stuck with their place forever (although it costs energy to move them). There's constant repositioning (in theory xD ). There's other details but that's the gist of it.
  2. I did not remember the Elementsavers existed, mainly because iirc only the field Spell makes them not run on +0s so I had a hard time figuring them out, though they are meant now that I recall to run with those giant monsters that require "5 of x attribute in GY" and do fun stuff. The burn is not too big. 4 turns and a protection effect that's far from flawless and requires minimal numbers on the field to be live is almost overkill. When I've tested the Sacred Beasts with the new support, I've been able to do 2 or 3 copies of "Gustav Max" which detach 1 to burn 2000 LP (each), it is not a hard kind of OPT, and they'll have another shot next turn. Trains and any other deck capable or Rank 10s can go there. Your card could literally burn 8000 or 10,000 and be fine IMO. It is almost as slow as Destiny Board although it has a useful extender effect, a tiny bit of protection, and doesn't require you to run 5 to 15 cards in your Deck that do nothing until you win with them. Still..., Btw, I've been thinking on my last time I posted here and decided to give it a like to the card. I was overly focused on the quality of the effect but a card has a lot more than just that, and just for the neat trick of the changing arts and the seasonal concept, that alone is more than enough for it, and as I said, the card is a +1 monster from the GY or a quicker drop from the hand each turn so it is useful no matter what. Even if it negates the Summoned monster's effects and requires some elemental shenanigans to work (which doesn't even have to include all 4 elements. you could ignore the burn effect and just choose attributes A to B and consistently repeat every turn).
  3. So I've been making some art for a custom TCG, and here are the entries so far: I plan on potentially making a thread about how it works once I have enough cards to make something actually playable, but for now the arts. The first 4 were made directly onto the card cutouts but afterwards I started making dedicated drawings and see how it goes. You can see by how the fifth one is just the 4th card but on a bigger more detailed drawing. The last one I'm still pondering on how to color it.
  4. Adding to this thread a bit: You know, in the GX manga there's this character that is cursed by losing iirc one day of his life every time he draws a card, so he has had to quit dueling. Got reminded of that kind of concept of your Deck pile being the duelist's life. This makes it appropriate that the card in this thread slowly and steadily marches towards the opponent's Deck and wins the game when it's right next to it. Makes for a pretty cool concept. As for how you guys would go about making this an archetype, you could keep the card as is and just put effects that revolve around its pattern or pulling it out sooner. Like a Field Spell that adds you the card from your Deck/GY to your hand and gives you an extra Normal Summon for it. Then Spell/Trap Cards that disrupt columns where the card is traveling at (or adjacent columns to it too, that's a possibility). Monsters that get boosts from being moved by it like something that suddenly gains 4000 and immunity or something like that. Maybe something like a Change of Heart but for monsters that have been moved by it, or a generic "destroy X cards up to the number of zones Deadly go Around has moved" (or the same idea but for drawing cards). Ideas xD
  5. I very much got caught off guard by this card's changing image. It looks nice how it goes through all the 4 seasons. Spring = EARTH, Summer = FIRE, Autumn/Fall = WIND, Winter = WATER. Sounds accurate enough. I like how it has the protection it does, although it leaves plenty of window to still get popped, be it by non-destruction removal like Cosmic Cyclone, or by regular destruction as soon as you get a third monster on board. It is a fun card that helps complete extra Deck and Tribute plays pretty well I'd say. Kinda tricky if you can't find the right techs to run. The target from the field already can be whatever you want so long as you have something of the right attribute to Summon, which means you need some elemental techs... I guess something like Chidori in any Rank 4 build that can tech a WIND, but can't come up with one that can tech such things and doesn't already have the ability to do Chidori.... hmmm... It also doesn't work for LIGHT/DARK soooo..... In all honesty I can't find a proper play that'd take advantage of the Attribute change very well. "Spiritual Art" Traps could do something fun, especially if you do something like Tributing a converted Sangan or Hyeratic with them. hmm. It also can't take much advantage of Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan since it turns BOTH monsters into a specific, or Doriado because it negates the revived card's effect. Still, just the revive is fine as an extender. Another plus is that it's not a sequence you have to Summon each turn at, you can do stuff like repeat EARTH forever for example All in all, it works well enough although it's hard to find a play I'd call "amazing" for it. I like it. And as always, cute imagery and I ended up listening to the full song xD
  6. Ok just finished reading the card carefully with the commentary of the OP.... I have a couple questions actually. So it needs to have "cannot be Special Summoned" if that was the intention, although I actually think being able to isn't too bad. Be it with Kinka Byo or with One for One, I find the idea of consistently putting it on the field like that pretty good. So I'd just go for "Must be Normal/Special Summoned/Set to your leftmost Monster Zone" and include it personally xD That wording suggestion at the same time tries to prevent the issue of "Book of Moon on it, you can't Flip Summon it at the Zone it's at". And if it was made like that, Flip Summoning it would still be "the turn it is Summoned" so it'd halt its movement for a turn (felt like clarifying this interaction, even if you end up not going for this suggestion). Also, the Zone-moving effects posted above, I kind of want to allow it because those examples only would speed it up 5 turns (and 5 turns is still a slow amount to wait), but if that were to be allowed, that'd mean we'd have to allow "Staring Contest" to affect it, so it COULD be a 1 or 2 turn ordeal and that doesn't sound very good anymore.... My suggestion there would be to add: "Unaffected by other effects that'd move it to another Zone". Another "Monster Zone if you want it affected by effects that'd turn it into an equip like Relinquished's. In return, if the text is too hard to read, you can always take off the "cannot change battle position" part. If it doesn't cause battle damage and isn't destroyed by battle, what's the difference here? Question: What happens if it switches sides but there's a monster in the opponent's side? Do you switch it over to your side like you've been doing every time it swaps with something anywhere else? It'd be hilarious if it did tbh xD And an alternative way to write that part of the effect would be "switch control of this card within the same column". It's not exactly fully official wording but it's basically what it does and if people have to take a moment to grasp it and make sure it is in fact switching over to the opponent's. I mean, it is fine as is in your card but just providing another possibility to its wording. I very much agree with an above comment saying this card could have a play-style built around it swapping them around or being in the same column as it or even Links pointing at it and stuff like that. It'd be fun and even if made good, it'd still be a casual build because this takes twice as long as Destiny Board to fulfill xD All in all. Love the idea. It has a lot of the spirit of the old school game. Finally, I come from your Alpaca card so the first thing I wanted to comment on: This is not Kawaii xD
  7. Hmm with the updates I'd say it isn't a bad card. Even if the resources for the effect protection come from the GY, it might be enough of an incentive to try their hand at it. With monster effects being the most common and consistent kind, you shouldn't have much of a problem. I very much like how this gives a sort of edge to using S/T to get to the card as it is gonna be less common to fuel against them at least a little bit. The second effect I think still is a bit on the underpowered side for a number of things: -You have to Tribute so even if you get rid of the opponent monster, it'd be a "break even" scenario if it was just this. What's more, it has to be a non-Beast so its usage in decks that aren't pure on beasts like the Obedience Schooled and "Number 64" builds. Makes it look more like an anime-like effect. -This Alpaca spell itself is lost in the process. Even if you are applying a localized "Waboku"-like protection on your beast, it's a bit much when it is also tied to requiring a Tribute that's just as prone to be attacked but not as prone to be protected by this. To its merit, neither the Tribute nor this being sent to the GY this way are part of the cost so getting removal will not be as huge of a loss as it could have been.... but still. -The other thing is that this being a Continuous Spell, you are telegraphing the opponent that this thing is around. Without the surprise factor, your opponent won't be trying to attack and will just wait for removal to come, so upgrading the removal to non-targeting banish, although technically a better incentive to push them into not attacking, is still not gonna go off very often exactly because they won't be attacking xD ...also, it makes it look like the girl is running towards the enemy and sacrificing herself and the long-term protection she's been providing for the alpaca, in order to save her one more time.... that's kinda sad. - - - - - For now as a change I'd really only suggest removing the "non-beast" part of the clause. Though to be honest I'd personally eliminate the Tribute altogether. Then without the tribute needed, for getting rid of this spell I'd think "fair enough" and try to crash something anyways if I really lacked removal xD - - - - One last note just to point out how incredibly adorable that image is.
  8. I've actually flipped back and forth about the idea throughout the years, considering benefits and likelihood of things improving. My current stance is that I don't have very much faith on its benefits if it ended up introduced. If we take some of the precedents... Pokemon is one of the harsh advocates of Set Rotation. It reprints some Trainer cards like "Switch" so they can remain in the game, but for the most part any actual Pokemon is permanently illegal after 2 years, and there are no alternatives like older or extended formats even among fan-made territory (other than gen 1 set at least). Everything essentially becomes trash after some time. Also, this doesn't stop power-creep and I'd say Pokemon has had it pretty bad since gen 5 of the card game. During Unova days stage 3 pokemon with 120 HP went from "ace/boss of the deck" to "if it has just 120 I can 1 hit KO it in some way". Gen 4 had these "prime" versions of some last evolutions that were just a bit better than the non-prime ones but otherwise had to go through the same everything to get there. Then I started noticing more of the EX that could even be last stage mons but treated as "basic" and with cheap moves for their energy cost, and in exchange for double prizes when knocked out, which in a format where EX becomes the norm, it means your games are x2 as fast to end. Then the game broke the 200 HP stat mark, and now iirc the top HP is like 340, with "tag team" mons that give 3 prizes upon nockout so you kill 2 off those? you win. A bit of a bad direction. Pokemon is offset a bit by the fact the cards are mostly not very expensive, and the events have actual prize support, but if we talk about in-game balance? errr.... not my favorite model. Then there's MTG, which has a bunch of format from what I hear. It has the "2 years" I think there's a 4 and/or a 10 year range on another format, then the "commander decks", the "highlander decks", the "play a specific era of the game past" or "play anything in the game so long as you respect this banlist" OR "play everything ever, and 1 copy of any banned card". I don't think they REALLY support all of these, but they do allow more than 1 which is something, and they have powercreep regardless, which is weird because they do have certain card effects from waaaaay back setup as examples of what power level to not ever reach again with new creations. - - - - - - - Really the lack of rotation is IMO part of the strong points of Yugioh. If some samples of rotation will STILL do power-creep and aim for newer product being better, might as well allow older cards for the sake of casual joy and collection value. If old cards start seeing some play again they usually reprint them like they did with that "Spell Chronicle" card, on a weird whim..... Set rotations is actually one of the potential reasons some lesser card games die off (granted that tends to be because they decide to implement it when their game is like 1 year old). Another thing to balance out is that people do end up finding some things stale and moving on from them, so we can't entirely dodge power-creep in favor of ideally spreading out unexplored options. I'm one of the players that would love it if they did, but I understand not all the community would be into it. When things in games tend to remain similar, sure people don't complain of the power-creep, but I've found some random old players will be like "huh, I haven't played in 10 years, I wonder if I can still go back to kick some ass". Then they get back to it for a very short amount of time before moving on again, almost like just revisiting the past. Generating interest is sometimes complicated.
  9. I like that it has to be exactly 2 cards actually. It is an extra window of "you can play around it but it is risky" that is still not gonna be always doable. Reminds me of how Nekroz of Trishula can be dodged by having no hand, because unlike the Synchro counterpart of Trishula, this one HAS to banish 1 of each of the 3 places (hand, field, GY). It's a nice feature IMO. To answer something else, to my understanding: When you have cards banished face-down, your opponent is not allowed to see what they are but you are able to check them any time. However, I don't think you can affect them with cards that say "target a banished spell" or "banished monster" and stuff like that. You can grab them with anything that just says "card(s)". Mainly "Necroface" and "Primal Seed" come to mind.
  10. That is pretty great IMO. Self-Summoning Tuner from hand, and even if it doesn't reveal the entire hand for the effect, it also doesn't just reveal a single useless card. It is a good reveal ratio for the odds and for information gathering. The second effect sounds pretty good at extending plays. Imagine the seer/excavation decks (convultion of nature, or SPYrals) extending with an extra Isolde material or something. The "banish face-down" condition sounds a bit harsh, but then you remember it doesn't prevent future copies in future turns from kicking in... and it is already a hard OPT to choosing only 1 of the two effects so it isn't a drawback that really means much. I'd still take it over not having it but yeah. All in all this is a very solid card with a pretty cute art, and I like how it utilizes de "check top of deck" and "look at hand" concepts in the way it does.
  11. OMG how did I not notice this for a whole 7 hours? O.o" This is super cute I love it! And I'm glad that it was noticeable that she has 2 braid-like things in front xD
  12. Took a drawing I made last October and inked and colored it. This is as usual one of my characters xD
  13. umm.... new Nazca Hieroglyph? xD Looks like a prism. What did you draw it with?
  14. Those are beautiful, are you sure you just sketched them up during work? xD The nun is my favorite one. They look super clean.
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