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  1. Weird how they are jumping around so much like the regions were just different counties of the same city. They must have some sort of super special lifetime membership for plane tickets, or maybe portals? I thought the series was gonna feature all regions by staying at least something like 8 to 12 episodes in one. I still have my doubts that it is a reboot, have they confirmed it? They seem to be recalling events from throughout the anime in the past. Though if it ends up being a reboot, it'd be nice to rework all the plot points they've made over the years into better things. The camp, James' family, Gary doesn't seem to be in sight at all. If not a reboot, it'd be cool to see Ash and Go bump into mixes of Ash's companions, like how Clemont and Cilan met after Ash left Kalos, or Serena in Hoenn probably meeting Dawn or May.... and now I'm getting the vibe I'm describing Pokemon Champions a little.... xD
  2. Love this one! Art is cute and materials are easy to make for all options it supports. I wanna use it with Synchros. Having a Stardust with at least 3200 ATK, increasing the margin of destruction of Scarright, even just Synchro laddering combos will put this very Link near the 3000s+ statline.
  3. Downside is too harsh with the chance of being nothing but a -1. If it gave a strike system like "if it goes tails 3 times, send it to the GY" instead. That way it'd still have the self removal risk but it wouldn't be such a... well... gamble...
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