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  1. It's actually pretty tricky to use. I'm personally a fan of more flexibility of usage so there's 2 things I'd like to suggest: Instead of "Cannot be Special Summoned", I'd advocate for it being able to be Special Summoned BUT "If Normal Summoned, it gains the following." so the correct usage would be the same regardless. Yeah the Special Summon would be as an effect-less blob that still cannot be Tributed for a Summon or used as material (though it can be Tributed as cost to activate effects and as part of an effect so stuff like "Enemy Controller" or any Ritual Spell are fair game). Se
  2. Umm this one is a tiny bit on the "it is useful but more focused Tribute strategies nowadays seem to always do better in practice" Monarchs having "Domain of the True Monarchs". "The Monarchs Stormforth", "Escalation of the Monarchs", the "Squires" ("Eidos" and "Edea"). Stuff I haven't seen used a ton but is also technically neat ideas: "Restoration of the Monarchs", "Dark Advance", "Amarelease", "Tribute Burial", "Card Advance" Stuff that's not being used anymore much: "Double Summon", "Treeborn Frog", "Soul Exchange", "Ulimate Offering" (this one because banned). Then there'
  3. I'm loving the series so far. I recommend if you plan on making support for them, an Emergency Teleport that only works for this archetype sounds good (the original Emergency Teleport was limited because of specific interactions like Kozmos making any empty field into an OTK with Dorothy, or Monarchs finding a very reliable engine of tributes that accessed some nifty Extra Deck options with the Quantums, and IDK what else). Overwrite is one of the most balanced instances I've seen from a card effect saying "if something says you can't do it, you now can". Usually it is a concept used by m
  4. Hope you are enjoying your day @The Nyx Avatar
  5. The flavor behind the name and effect is nice, and yeah it's a pretty unusual kind of effect. If I were to suggest anything (other than the fusing of costs for the sake of shorter text that was suggested above.. but I just noticed it was edited just in text under the card) hmmm... I'd say lower her Level so she can be easier to bring out by stuff like "Emergency Teleport" and "Kinetic Power Well" (So Level 2 probably). Otherwise I see it a bit harder for her to hit the field to complete potential generic combos where you might have splashed a small engine for her into the Deck, as she's
  6. Oh, that looks very nice. I like how it has a crown-shaped spot, and actually, the belly also seems to have a crown motif. Are those little hands? xP Also, I like the idea of the archetype. I'm imagining something like the A-Counters from Alien Monsters.
  7. Had not thought about those. OMG. Also, can you imagine copying any of those with Phantom of Chaos and then re-Summoning it to cheat the Summoning Conditions? After you brought those up, I think it has plenty of potential even without having to go into "proper Summon" (Fusion/Synchro/etc) fixes, and is very well worth the drawback of banishing the monster at the end.
  8. That's an interesting card. Too bad it doesn't treat the monster as properly Summoned if a card needs to be Ritual/Fusion/Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum/Link Summoned specifically (Like Black Rose Dragon nuking the field only when Synchro Summoned) or Special Summoned by the effect of X (such as LV monsters like the new Armed Dragon LV10 version). Was thinking on Thunderclap Skywolf but that needs to be Summoned "from the GY" so it wouldn't work. I wonder what such a card does for resetting certain things like soft OPT clauses, ATK stats (Gaia's new Fusion pays ATK soooo), or a lingering condition
  9. It kind of wants to look unknown/alien-like, but because of the propulsion escapes where the flames are coming from, I can only think "that looks metal af yaaah" when looking at it xD Pretty cool design. I'd call it TurboStaryu The scythes need another view/angle to showcase their blade-like thickness, because I honestly didn't know they where scythes at first, then I was told. They add up to that "death metal" vibe xD
  10. OMG the art pieces are great! *saves them into computer* Thank you guys n.n
  11. A sketch of a combination between DMG and Slifer xP This is in spoilers because of the image's size otherwise
  12. Loving the vibe it has going on. Nice expression, suave mushroom hat with good dimensions. You managed to keep the whiskers for both without giving both versions the same feel. So this one grabs from its bed rather than directly from itself like the female. Sounds like the mushrooms are constantly replaced so the exchange they got going on for their partners sounds more than anything like it's symbolic for the occasion. Now I wonder if Penguins keep their pebble for a long time or what. But yeah, great entry, xD
  13. A drawing I finally got around to inking/coloring. It's a witch that manages a dreamland in the middle of a crossroads. Sitting at a sofa at the side of the road, she fixes what destinations the paths go to as ethereal embodiments of those dreaming go through and transition. That's the concept. I have planned another image that'll focus more on the landscape as this sacrifices that a little for the sake of the character.
  14. No idea to be honest. If I had to guess, I'd say you can't because the way they are worded as in "cannot be targeted by an attack" wouldn't care who is trying to do the attack targeting. Though can't be sure. As for the other one, if the effect doesn't specify it forces Attack Position, then it doesn't and you indeed dodge these effects, but on the other hand, these battle inducing effects sometimes produce special battles. Like for "Last Turn", the entire battle is part of the effect so I heard no in-between effects allowed (Rush Recklessly and the like included) until it finishes resolv
  15. -All out Attacks. A Continuous Trap that forces all Special Summoned monsters to change to Attack Position if they aren't already, and must attack that turn. -Battle Mania. Normal Trap that forces everything to battle that turn. -Equip Shot. Normal Trap that forces 2 monsters to battle so long as your monster gives something equipped to it to your opponent's monster. It doesn't matter who is attacking who or if the attacker already battled that turn. -Final Turn. (banned) Normal Trap that forces 2 monsters to battle and the winner wins the Duel, but it has some extra clauses behind it.
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