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  1. Oh interesting. The card is actually pretty fragile because as I read it, you have to meet both actions: Having a copy of itself still in the Main Deck to set is the first thing it has to achieve, then it has to have a copy of itself in the GY to return to the Deck. The moment any copy(or copies) is banished or you draw into the one you wanted to set from the deck, the dream is dead. Furthermore, even if the chance is very small, it exists, that your numbers noted end up equal and being unable to get even a Level 1 out xD Though at the very least it has a draw effect (that has a slight chance of killing the cycle) to fall back on. At first it sounds like the extra copy is just gonna be dead weight until you build up enough cycles to generate advantage, and I don't know how many cycles you'll achieve throughout an average duel nowadays. That makes this more than fair. Needlefiber helps to not trigger the self-destruction if it ever becomes an actual issue (though I don't think it would be) and Foolish Burial Goods sounds like a must to help things get started. If anything, I suggest returning the GY copy to the bottom of the Deck instead of shuffling it. I think if you can last enough cycles of it, it deserves to not be potentially disrupted by its own progression by drawing you the garnet copy xD Also, I really dig the energy theme going on with this card. I could see an archetype similar to Koa`ki Meiru being built around this concept, with monsters' maintenance costs being "if you activated an "Ener D Gear" this turn".
  2. Hmmm so the card's effect I suppose will only trigger if it was actually equipped to something when sent from the field to the GY.... no "pop this while face-down" or anything.... though I have a question... if the equipped monster leaves the field and the card is sent to the GY due to lack of equip target, can that reviving effect apply? I see it lacks the "sent from the field to the GY while equipped" clause, so I'm curious on if it is an oversight or if it was purposely left out to aim for the trigger. In the case that it works if the monster leaves first, I have some nice ideas on implementing combos like reviving Sacred Crane after making an Extra Deck Summon, then netting the draw. Also, there's that Trap that came out not that long ago that equips an Equip Spell from your deck to a monster you control... This card can go places. Giving any monster in the game Qliphort-like protection is also a nice bonus (well, those work based on Levels but at this point that's a bit outdated but you get what I mean xD )
  3. Crystalized Seal [Field Spell] Once per turn during either player's Main Phase: You can destroy 1 card from your hand or your side of the field. If a card is destroyed by a Field Spell's effect: You can draw 1 card. - - - - - - Sky Iris, Dragonic Diagram, Fire King Island. Those are similar field spells that pop something and then search something from their archetype. I've wanted for a while to see a generic version of that kind of effect. It doesn't steal away their niches but it doesn't need to dedicate deck space to particular extra engines. I want to support effects like "Blast With Chain" Part of me wonders if making it live on both players' turns is overdoing it, probably not xD
  4. I find it interesting that it not only works with the original pair of hands and Thunder Sea Horse, but honoring HAT decks it works with Traptrix Myrmeleo and the new Traptrix Genlisea, and a couple of Artifacts (though not Moraltach or Scythe).
  5. The errata of Makyura the Destructor needs it to be sent to the GY from a Monster Zone on top of being a hard OPT... as cool as that would have been. Probably Isolde shenanigans or your combo but with extra hops like adding a Monster Reborn/World Legacy Succession/etc. to it. Or going for Temple of the Kings without getting that extra trap in the GY. Even other Trap Support like Lilith, Back Jack, or Trap Trick all would have needed it to be a Normal Trap instead. Though I think this card is still pretty good regardless. To cut it some slack: It IS pretty generic and works every turn and is a quick effect at that so every time it gets to be your turn you could have 2 Traps in hand. I'll definitely will try to test it somehow xP
  6. I posted them at the project thread but here goes (in reverse as I go towards the top) This is based on Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, an inactive volcano with its top covered in snow, visible from the plains, as shown in a number of photos I found. 8 is the entrance to the area. as you start walking upward and can see clouds forming besides you. 7 is right now under construction but it is going to be where the actual town is at (Pokemon center, houses, etc). 6 is a hidden area meant to service as a potential "evil team" hideout spot. 5 is the continuation (and end) of the road, culminating at a freezing waterfall that runs into the mountain. It freezes due to the altitude and outside temperature, but the rocks deeper inside it are heated up by underground thermal activity, so that lake-like place evaporates on the corners into some of the clouds around it, while the rest of its surface freezes up. 4 a cave with a waterfall raining onto the previous location. You can climb it via Waterfall (the move) and enter it to exit at the other cave: 3 is "the other cave" xD You can use rock climb to get to the top towards spot 2, however, the main entrance to the top is actually jumping from the frozen lake to the very top by getting impulsed by a heat/cold reaction between the ice and the stove burning spots on my giraffe pokemon xP ... or at least that's the plan. 1 is the gym.
  7. Here's what I've got so far in terms of art for the group pokemon project:
  8. Heh grassy frog xP Does it have a secondary type or a dex entry?
  9. Isolde needs 2 Warriors to be made, and BLS is the only Warrior in the deck... one that the deck doesn't particularly try to build towards putting out. It's just another removal that comes out later on. I wanna abuse unlimited Primal Seed but this isn't the right deck for it, as just one copy is often dead in hand until I can draw into a BLS, though the BLSs are somehow never an issue to drop when I have them. I've been trying out Proxy Dragon for LIGHT and protection though wish there were better tools than that. FIRE is a bad element for this deck and the monster is a garnet outside of the Isolde play, and the Equips would be a situational thing here... like, what? D.D.R.? Sounds like something that needs BLS to have done its thing first.... and I would need a consistent way to get out 2 Warriors for the Isolde materials in this primarily Fiend deck. It is too much dedication that goes out of its way against the theme. Union Carrier sounds pretty solid though. Dragon Buster is not my cup of tea as I always prefer quick disruption on key cards instead of floodgates. Hitting the right stuff produces the same result and you get to use them when a board is more established, and it is a bit more fun.... I could side-deck it just to have it on consideration but I'll probably aim to use Union Carrier to get me some GY... I'm gonna guess Sangan doesn't trigger from this, but Back Jack doesn't particularly need another form of milling.... We'll see how the idea turns out.
  10. Two can copy paste here xP Ghost Ogre's searcher is called Sangan xD If E Tele was at 3, didn't pop my search at the end of the turn, and allowed Snow Rabbit response when needed (it can only work preemptively or it'll miss chains there). I don't think adding Equips (garnets) for an Isolde engine in a deck that otherwise runs 0 Warrior related themes (well, BLS, but does that really count?) is gonna do much good.... and the suggestion made me recall that meme from when Dangers were brand new "ese deck apesta! sacale todo, metele Dangers". You are basically saying something like that but for the Isolde engine xD
  11. Here's something I came up with. The concept is simple: Get things out of the way. Main Deck: Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning ( 3 ) Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit ( 3 ) Lilith Lady of Lament ( 3 ) Absolute King Back Jack ( 3 ) Sangan ( 3 ) Peropero Serperos ( 3 ) Tour Guide from the Underworld ( 2 ) Trap Trick ( 3 ) Lost Wind ( 3 ) Paleozoic Dinomischus ( 3 ) Heavy Storm Duster ( 3 ) Back to the Front ( 3 ) Fiend Griefing ( 3 ) Foolish Burial ( 1 ) Primal Seed ( 1 ) Extra Deck: Knightmare Phoenix ( 3 ) Knightmare Cerberus ( 3 ) Triple Burst Dragon ( 1 ) (Sorry I forgot to put this in the image xD ) Side Deck is just me realizing "Holy crap since when is Primal Seed at 3 with both Envoys unlimited and how come that's not getting abused in some way? I gotta think of something with it".... - - - - - - Gameplay is straight-forward as I said. -Lilith and Trap Trick, and to a degree Back Jack, let you choose what disruption you want, and possibly at sped up activation to boot. -Traps are the backrow hater, the monster (battle/effect) hater, and a banish for whatever when you wanna be flexible. -Others are Foolish Burial for Fiends that could come up handy with the MR5 rules if you return a Shaddoll or Shadow Mist while you ditch and trigger Back Jack, or Back to the Front for revival without destiny knot attached to your monster, fully chainable, and supported by the trap love the deck has. -Tour Guide + Sangan = Knightmare for extra popping, and search Snow Rabbit for more despair, or Peropero/Jack to discard with the Paleozoic. BLS for late game push or extra banish goodness, and because Primal Seed can recover the your banished Traps, on top of your hand trap loli... Lost wind self-banishes for second use, Paleo banishes after self-reviving as a monster, Trap Trick banishes a copy of whatever it searches. Back to the Front can be a sudden Snow Rabbit pop (she can work from the field too), or some Lilith + Sangan goodness for an extra Trap + search. Peropero doesn't match in stats but is an easy material fodder or discard fodder for Paleo and Knightmares.
  12. The pacing of the gameplay style doesn't sound suited for top tier, but otherwise I like this. Torrential getting a little more searchable makes Nukes a little better. WATER decks have ways to go around it. Torrential Reborn and Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord and now on top of this. Though the problem is not being able to nuke without killing your monsters. The problem is that the pacing even if dedicating the decks to it will only give you a single nuke or two per turn, and with destruction protection and good old fashioned floating running around on top of reacting in other ways... it's slow and it just keeps generating loses without recover for you while you just keep reacting... That's no good. Even if you added Needle Ceiling for extra stuff... Even better nukes like Kaiju Slumber are not exactly thriving, or Raigeki, which IMO should already be at 3 and would still be a side at best... Oh that's right, we also have Lightning Storm. None quick but they are usable on the spot. If the game wants Torrential usable, maybe have the searching spell make Torrential banish the monsters and net you a draw for each would help instead of another protection coat.. heck, make it a quick play that immediately triggers Torrential from deck xD
  13. So he's gonna block Seven Roads Magician's Tribute Summon, so the main character will go for the Magician Girl's effect to Special Summon it from hand and still perform the boost to take down this card.
  14. Had watched a vid from cimo explaining it a bit so knew it wasn't the case, but wasn't entirely sure when I first read the article. Was under the impresion this was a broader change they wanted to push for some reason.... but ended up being on a much more specific ruling that the TCG was apparently already abiding by and the OCG just followed suit.
  15. The most important question I have here: Does MST negate now? xD If you chain MST to a Monster Reborn to remove it from its activation location, it goes away, right? - - - All in all, it sounds like they are nerfing "negate" effects by allowing hard OPT clauses to retry against them, while other kinds of removal can still get results against more stuff in the game, effectively catching up. Especially the Traps we've gotten that shuffle monsters into the Deck, that they now can act as effect disruptors, not by negating but by screwing with the proper resolution of their targets. D.D. Crow is a little closer to Called by the Grave now, and is more searchable. Also, something like Snow Rabbit against a Stratos seems to hurt more now. I find this pretty interesting all in all.
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