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  1. Stumbled upon this just now xD


  2. That actually sounds pretty good to multiply monsters, and a charm of the decks Yugi, Kaiba, and Marik were using during that arc is that if you look at either of them, they seem to have a plan to support their missing gods should they have obtained them. From Marshamallon to Marshmacarron is actually what gave me the idea that: Although the game seemed to deem Jam a bit broken with the anime effect, it is at the end of the day essentially the same thing as Marshmallon + Glasses in functionality, but a draw recharge effect would just need to work differently (Card of Safe Return did not age super well)... For now, I just went the "instant revive" route although I might still be a tiny bit wary of it xD
  3. Clear Revival Jam WATER Level 4 [ Aqua / Effect ] ATK/ 1500 DEF/ 500 If a monster you control would be destroyed by battle, you can destroy this card instead. If this card is destroyed by battle or by its own effect: You can Special Summon it in Defense Position. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can reduce 1 battle damage to 0. Jam of Safe Return [Continuous Spell] There is no limit to your hand size while this card is on the field. Once per turn, if a monster is Special Summoned from your GY during damage calculation: Draw 1 card, and and if a "Revival Jam" monster is on your field or GY, draw 1 more card for each "Jam of Safe Return" in your GY. You can only control 1 "Jam of Safe Return". - - - - NOTES: It is a retrain of the 5 card Slifer combo Marik pulled off in the manga: Revival Jam, Jam Defender, Card of Safe Return, Infinite Cards, Slifer the Sky Dragon. Of course, I didn't retrain Slifer here..... -Essentially made Revival Jam + Jam Defender into 1 card that functions more like the anime/manga where it did not have a LP cost to revive, did not have a delayed revival, and protected your monsters even during your own turn (in the manga/anime it was used against attack-looking effects like Magic Cylinder or Slifer's second mouth, and it even protected Slifer from stamping with its own regular ATK vs Buster Blader after Lightforce Sword weakened it enough to die from it). The battle damage protection is the way it is because battle damage happens before battle destruction so I couldn't make them the same effect, and if you block damage it HAS to die by its effect for you to reset that effect soooo use it as intended basically. -The other card is Infinite Cards + Card of Safe Return in 1 card. Inifinite Cards has never been worth the slot just for that effect alone. Meanwhile, original Card of Safe Return is just worst than Pot of Greed in this day and age. I wanted a condition where it could unlock the anime/manga's "draw 3 cards" functionality, and hopefully the damage calc restruction makes it useless to most revival out there... the intention there is that monsters that revive during the window of battle destruction... Vampire's Curse, Twin Headed Behemoth, Aurora Wing, and Zombina are the only samples I can think of off the top of my head.
  4. You already read my thoughts on discord, but over here? Something this sweet cannot be left with a silent like. I love how the drawing turned out. Ever since I posted that status I've steadily gotten better and back to normal n-n
  5. I'm pretty bad with mobile mode but for now, for what its worth I could not find a way to interact with my badges or tamper with my points. I'm guessing it might not work like the old system where you could donate some of it to members (even if it caused a rank / badge reversal). If there is a way for that system to be used, I think that's pretty cool. I'll give it another shot when I get home on my laptop but something tells me maybe there's some setting locked somewhere or something xD
  6. More or less the same stuff I mentioned earlier that I like. Salmon, pastas, quesadillas, depending on the place of course. I like sweets a lot so IHOP kind of stuff ( pancakes, hot chocolate, that sort of thing) though I don't go there almost ever.... I'm aware it isn't the healthiest stuff xD
  7. Those are the colored ones I found but my older computer has more (b&w sketches though) for reference xD These have quite a bit of time between them in terms on when I drew them though.
  8. Hmm I think an emerald green would look good in her considering her hair. Though little trivia of my project: All my characters in that universe have what IRL would deem natural hair colors. The ones that don't are due to something else. Purple hair is the equivalent to "the devil's kiss" sort of speak that marks those that have dwellved into having to do with black magic, and blue hair is a mark of affiliation with the Grim Reaper's power (the equivalent to those at least, you know I use 4-legged animals and not the usual deities for those xD ). They would have not had that hair color originally.
  9. Patsy is a happy-go-lucky girl overall. She lives alone with her 2 scarecrow parents in a house that dubs as the town's bakery (in my story's town it is common to see scarecrows around town that nobody ever seems to notice moving but are always going about doing something, and are usually hosts of the essence of somebody that used to live there but has long since passed away). She's actually pretty nimble and elusive, which helps her with her hobbies of getting into the woods on her own to harvest some unique local plants that she finds and experiments with. She's got a thing going where no day of her life passes without some rain around her (to varying amounts seemingly dependent on her mood, and inherited from generations back in her family). These traits of her make her seem suspicious and eerie at times when the townspeople barely know of her and see her in misty mornings and whatnot. So she does not really have friends early on. Once she does, she is quick to butt in and help the MCs antics often. Thanks to his background, her dad has her do some boxing in hopes it helps her be more protected since scarecrows can't really interact with living people in real time, so she is essentially a kid on her own completely out there. She's overall too bubbly for the setting she's in, although a little more useful and capable than it might look like at first. She's more adept at getting away from trouble than most characters in town, but sometimes to a detriment and wants to learn to stand her ground at least sometimes over the course of things....
  10. The main character in my personal main comic project is the witch girl Sonnet (purple hair and freckles). If you can't recall her let me know so I post an image as soon as I have access to my computer. However, for some reason the most popular OC of mine from what I've seen is the rainboots girl Patsy (my current avatar) so to others she might be the main OC of mine or at least the most distinctive/special xD --- then there's Danika (non-beady eyes redhead) but she was made for a yugioh fic (that would be about my tcg project instead if I were to go for it), Zoophie (giraffe avatar, she's just a brand avatar of mine xD) and Karina (my first human OC, based/inspired somewhat by a friend that does not exist IRL but used to pop up in my dreams to hang out a lot when I was a kid... one of those dream scenarios where everything seems to make sense and be known until you wake up and realize it wasn't. She'd be my pick but she almost doesn't really count as an OC. I've posted drawings of her if you are curious... She's brown haired with pink eyes and a school uniform and oddly enough the clothes are more of a creative liberty of mine than the eye color xD) Every other OC I have is part of some of the above.
  11. @YCMaker 2 birds 1 stone: if the restoration of a point system on itself is not a possibility, is there a chance something using either the badge system or the reactions system can be done to create incentive? I mean something that can only be given out at a contest as a host. It probably wouldn't need to serve any other purpose ( although it'd be nice if a shop could be reinstalled with those "lock/unlock your thread", "change name/banner/avatar/etc." options, but I know that's a bigger stretch). I remembered the reactions suggestion and thought maybe this could be a way to implement some of it. Idk how much of a programming hassle it'd be but would be cool xD
  12. Forgot to post it too but I'm in support of the shiba inu reactions xD
  13. I don't have one. My favorite pokemon is Furret but its shade of pink for the shiny kinda makes it hard to notice it is one. I went on a google search to see if something else caught my eye. I guess gold magicarp is fun and pink ampharos is about the best shiny from my team.
  14. Hmm hasn't been a great week so far. Most of my family went on different trips last week and I think a combination of street food and frozen food I experimented with did not sit well for my insides. The heat is picking up. 2 days ago I put down a fire at work but I was in a pretty closed down space and ended up learning that breathing the dry powder feels worse than the fire amoke itself. Have had twisted pain in my belly and what I think might be an inflamed respiratory tract from that little incident. As of yesterday I finally felt back to normal, but today before work I had some accute chest pain and it even extended up to my arms a bit. Considering it took nearly 2 hours to fully go away and it happened when I thought things were back to normal, I asked for the day off and decided I'll finally go get a doctor checkup. Though I'm right now once again back to feeling normal and since I'm not one to go to a doctor easily, now it is starting to feel a little awkward. I'm at a mall parking lot under shade thinking for now....

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    2. Enguin


      sure it'll turn around anyway 

    3. Sleepy


      Ended up going though the doctor saw no abnormalities... I was pretty scared I might be getting some prelude to heart problems but for now, I was given some medicine to help the muscles in the area and got x-rayed and an upcoming more throughough examination on a weekend. Best case scenario I just wasted some time and ended up being in good shape. It seems my family is full of people feeling bad due to the heatwave and some food-issues..... 
      I wanna think I over-reacted but 2 hours of chest pain that made me crawl into my car seat is hard to dismiss xD
      We'll see n.n

    4. Horu


      The chest wall pain can likely be chalked down to costocondritis. Generally, occurs when you overstress the chest/ribs/lungs or the surrounding muscles. Much like lifting 200 pounds after you run a 5k (bit of a harsh example) would have the same result as pretty much doing any level of lifting while in a room full of smoke. Your inability to breathe will drain your body of the necessary strength to perform the task and overstress your muscles to the point that it causes inflammation in the cartilage between your ribs. Usually goes away if you take NSAIDS and avoid heavy lifting for about a month.

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