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  1. Was Night Assailant semi'd during Goat Format? because that first list to me looks like something where I'd run Assailant over Serpent any day, addressing the same issue of being a Delinquent Duo counter but with instant gratification that could not only loop into itself but onto a different FLIP. EDIT: Or do like the second list and run both xD Actually the second decklist overall looks more effective to me... maybe bar the distinction of main vs side for the Solemns. Nice to see Mask of Darkness in a deck list though, decks usually gave it more of a cold shoulder and I've tested enoug
  2. I have a few suggestions in terms of the archetype: First, the moving effect: (Quick Effect): The owner of this card can move it to an unused Main Monster Zone from/to either side of the field. You see, the way it is written right now, you can move the deer as you please from your side to another place on your own side, and if you give control of it via Creature Swap or whatever other effect, you can also force them back to you, but it does NOT include you being able to give your deer away to the opponent's side. Second, the negative effects while the opponent is controlling them: I
  3. Those are really sweet words, n-n Thanks!!! As for why handsome Squidward made the cut? well because it's so handsome xD Those aren't even a fourth of my total drawings so it made a pretty nice selection xP Btw, nice apple technique. I think I've noticed something like that in videos of digital art being drawn, where suddenly it looks like they magically colored/shaded everything in a way that normally would have had them cover most of the screen in that color but it ends up respecting the image's borders and linework. Good to finally know how they do it xD Now that I've made that
  4. To be honest, I think most of the Xyz design of the era was fine and even generally a little more tame than Synchros before them, but the bigger issue was the engines that supported them. It was often the Main Deck engines that swarmed and enabled all that junk. The Wind Up Loops, the Inzektor's extending more the more they popped, Satellarknights dropping like 4 Level 4s every turn, etc. Though yes it can't be denied there was a very strong bump of powercreep at that point in the game, and it really did become tradition that every new generation/series/mechanic would begin with a month or so
  5. Ok so, I've tried to reply to this a pretty good number of times and gone through edits but there was a glitch in the forum (which I'm not sure is fixed for sure yet but we'll see if this attempt goes through). First, it's nice to see you around. I don't think I've seen you in a while. You should repost some of the old stuff from page 2 because the old links are broken. Addressing the post itself, I'd like to believe I've been improving somewhat. A lot of it is trying to keep in shape because work IRL take a lot out of me (both time and energy) but some of the stuff that looks the same I
  6. Actually, I agree. Synchro era to me is golden age IMO. Though I'd personally rather play the period of Extreme Victory. That list put DAD/Darks, Frogs, BW, LS, T.G., Six Sams, Zombies, Plant Synchro, Synchro Fish, XSavers/Rescue Cat turbo.... etc. Eveything in check without fully killing the decks. Casually speaking, you could still see DM and GX era decks feeling like they had a chance with some Ojamas, Crystal Beasts, HERO, Legendary Ocean, Gravekeepers, Gladiators, etc. Maybe I'd even vote towards including the first ZeXal deck for Utopia and remembering Gachi Gachi in Agents. I
  7. Same, it'd actually would be a shame to let this thread die out. Even if the format has some deal breakers for me, it is still an interesting subject. Guess it is good we never got the LE6 set over here then. Iirc thats where the Gadgets premiered as ultras (can't verify at the moment but there's a chance that was for king/queen/jack's knights and that gadgets came in LE7). If gadgets were tier 0 we pretty much dodged a bullet.
  8. I think you'd have to be more specific about Pot of Greed's drawback. Your second turn of restrictions is pretty much covered for sure, but the coverage of the turn it is being used at is what needs clarification in the text. Your card can specify the restriction's beginning in 3 ways: "for the next 2 of your turns after activation". Which doesn't restrict the turn you are using it at all and might as well be old Pot of Greed. It only kicks in after that turn ends and then it fully covers your 2 turns after that. "for the rest of this turn and until the end of your next turn". Which
  9. For the size of the post I intend, it currently surpasses my energy levels but will get to it on Saturday.
  10. I guess it comes in flavor that it is completely randomized, though still can't say I'm a big fan of it. Even if you built a deck aiming to always lose or always win, it is still an unreliable mill or draw. Giving either to the opponent is also not gonna end well much of the time. Finally, the fact there's a chance the card does absolutely nothing for either is pretty bad. The art looks way too similar to something we've already gotten. I do however have one good thing to say: Glad there's plain text xD
  11. EDIT; Oh wait... huh... I posted this in the wrong thread: I meant to post it in the other place about the server error.... not this one ^^" Taking a different angle here: if it happens to be something that's unfixable, I'd settle with knowing the limitations my post has to follow in order to go through. I am under the impression me writing the spoiler code manually and having more than 3 spoilers in the post is what is breaking it for me, but it'd be nice to have confirmation, so I can work around it.
  12. Didn't Dark Magician Girl's second art, Exaeion Universe, Obnoxious Celtic Gard, and Blade Knight all come from the same set of tins? (At work at the moment so I can't go verify myself). I see Blade Knight in the format iirc. Though I agree the format seems to play better without Exarion so not really a complaint. On a different note, is there a "best deck"? The format is named after Goat Control but I do remember Warriors, Beasts, Gravekeepers (as a Deck), Legendary Ocean, and DARK/ Chaos Decks being pretty prominent. Even something people don't really bring up (it DO
  13. I'll be testing this idea: discard Wightprince or Mezuki to retrieve Wightmare which then recovers Lady or King in a Skull Servant deck.
  14. So I've been trying to post something for a few days and have been going through edits to see what is causing me to fail at it. At first it was a combination of a quote + several "drag and drop" images I uploaded from Imgur, each inside a spoiler. I tried to reduce things in hopes I could make it work segmented into multiple posts but it keeps giving me this sign: It seems like it is something out of my hands, but at the same time I have the feeling it is something that's happening for a highly specific set of conditions...
  15. Have been trying to post something here for a few days now but either the spoiler format is obsolete and giving me an error, or I overloaded my post, Though I feel like I can't just lurk when the stuff being talked about is, well, me.... Testing spoilers now. If this works expect some good old fashioned double/triple/+ posting from me xD EDIT: So result is, seems to work but it randomly adds/removes brakets of my written code as it pleases, and once the spoiler is made at the end of my comment, I can't seem to write anything under it...
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