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    -Drawing (feel free to visit my club "Le Crayon Corner")

    -Card games (mostly Yugioh but I try to have at least a taste of others I come across. Included but not limited to: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Bleach, Naruto, My Little Pony, Cardfight Vanguard, Force of Will, Card Wars)

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  1. Sooo is DuelingBook abandoned to rot away now after Flash got cut off? I went there yesterday and a lot of visuals seem to be broken. 

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    2. Sleepy


      For me, all graphics were broken. Card images were not loading and hovering over their space in the deck building section would have the thumbnail versions show up with no stars if they showed at all. The chat at the entrance of the site had no avatars, stuff like that. It does not look like your version Rayfield at all xD
      Oddly enough Mr Best Male 2008's link was a bit different, first appearing with html5 or something along the lines after the "www.duelingbook.com/" part. After I clicked that link it started functioning normally there, and closing and going to the site myself again just normalized it that day. I've just tested going there (without using the link provided above) myself and seems it now just is fixed somehow xD

    3. Messoras


      It runs on html5 for about half a year now ;)

    4. Ryusei the Morning Star
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