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  1. Hey is it me or are TCG products getting super expensive these days? Digimon had a case of short supply for unexpectedly high demand in the newest iteration of its attempt at card games. Yugioh has sudden random stuff like old versions of DMG costing as much as Starlight Rares which I hadn't seen those degrees of spiking in previous years. Pokemon is also strangely spiraling out of control with some full art cards getting 2 or 3 times more expensive... I don't know the details on why it is apparently rocking right now.
    I have no idea about MTG but I'm gonna think it is the exception with those random spam of facebook ads of this "Secret Lair" product that usually looks very non-MTG-like and is apparently pretty pricey for the amount of cards it actually provides (honestly I don't think I'm super hooked up on that one but what is the general consensus on that?)

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    2. Sleepy


      Got back from looking up the Jumpstart info I could find. That's an interesting piece of information. MTG had a flawed prediction of sales numbers due to COVID and the some quality control issues, but otherwise the way it is an alternative to a draft/cube that is self sufficient is done in a pretty interesting manner.

      The secret lair stuff (mainly a Valentine's theme box that apparently was impossible to get shipped before Valentine's day no matter when you preordered it)...

      Yeah Blue Eyes is ridiculous and it's not even the DDS one, and Dark Magician Girl is also going high up. What made me think of this topic was actually Rosa's full art in Pokemon's TCG, which was a ridiculous 50 USD last year but now it is suddenly like 120+ and apparently a lot more scarce. Other cards I had checked that were on their 20s are no 50s, if they were around 8 now they are in the 20s... it's crazy.

      Digimon's decks were officially 10 each but you cannot find them at least than 30 now, and sometimes people are asking as much as 50.... and it's all resellers that stocked up and the company said the are planning on sending more product to combat all this soon sooo this one is more of a scam from the secondary market.

      Full disclaimer: I'm not really looking to buy all this stuff... I just can be weird like that, checking markets for the sake of it I suppose xD

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Well, I can tell you this based on my visit to the department store. There's plenty of Magic thr Gathering stuff here. With the exception of the Freezing Chains Structure Decks, there's only like...four booster packs from the Evil Twin set, and a couple of those Kaiba and Mai boxes. And NOTHING for the Pokemon card game. I remember how for years, only the easily impressionable kids would buy Pokemon packs and tins.

    4. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      It started with COVID money bumping up starlight rares. I can touch more on the YGO market if you'd like. Vintage cards have been rapidly rising since March 2019.

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