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  1. Hmm more often than not, popular legacy formats seem to happen at the start of the gen. Yugi/Kaiba format at the start of the DM era. Goat Control at the start of the GX era. TeleDAD format at the start of 5DS era. Shaddoll/Qli format at the start of Arc V era. ZeXal's an exception as Dragon Rulers came a year later and lasted pretty much until Shaddolls got here. I also have no idea of any VRAINS era formats people claim to actually have liked... So for the most part, seems the game starts good and just decays over time until the next overhaul xD

    1. Sleepy


      For the record, I very much am not a fan of the TeleDAD format and think the Synchro era was best near the end... buuuut it is what it is and TeleDAD has its fans....

    2. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Wasn't it Zoodiac during early VRAINS?

    3. Sleepy


      I think Zoodiacs were older than that? lemme check. Huh you are right.... end of Arc V/early VRAINS. Nice one xD

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