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  1. So I finally got around to watching Re:Zero... the first 25 episodes at least, which I covered in about little more than a day somehow xD

    1. Tinkerer


      How is it?  The show doesn't look like my cup of tea, but it seems really popular.

    2. Sleepy


      It isn't for everyone but I liked it very much myself. The MC I'm torn between understanding how much he struggles and sometimes cringing a bit with his choices. He is a good character. The show has a lot of death in it, in a very disheartening way, so the reset/respawn theme for the MC helps fix the world but it doesn't make things easier to fix. Sometimes he'll fix what killed him or other characters and keep bumping into more ordeals in subsequent loops, until he can come up with a set of actions that'll resolve things with the least amount of collateral damage (though never 0 ). He can't decide the time/place of his next "checkpoint" to revive at, can't tell anybody of his power to rewind after death, and sucks at fighting. Talking of shipping... Rem (blue hair girl) eventually has way too much good chemistry with the MC so his pursuit of the main girl ends up annoying me more than anything else in the show xD like... OMG I can't  get into all I could say about it during this lunch break I'm at....

      All in all it has elements of things i would not watch but honestly it works and it did hook me up (watched 25 episodes in less than 2 days and wouldnt mind rewatching it). 

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