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  1. Hmm hasn't been a great week so far. Most of my family went on different trips last week and I think a combination of street food and frozen food I experimented with did not sit well for my insides. The heat is picking up. 2 days ago I put down a fire at work but I was in a pretty closed down space and ended up learning that breathing the dry powder feels worse than the fire amoke itself. Have had twisted pain in my belly and what I think might be an inflamed respiratory tract from that little incident. As of yesterday I finally felt back to normal, but today before work I had some accute chest pain and it even extended up to my arms a bit. Considering it took nearly 2 hours to fully go away and it happened when I thought things were back to normal, I asked for the day off and decided I'll finally go get a doctor checkup. Though I'm right now once again back to feeling normal and since I'm not one to go to a doctor easily, now it is starting to feel a little awkward. I'm at a mall parking lot under shade thinking for now....

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    2. Enguin


      sure it'll turn around anyway 

    3. Sleepy


      Ended up going though the doctor saw no abnormalities... I was pretty scared I might be getting some prelude to heart problems but for now, I was given some medicine to help the muscles in the area and got x-rayed and an upcoming more throughough examination on a weekend. Best case scenario I just wasted some time and ended up being in good shape. It seems my family is full of people feeling bad due to the heatwave and some food-issues..... 
      I wanna think I over-reacted but 2 hours of chest pain that made me crawl into my car seat is hard to dismiss xD
      We'll see n.n

    4. Horu


      The chest wall pain can likely be chalked down to costocondritis. Generally, occurs when you overstress the chest/ribs/lungs or the surrounding muscles. Much like lifting 200 pounds after you run a 5k (bit of a harsh example) would have the same result as pretty much doing any level of lifting while in a room full of smoke. Your inability to breathe will drain your body of the necessary strength to perform the task and overstress your muscles to the point that it causes inflammation in the cartilage between your ribs. Usually goes away if you take NSAIDS and avoid heavy lifting for about a month.

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