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  1. Hmmm as I was reading your reply I got a thought, maybe not so much noting your current field-state, but instead noting the opponent's cards. What you aim to do is to prevent those heavily disruptive fields from the turn 1 player like 5 omni-negate bosses, 3 set Solemns, and 4 handtraps xD You kind of got the the same conclusion I see, since you did write "or your opponent controls at least 3 more cards than you do". I think you could slightly release some of that tightness of the condition, after all you are not yet immune to the opponent even after you drop this card. They can still dr
  2. On one hand, it is super situational because you can't exactly search/draw into it the turn you wanna use it, giving it a bigger waiting window than most decks would want to go through. It also requires a completely empty field, which is either after a nuke (where the opponent is likely pushing for game right there) or your opening play. Dimension Shifter has what I think is a lot worse of a condition to make it live and it somehow found its way into competitive builds (which I still to this day don't understand why people would risk such a brick for the sake of a potential game opener hand
  3. Finally got around to seeing the Pokemon direct. I'm intrigued for the Legends game, but I'll still wait. Not a fan of the Let's Go method of catching wild pokemon but glad they actually updated graphics and attack animations better. Still can't help but be cautious.
    DP remakes, tbh I'm not a fan of the chibi and it shouldn't be a "loyal/nostalgic experience", It should have all of which the original had and then some things to expand on. This currently looks like a time capsule and I bet they won't even allow gen 5+ mons in the dex. Also gotta see how they end up doing the SwSh Exp Share method... shivers

    1. PrimeAceJohn


      I agree with everything you said. I wish they took more of the OR/AS remake method with D/P :/

  4. My lunch break ended so I actually couldn't address one more thing I wanted to: That's a weird take on the story with "I sided with my friend when nobody else would" but really it is more like Horu: "that one friend of mine was causing distress and destroying progress work made by the entire team, and getting worse every time but I preferred to side with him over my other friends in the group that were the actual victims in this. After all, I never really cared about that project I was a part of, child's junk am I right? that's why no matter what that one friend of mine did to them, nothin
  5. There's no point in the "ban me for a while" option if you request to make it partial due to still wanting to check the page. If it isn't a total lock from the site, asking for ban assistance becimes just a waste of time for the mod.... and it better be at least a full 7 day week. This "I'll be checking" throws the rest of the efforts on the trash. Do you wanna rest or not? The fact you really think "I just had to phone mah man Flame D real quick and he'd have thrown the election thread on the trash an' elected me" is your level of influence is so unreal. I'll ask you then, why don't you
  6. This is a very interesting idea, and yeah Wind-Ups just showed me how broken some cards can get. Poor HERO Fusions that all now just have "must be Fusion Summoned" as their effect xD I'm definitely gonna look up cards to see more of this. It's a bit harsher than simpley "he #1 effect" as it can include other clauses at "all of it". It for one might eliminate a ton of hard OPT clauses from S/T cards.
  7. Hey is it me or are TCG products getting super expensive these days? Digimon had a case of short supply for unexpectedly high demand in the newest iteration of its attempt at card games. Yugioh has sudden random stuff like old versions of DMG costing as much as Starlight Rares which I hadn't seen those degrees of spiking in previous years. Pokemon is also strangely spiraling out of control with some full art cards getting 2 or 3 times more expensive... I don't know the details on why it is apparently rocking right now.
    I have no idea about MTG but I'm gonna think it is the exception with those random spam of facebook ads of this "Secret Lair" product that usually looks very non-MTG-like and is apparently pretty pricey for the amount of cards it actually provides (honestly I don't think I'm super hooked up on that one but what is the general consensus on that?)

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    2. Sleepy


      Got back from looking up the Jumpstart info I could find. That's an interesting piece of information. MTG had a flawed prediction of sales numbers due to COVID and the some quality control issues, but otherwise the way it is an alternative to a draft/cube that is self sufficient is done in a pretty interesting manner.

      The secret lair stuff (mainly a Valentine's theme box that apparently was impossible to get shipped before Valentine's day no matter when you preordered it)...

      Yeah Blue Eyes is ridiculous and it's not even the DDS one, and Dark Magician Girl is also going high up. What made me think of this topic was actually Rosa's full art in Pokemon's TCG, which was a ridiculous 50 USD last year but now it is suddenly like 120+ and apparently a lot more scarce. Other cards I had checked that were on their 20s are no 50s, if they were around 8 now they are in the 20s... it's crazy.

      Digimon's decks were officially 10 each but you cannot find them at least than 30 now, and sometimes people are asking as much as 50.... and it's all resellers that stocked up and the company said the are planning on sending more product to combat all this soon sooo this one is more of a scam from the secondary market.

      Full disclaimer: I'm not really looking to buy all this stuff... I just can be weird like that, checking markets for the sake of it I suppose xD

    3. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Well, I can tell you this based on my visit to the department store. There's plenty of Magic thr Gathering stuff here. With the exception of the Freezing Chains Structure Decks, there's only like...four booster packs from the Evil Twin set, and a couple of those Kaiba and Mai boxes. And NOTHING for the Pokemon card game. I remember how for years, only the easily impressionable kids would buy Pokemon packs and tins.

    4. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      It started with COVID money bumping up starlight rares. I can touch more on the YGO market if you'd like. Vintage cards have been rapidly rising since March 2019.

  8. Here's 3 things I have to upload: The first is an alien character I made a long time ago for card art. The second is random a page of doodles I made during work's break one day, trying to come up with weird looking vegetables for my comic project. The last one is a sketch request I'm still working on, Ib from Yugioh but made in my dot-eyes style of drawing.
  9. "Note" is such an unusual term that I had to re-read it a few times xD It's interesting. At first I was gonna complain about the second token having "max" but thinking about it, Summon loops would be an issue, so good call.... 3k is a bit low compared to the max 20k of King of Skull Servants or 10k Utopia Double.... and I apologize to the might of Blue-Eyes's legacy for calling 3k "low" but yeah xD I very much like the concept of transforming the canvas and the painting itself taking time to complete (notes in this case xD ). Umm is that how activation works? As I understood it, a Spel
  10. That is also very much possible. That the character was just reading standing up and lifted the head to answer but not straightening up in full due to the intention of getting back down to the book after replying. It is a viable pose so it is very much an nitpick from me. I'd personally have slightly tilted the head forward in an angle to emphasize that motion of looking from the book to the viewer. Right now only the neck is forwarded and in a static image rather than an actual animation, my first impression was a little dorky and not the scene you described xD Here I'm hoping I'm not soun
  11. Welcome to the club. I hope you get to find the inspiration you need. We are actually a pretty lax club so you might see some periods of inactivity once in a while, but I'll assure you that the place is not dead xP I'd say that's a pretty amazing looking piece. Braids are a pretty elaborate haircut and I've always been weak on machinery myself, but the bit that I like the most is how good the lighting effects look as a whole. If I had to nitpick... since you said you also look for improvement, I'm gonna try to not just be praising this time =) I think the head could be placed a tiny l
  12. Speaking of, I don't think I've posted my nun here:
  13. Saw this since the morning on my break, and finally got home where my internet is workable xD As the club's founder/president, I hereby welcome you to Le Crayon Corner! We don't really have a real member list, so it is a pretty open club to anybody that wants to come what with others xP That's a pretty cool image of Madolche Magileine. I had never really noticed that she had heterochromia until I saw your drawing.
  14. I'd definitely test the recycle effect of 3 cards. I think it is one of a kind there. Scrap Recycler, Inzektor Picofalena, Naturia Marron, etc... all are more specific than "any 3 cards", which under Chateau you'll be able to put any monsters among those into your hand even if they are non-Madolche monsters. That said, some sort of combo must be doable with this somewhere (although nothing specific comes to mind). The "draw 1 if you used Madolches" is a nice bonus, a given in its own deck but with the potential for something elsewhere. Previously Glassoufle was the only card with this sort of
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