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  1. That is true. I'd still like this place to keep being a sort of "base of operations". I know all the regulars have each other's presense via Discord groups and that's more efficient for communicating, but I know also that not everybody has or wants to have Discord and I would like to keep the activity present and visible here in case somebody that hasn't made up their mind to post gets hooked into any of our plans xD I think the most appropriate place to have a contest of this kind would be the Showcase section. It might not be the best place to promote we are doing something but I don't think we can exactly dump it into card contests hehe xP I also am not exactly sure how it was made. I guess you give somebody the work they are to base their piece on, and just trust they'll do their thing without constantly referencing the drawing (the fun part of this group activity is what we get wrong from memory after all, not what we copied correctly from the previous artist). I guess to start the ball rolling, we have to decide on the first drawing that would get pitched hmmm....
  2. I wanna think your post is still on the table, it's just that the specifics are a lot harder to come by than they seem.
  3. Hey everyone, I was checking my YouTube feed and bumped into this little experiment. If you don't feel like watching the video in (it is long and I essentially skipped to the result in most of them to speed things up but did watch a couple that I do know of like Emirichu): Essentially, somebody draws a character and gives it to another person to look at. THEN that next person seals away that first image, unable to look at it again for the reminder of that turn, and they try to draw that character based purely on what they remember of it. Then the next person will do the same but basing themselves on the second drawing rather than the first. Then a 4th person does it based on the 3rd drawing and so on. It is meant to be a sort of "broken telephone" experience where you expect stuff to change throughout the turns due to memory trouble and the changes wind up getting carried over to the next version. At the end we might end up with something pretty unrecognizable from what we started with xD It's just an idea of a potential activity we could do, and it helps a lot that it doesn't particularly seem to care about anybody's skill level and doesn't have a winner or loser in this.... what do you people think about it?
  4. Finally got home from work! Happy Birthday @The Nyx Avatar ! Here's a gift:
  5. True FLIP monsters have gotten bits of support over the years. Penguin stuff, Subterrors, a continous Trap that flips them up/down every turn, Shaddolls.... My intention for this is to specifically support the pseudo-flips. The ones that aren't officially FLIP monsters but have the "when Flip Summoned" clause and the "set face-down again" clause.... That means Prediction Princess is out of the intended targets although it can still indirectly get support... I'm not gonna omit the indirect way it can support them but for something that they could benefit more from I'd try to do a different card... Ghostricks I so agree.... I end up personally using stuff like Marauding Captain to Special Summon them when the field gets cleared because otherwise they just can't bounce back and get stuck in "set pass".... I wish Ghostricks got support that helped them out. It's always been fun to annoy opponent's with them xD
  6. I have to note that the card doesn't re-set itself after use unless the field contains BOTH a Link AND a Token. Link without Tokens or Token without Links = card goes to GY after use as normal. Sooo the card essentially is as powerful as a single use of Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, which I've seen people can very much play past it..... although Tyranno kinda telegraphs its presense xD Also, remember it's face-up CARDS rather than MONSTERS so yeah it is pretty easy to achieve... I bet if your opponent can get hit by Nibiru, odds are they can fulfill this on their own xD I'll edit with the grammar suggestions soon although I'm currently brainstorming something n.n Thanks for the feedback~
  7. Huh I just noticed that the Rush Duel version of Dark Magician Girl functions like the original (manga) version where it gained 500 x DM/MoBC in the GYs.... 
    That's neat, she should always have been like that. 300x was always not good enough for most players at any era of the game and 500 had the flavor that once her master passed on she would take a stand to fill up his void as a fully fledged magician (so same ATK) and still potentially outgrow her teacher....
    Sooo yeah.....

    1. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      Mayhaps this is indicative of more cards being accurately ported.

      Any chance Graceful Dice shall multiply?

    2. Sleepy


      IIRC Graceful Dice only multiplied monsters with 500 or less ATK in the manga. That was why Joey had that "Swordsman of Landstar" in his Deck from the point he started running the Graceful/Skull Dice combo on as it is technically the strongest Warrior in the game that could be multipled (up to Blue-Eyes-like strength).

      The anime did not quite get that memo and never cleared that up so during the virtual world it teased the public with the possibility of Panther Warrior and a Graceful Dice landing on 6 (12,000 ATK would have been nuts back then). Only for Joey's opponent to hack the system and change the 6 for a 1.

      That Manga version nowadays would probably still be able to cheat that limitation with chain resolution shenanigans, multiplying stuff like a "Rush Recklessly" add in last minute, or in Joey's case, "Metalmorph" lol.

  8. Eerie Sandstorm Zone [Field Spell] Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can Flip Summon 1 monster. If this card leaves the field by an effect: You can Special Summon from your hand, Deck, and/or GY in face-down Defense Position, exactly 1 of each of the monsters "Des Lacooda", "Swarm of Scarabs", "Swarm of Locusts", "Medusa Worm", "Stealth Wing". - - - - Pacman support. I was writing a different kind of support and then realized I was supporting subterrors better so I had to rework this a little xD The Summon effect demands you to run all of those monsters in some capacity and that you have 5 empty zones for the Summon in order to work or else no dice..... Like this, they are now a bit more chainable. There's one thing, I'd like to change the nature of this concept so I could benefit from "Flawless Perfection of the Tenyl" AND this card.... so I'm thinking on how to go about it.....
  9. Flash Burn Wave [ Trap ] If there are 5 or more face-up cards on the field: Flip all monsters on the field to face-down Defense Position, and opponent monsters cannot have their positions changed this turn. Also, after that, if there is both a Link Monster and a Token Monster on the field, you can Set this card face-down instead of sending it to the GY. - - - - So I thought about something a la "Needle Ceiling"/"Torrential Tribute". It doesn't get stuff off the field, it doesn't self-protect, and it doesn't even permanently leave the monsters trapped face-down, but I think it should be interesting..... Since it is probably a worse version of the mentioned cards it is based on, I added it a Scrap Iron Scarecrow clause at the end if the field happens to have both of the monster kinds of cards that cannot be flipped down in the game...... I guess that makes this live the most like that in Tenyl (not that I think they'd particularly want it though) Anyways, what do you think?
  10. Umm there's 2 things I wanna note here, and both are related to the text.... you can shorten it. First, you have too many "or". Just commas between them and an "or" before the last archetype listed should be enough. Second, this is an arbitrary thing in the game: If your "effect" happens to be a "you win the Duel" kind of deal, the game usually classifies it as a "Win Condition" and does not treat it as an effect at all. You can check stuff like "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief", and you'll notice it doesn't use any colon/semi-colon formations and doesn't matter where in the text you state it, it is inherently and automatically impossible to negate. If you want to see a sample, I recall there was an old replay from YgoPro (a YouTube video from YGO4RealMen) where she actually wins under Skill Drain xD Duel starts at minute 7:20 here: EDIT: And well, something tells me you want to know my thoughts on the card and not just fixes for textual stuff.... I think it supports too many archetypes at once there but it is neat xD The payoff does not reward you for going over 4 pieces and I don't think the reactive nature of this makes it a little tame overall unless you are shooting for the win con, IDK but I think it is also walking a delicate path of balance there so I'm not sure how to suggest what to move at all xD
  11. Well in that case, definitely my suggestion will help you there. Currently your card does not affect Links. Not having DEF stats is not the same as having 0 stats. It means it is incompatible with DEF-related stuff. Just like how Xyzs were immune to Level-related stuff as they operate in a different system.
  12. I would recommend the last effect have something like Unaffected by monster effects, except monsters with more than 1000 DEF. That way you keep protection vs the stuff it already did, plus links, without dedicating an extra clause to them. 2+ effect monsters The total DEF of the materials cannot be more than 1000. ^I'd imagine that'd be the wording and text that allow Link usage without enabling anything else that it didn't already. Due to the ATK value and it being 2k and it being a link 4, I think you can afford that small buff. Although the materials one would make it too easy for link ladder so maybe something like "including a monster with DEF" sprinkled in. Maybe it is getting a bit overly specific. xD all in all I like the card/concept.
  13. Main Deck ( 40 ): Normal Monsters ( 9 ) : 3 Flamvell Guard 3 Thousand Eyes Eyedol 3 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame Effect Monsters ( 10 ) : 3 Summoner Monk 3 Treasure Panda 2 The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion 2 World Chalice Guardragon Traps ( 3 ) : 3 D.D.D. Different Dimension Dervy Spells ( 18 ) : 3 Tri-Wight 3 Painful Decision 3 Unexpected Dai 3 Faustian Bargain 3 The Claw of Hermos 3 Dragon Shrine - - - - - Extra Deck ( 15 ) : Links ( 2 ) : 2 Link Spider Fusions ( 6 ) : 2 Thousand-Eyes Restrict 1 Goddess Bow 1 Rocket Hermos Cannon 1 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword 1 Time Magic Hammer Xyzs ( 2 ) : 1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon 1 Sylvan Princessprite Synchros ( 5 ) : 1 Formula Synchron 1 Mist Bird Clausolas 1 Armory Arm 1 T.G. Hyper Librarian 1 Ally of Justice Catastor - - - - - Soooo this is a random idea I had. The Dragon Shrine + Guardragon duo is yet untested, and even the tested parts are a bit... you know, casual. xD The Panda is the heart of the strategy as it is not once per turn. The selection of the Normal Monsters in question was because they were the cheapest vanillas that were Hermos-compatible. There were also the options of the Guardragon Normal Monster and Ib (Crowned by the World Chalice) which were Level 2 (so less cheap) but were both WATER so I could potentially take advantage of that pool of support... then again, Idol is a Fusion Material so there was also that going for it. All in all, I'm still looking for ways to improve the deck, but I was thinking to make a custom (self drawn) theme that used this strategy as a skeleton while making things play off each other a bit better..... I'll file that under "if I end up prosuding something decent with that idea you might someday see it to fruition"... xD Thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. all welcomed.
  14. I could do something like: Target 1 caard on each side of the field; return them to the hand. You must control a "Metalfoes" card to activate and resolve this effect. ^I think that'd be even more flexible and still keep short and simple. It can work with any card (not just scales and not just metalfoes cards). What do you think?
  15. Metalfoes's Explosive Ore Battery [Spell] Target 1 card on each side of the field; return them to the hand. You must control a "Metalfoes" card to activate and resolve this effect. You can only activate "Metalfoes' Explosive Ore Battery" once per turn. - - - - - - The idea is that you blast pieces onto the sky (and refresh one of your scale search effects too). You get rid of natural issues the deck might encounter. It's only a temporary bounce for the opponent and at hard OPT but it should still be helpful to get out of pickles.
  16. Umm well... it IS a pretty bonkers effect to grant a swarm + a Normal Summon, and to grab from all the banished (AKA spent ammo for +revives of bosses). Though again, Slushy's revival/banishing bit is painstakingly slow and I daresay "casual" in what it can bring out for the most part. You don't really have to worry about the banished ones even running out to begin with when you have 6 turns worth of them at any given time.... sooooo the "return banished ones to GY" frankly speaking is almost useless. You are just as likely to just recycle them and resend them via Pot of Acquisitiveness or return them via Burial from a Different Dimension and it'd be very much dead weight unless you have an untainted setup (your Level 5+ WATERS don't get D.D. Crowed or something) and do survive/elongate the duel a fair bit. Control would not be easy to maintain throughout that much time. That leaves us with the Normal/Special Summon bits. I couldn't mind something moderated like "add 1 banished Slushy to hand and immediately Normal Summon". That is if you do think the swarm is a big issue. I think personally that being able to make a ridiculous Toadally Awesome x3 board is kind of your payoff for running Slushy to begin with... I would even go as far as to say it is fair if you got to pull this all off. Sure they are effective WATER Foolish Burials now but WATER has plenty of that already. Atlantean Prince can't even be negated because it dumps as cost and whatever else is a bonus for example..... buuuut yeah, you could do something like the above "Normal 1 from GY" suggestion I gave or a "Special Summon 2" if you want more bodies to come to the field at the expendure of no Normal Summon benefits.... ummm is this what the inquiry was? or did I go on a tangent already? xD
  17. There's one detail to keep into account though, which prevents the suggestion from being strictly better than as is: Your opponent is choosing their affected cards, if you give them the choice of 1 or 2, they'll only ever pick 2 if they benefit form the second target going belly down. It'd require the owner of "Book of Mirror" to mandate/declare how many cards your opponent is to flip down (and still leave which ones up to the opponent). Hmmmm any ideas of how this wording could be done?
  18. That line of "it ends the turn" you said there gave me a realization xD I've been under the impression that whoever this card was used on would keep the 10 card hand in exchange for the turn.... but now that I see it more carefully it does say (within the same line at that) it first draws THEN ends so it forces immediate excess discard. That very much made me slap my head and it more or less forces me to scratch a big chunk of my previous comment.... It is an odd sort of Graceful Charity-like hand refresher. The conditions/restrictions are heavy but there are opportunities to go plus regardless so now I'm not so sure about how much of an issue it might be. I'd probably try to test it with those "discard = destroy" effects Fableds/Darkworlds have, or maybe something with Shaddolls.
  19. Ah so you are implying we should make a "seal of dissaproval" with the angry sheep to be in direct opposition to my giraffe's "seal of apprival"? That's an interesting idea. xD
  20. I recommend a nerf on this card so the materials are 2 monsters (including 1 LIGHT and 1 Fiend). This way, you can make it with 1 LIGHT Fiend + 1 monster that doesn't need to have either of those OR 1 LIGHT of any type + 1 Fiend of any Attribute. As it is, stuff you might not want to see run this card like Burning Abyss could make pretty easy use of it, and the kind of extreme blanket protection of the "unaffected" kind it provides can get disgustingly harsh in something this generic. I don't think the Tri-Brigade bit Zamazenta mentioned would be a big deal either way since there's plenty of Winged Beast and Beast-Warrior stuff in there that'd just be turned off under this card.... it'd be a pretty tricky and unorthodox build and the trade off wouldn't probably be worth it. Well it could probably happen if you leave this card's revival for later on in a combo since that's the only part that locks you into specific types. It'd be tricky but IDK. The "during either player's turn" and "(quick effect)" are not both needed in the same line. They are usually the same thing. Which this is another bit that's pretty extremely generic there. Stuff like Melffy and Rescue Cat can have an easy field day with this while they also are being shielded from monster effects. The hand size requirement is neat but it is probably not too hard to achieve even if you are not using this card specifically in Fableds. The effects are doable on their own but together seem like a ton of good stuff in one place with the materials as generic and flexible as they are. The material change suggestion I think would help a lot in that regard, otherwise the other option is to find a way to nerf the blanket protection and the revival in some way I think
  21. Huh, so if I got this right, the card has 2 different ways it can be activated: -During Main Phase 1 (if 5+ effects have been activated by the turn player this turn) or -At the start of Battle Phase (regardless of the above) ^is this right or did I missinterpreted? Anyhow...hmmmm I think it is pretty overpowered personally. Ending an opponent's turn after 5 effects (even with the draw 10 effect on their side) is most likely harsher than what Nibiru creates (5+Summons = Tribute it all and drop a 3k rock on your side, essencially stopping most boards from progressing for the turn, even though it creates a massive token on the opponent's side with all the lost ATK combined, and it isn't unheard of that people keep playing past it). You leave the opponent with Materials unfulfilled that you can easily take care of... Also, because it is "draw" and it is "10" instead of "until there's 10 in hand", it means a fourth of the deck through a single copy..... it just sounds like a very likely way to deck somebody out, which is a win condition. The hand size limit is not too bad, it is normally 6 so -1 to that number, but a player only needs to discard excess hand at the end of their own turn. That is plenty of time to do something with almost half your deck in hand. On the other side of the coin: I would gladly force a combo with Makyura and get to my Battle Phase if it means I'm 10 cards up. Droll & Lock Bird can just take a hike against something like that xD I know Continuous Traps without any "from hand" activations and the sort usually are deemed bad fun cards due to how slow they are in the game, but it is still not unheard of that some are still run despite that, and something like this is waaaaay too good to pass up. Imagine this at more than one copy and opening up with 2 of them xD I'd probably run the trap "Greed" for that easy 10,000 LP burn xD - - - - - thinking on how to help fix it xD hmmmmm... How abooooout hjmmm..... Let's go harsher on the drawbacks. You can only control 1 copy of this card at a time, you can only activate this card's name once per turn. The turn player draws until their hand size is 10, ends their turn, must play with the hand revealed while this card is up, their hand size limit is reduced to 0 (while this card is up). And reduce a bit of these drawbacks if the player making use of them is NOT this Trap's owner (AKA you). Though regardless of who it is, have this card's drawbacks stay not only for the remainder of the time this card is up, but until the end of the turn in which this card leaves the field. Is this too much? xD I did not give a sample wording of these mostly because it's getting a bit late so I'll have to leave it at that for now and wait to see what you think of one or more of these ideas xD
  22. This is a bit more of a proper successor to the legacy of Book of Moon as the "swiss knife of Yugioh" that it was for years and years in the game, compared to stuff like the Book of Lunar Eclipce that we recently got. It is a bit tricky but it is also super versatile. Your opponent chooses their own targets but you decide when to activate this card and can do so when they have little choice to fill the quota. It helps further your flipping needs without having to choose between choosing to help yourself or disrupt the opponent plays. But where this card shines the most in my opinion is in how it doesn't care about what kind of cards it flips. It can force down floodgates in the right scnearios, recycle stuff like Call of the Haunted, Fiendish Chain, turn off Mystic Mine or Winda, etc. One thing though, I think the first bit would usually be part of the overall effect like through a colon, something like this: If both players have 2 or more face-up cards: Discard 1 card; each player flips 2 cards they control face-down. Since that is the only use and only effect the card provides it is logic that it wouldn't be activated at all anyways unless it is to do this very thing, so the "can only be activated if" is a bit of a redundant clause probably. Still, all in all pretty great idea. Also another pro-tip: If I'm not mistaken, this sort of effect that demands your opponent to pick their own poison gets to affect monsters that'd normally be unaffected by this sort of "opponent's" effect. So that's yet another neat bonus.
  23. Hmmm I'm kinda with Darj on this one in how it should probably borrow from stuff like Call of the Haunted for the Summon part. As in, a Continuous effect that Summons something but only does it once and then retains some conditions around said monster. A Summon is a clear action so it'd be the type of effect that'd be in the format of colons/semi-colons.... Balance-wise, it is more or less (as said above) an Emergency Teleport for bugs... one that might be subject to fizzling out with immediate removal chained to it and that it might not be quick, but on the other hand it doesn't care about Levels, lets you keep the monster, has a potential bonus vs Machines, and the cardpool of Insects is not to be underestimated. Just as an extender for Inzektors this is already pretty big on its own. Though then I see stuff like Gokibore cards and such.... - - - - Suggestions: You can take 1 or all or any number of these and I think it'd improve things out. #1 Since this is the casual section, the card can probably afford to go down to "funsies" level, so in this one my suggestion is that the card only be live if there's a Machine on the opponent's field. It'd stay in-flavor because the big event was about how the bug disturbed the system (so no system = no big deal). You could still make it live but the deck would need a bit of unorthodox choices... like an Inzektor deck would need something like CyDra or Birdman and Creature Swap-like shenanigans to work if the opponent doesn't have Machines. on the other hand, you could make the effect still live without this condition but have a lot more restriction in what bugs it can bring out when there's no machine. Something like "only vanillas" or "Level 2 or lower" or "level 7+ in defense" or something like that, and make it be only "any insect" if there's a machine to be bullied. #2 Give it a time limit (after all, the insident wasn't probably super lenghty either). Something like "until the end of the next turn". With some extra fine print for you like "you can only Summon Insects during this time" and/or when it all wears off you "return 1 insect you control to the bottom of the deck if the bug summoned like this is still around".... on top of what it already has of course. - - - - - Either way something like "if this card leaves the field, get rid of that bug" and "if the bug leaves the field, get rid of this card" ^for this I'm using "get rid" in the example because I suggest it might not need to be "destroy" necessarily. Maybe one of these conditions can allow a bounce or something else rather than just being the classic bond of these sorts of cards. There are options to work with in this concept xP
  24. I don't think I've shared this one here yet.... xD Remake of my Omanyte Pokemon Gijijnka request from like 5 years ago:
  25. Fascinating. You evade the Harpie clause that'd prevent you from running OG Slushy while you still find a way for OG Slushy to pull this from the Deck. Not only that but it sets up the effect of Slushy making it live more often. I mentioned how much I love this idea, having used a Slushy engine at some point in time myself..... but now that I think about it, I do have a couple suggestions for the sake of balance. First, the dumping effect can be a pretty generic double one that doesn't need of Slushy to happen. I'd suggest something like at least 1 of the 2 WATER monsters it sends always needing to have "Slushy" in the text, unless you control a Slushy. That way you are not furthering spam from Nimble monsters through Foolish Burial and stuff like that..... you'd at least ensure you are running the Slushy engine when taking full advantage of it. Other than that, I'm trying to come to a conclution about the power of the revive effect. It Normal Summons 1, Specials whatever excess you might have, which very well could be 5 Slushy cards, including ones that were already banished for their effects..... I think it is fine for a couple reasons. -First, I've used Slushy enough to realize its hard OPT effect is waaaaay slow so the banishing pace is slow to a grind... you deserve to recycle the banished ones and even gain fodder for stuff if you've survived that long... and if you have less than 5 you are still Normal Summoning 1 that's gonna dump the remaining ones from the Deck. I do hope you realize you are essentially creating 3 Toadally Awesomes from thin air in the best case scenario xD -Second, from what I understand, Slushy needs "3 total" and I suspect it has actually not been addressed because nothing in the game IRL has warranted it, but it might be Dark Armed Dragon ruling (which means exactly 3 Slushy monsters are required for the effect to be live, 4+ will disrupt it. This would mean your flipping 1 down and reviving the others is the best fix for this issue. If anything, it makes Slushy worth playing, which is fair. For other themes this would have been broken but Slushy very much needs this sort of thing. Great card overall xD
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