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  1. Umm I don't know if it makes a difference gameplay wise. Flipping it face-down comes right after the Summon so there's no timing to Bottomless Trap Hole it or anything, and Summoning it face-down directly does not make it a secret card by any means xD Oh, I guess there's one interaction: The card "Tragedy" can technically destroy all your Defense Positions when a monster(s) switches to said position.. not that it is a very relevant interaction from a card that came out back in like 2005 and has never seen much use. I think your choice is fine, it does reduce the excess of "up to 1 set, u
  2. For Tribute Summon, Ritual Tribute, and as Fusion Materials? Yes As Synchro, Xyz, or Link Materials? No So I suppose the answer is yes and no xD
  3. You are right, I love the choice of images xD You know my thoughts on the second card n.n Though the Penguin RotA is new to me, and wow. Rescue Cat for Penguins is appropriate. After all, I think Bolt Penguin is Thunder so Aqua support there would not have covered it. You are aware of the card's interactions with Frogs, and I don't think there's a more relevant archetype based on Aqua that'd present an unexpected issue. I kind of wanna suggest you bring just 1 of the 2 Summons into face-down... that way stuff like Nopenguin, Glacial Beast Polar Penguin, or Emperor Penguin can also imm
  4. I was kinda worried that would be the case. I made this in a way I thought it'd be easier to swallow than something like Spirit Sculptor... I've told you before, I don't have a great memory xD There are 2 ways of looking for targets: -Oh "Witch of the Black Forest" looks like a great Tribute for this card. She's a DARK Spellcaster with 1100 ATK. *goes to Duelingbook database*... Let's see a DARK Spellcaster with 1100 DEF.... It says the only 3 monsters in the game with it are Lord of D. Lady of D, and King of D..... FUUUUUUUUUUU. -I wanna search for "Light and Darkness Dragon", let's
  5. I'm finally able to get back to you ;9 You know? I like the subtle changes in that wording. I can't say I proof checked it against cards with similar wordings. I do recall that although not incredibly common, there are decks out there with ways to get this off the field, like how Madolche Queen Tiaramisu can shuffle it into the Deck without targeting, and without it being hard OPT. Then again, my card in this thread would probably be played at 3 if the deck revolved around the field spell, and it being quick play... it'd take some blood, sweat, and tears to leave the field Orichalcos-less
  6. I support this. Since the heart is the default "like", when I want to put an extra special reaction, my options are a trophy would seem more at home as a "great review/feedback/argument" than anything else, or the happy face reaction that is more so for when you are laughing at/with people. The other 2 are not exactly celebratory in nature, and they are fine... but yeah, we could use some more. Not the biggest priority in the site but would still be nice.
  7. Ah so the spell is basically to reposition the formation. Pretty cool considering you can use both co and non-co-linked effects of basically all your links in the same turn. This might as well be "Mischief of the Time Goddess" for Appliancers tbh.. only easier to activate and and doing more than just damage.
  8. Yosenjus were probably the groundwork used to create these birds. Usually you stop the whole play when you get to stop a Yosenju Normal Summon, but these birds have ways around disruption and their recovery is ridiculous. They also mix well with the Raiza bit from the Monarchs. Given the peculiar method of recycling, I wouldn't be surprised to find out "Terror of the Underroot" was made as a countermeasure. Though people are also very likely to instead go "Pot of Acquisitiveness" depending on how the rest of the meta shapes up. Strich from these new birds seem to be a sort of countermeasure
  9. "original" names is so that it can work on Harpie Decks xD So from Harpies, Lurilyscs, Blackwings, to the new deck.... considering the other Pot of Greed alternatives crlipple the Main or Extra Deck heavily, this card's 600 LP cost is laughably easy. I guess we now know which card is gonna get the secret rare treatment when the set comes around xP
  10. Thanks, although I think that is a bit too many variations if I were to include them all. I'll probably just make it a random card xD Maybe just flat out banish random actually, to prevent GY friendly cards.
  11. Prettty versatile. Surface, Inferno Reckless, Salvage.... it seems like a fairly, efficient alternative to getting out Coelacanth or Daedalus. Since it searches Ice Mirror it very much sets itself up, and it took me a bit to realize you don't need to have a 3rd copy Tributing the other 2, but a second copy can include itself and that makes a pretty big difference. Before that I was thinking " will the tribute be worth two 3k monsters outside some odd loop?" Bonus points in that it supports stuff like Ice Princess without a huge hassle. Even if that is more of a fun thing.
  12. The Dark Law support might be needed. I don't think I've seen it a ton since the Arc V era. I've also seen Stratos not maxed out ( something like 2 Stratos 2 Shadow Mist being simewhat of a standard)... but if you think it would over boost them, I guess Stratos used to be banned for a reason... I do think HERO cards can still be very dangerous.
  13. That is a pretty neat idea. It destroys and burns but the way it works it bypasses effect immunity. It also is a full on handtrap there. I'm pretty sure there must be a Zexal Weapon monster that allows multi attacks out there. Random trivia but.... unpopular opinion, my favorite Zexal ending would be probably the third, the "wild child" one. My bro I'm sure prefers the first one for the hilarious lyrics of "gotta go home now, anime is really good these days" or something like that xD
  14. Huh I facepalmed at myself, I think I really needed to sleep there if I missed my own measure there xD Thanks, I also missed editing the banish part into destroying like I said I would. That'll have to wait for me to get home because I don't trust my mobile tools for editing here xP
  15. Baton Pass [Trap] Tribute 1 monster; Add from your Deck or GY to your hand 1 monster with the same Type and Attribute, whose DEF is the same as the Tributed monster's ATK on the field. You can only activate 1 "Baton Pass" per turn. - - - - - I'll be honest, I have not thought about this card's ramifications at all. I was gonna go to sleep like 3 minutes ago and the idea popped into my head. It's a super generic search/recycle effect, but it is a -1 Trap tied to 3 different traits of what you are Tributing. An example of a use ummm.... You can Tribute "Megasonic Eye" ( DARK Mac
  16. Ah yeah, I had the "banish" part when the card didn't do anything else after the LP gain bit. Then the Legendary Dragon stuff came out. I think I should probably revert it back to destruction, as that'd be good enough I think. I also just realized its Legendary Dragon-related effect can go with any Dragon Fusion in the game... IDK if that can potentially break anything when it gains names like Blue Eyes, Dark Magician, Red Eyes, etc.... because I'm fairly sure copying, say, Dark Magician's name, would allow you to use cards that require you to control that name (like "Dark Magic Attack").
  17. It's alright, even I acknowledge this is not quite on the vein of the kind of cards I tend to do. Its condition makes it a bit situational and otherwise dead in hand until you get to assemble said situation, and then when you do, it is basically an OTK enabler as its main purpose. My 2 things in mind were "De-Fusion is pretty forgotten so how could I incentivize it?" and "maybe like how Power Bond does it".... Though I do recall I very much not enjoy getting Power Bonded/Limiter Removal (up to x3) Cyber End to the face, doing anywhere from 8000 to 64,000 piercing damage xD Soooo respecta
  18. I've got a potential idea for a FIRE deck in "Goat Format". Level 2 or lower Normal FIRE Monsters: "Flame Dancer", "Hinotama Soul", "Charcoal Impachi", "People Running About". With "Human-Wave Tactics" and "Backfire" as the main engine. Recycling can be done with "Pot of Avarice", "Dark Factory of Mass Production", or "Backup Soldier", and it could help to include discard reactions like PWWB, "Divine Wrath", etc. For protection of this whole structure, "Solemn Judgment", "My Body as a Shield", and "Fake Trap" sound like they'd do the trick....

    I think like there's a formula there to make things work but it seems like I'd be losing a lot more LP than my opponent just from LP costs and battle damage here, even if generic super burn like Cylinders, Ring, Ceasefire, etc... were used.

    IDK, it's a random idea I got.

    1. UltimateIRS


      just use wave-motion cannon this is an awful idea

    2. Sleepy


      I guess these ARE too many steps.  It doesn't even factor in the opponent not wanting to attack, looping Exiled Force, or using D.D. Warrior Lady, Chaos Sorc, BLS... there's also a ton more destruction like Tribe, Smashing, Torrential, Ring, Mirror Force if I go on the offensive, Blowback Dragon, Zaborg, banishers like D.D. Crazy Beast or DMoC, or Jinzo... hmmm

      Guess FIRE does have the Simochi/Fire Princess version and the Flare Dragon burn one which requires less pieces to work and even those are less than top tier material. xD

  19. XD "Harpie's Copycats" sounds like an insult to the other Harpie monsters. They are more of a species than a bunch of "Harpie Lady wannabes" you know? xD I have to agree that it is pretty broken though. Hysteric Party had a bunch of drawbacks: -Trap Card means it is needs to be set -Discard cost -Continuous icon means your opponent can destroy it with a quick effect and that would stop it from doing its thing. -Even if you get to use it and revive a bunch of monsters, the card takes them away if something makes Hysteric Party leave the field in any way. -It only revives cards nam
  20. Being completely honest, I tend to not really post in your cards because I don't think it has ever resulted in a difference/reaction/reply/acklowledgement that I even posted coming from it. Though I saw a GX reference in the title, so I am biting this time xD Wake up your Heart IS my favorite GX ending theme. Pretty reflective of Jaden's original chill vibe in the early anime. I like the card, it being able to revive the otherwise un-revivable HERO Fusions from the anime.... I think it'd work better as a Quick-Play. Sounds like something Jaden would use to shield an ATK, eat the strongest
  21. I suggest the cards to instead work with any WATER Reptiles regardless of Level, since it is actually a pretty rare combination as it is. Just checked the database and there's 33 WATER Reptiles in the game. Some Aliens, the Gagagigos (one of which is an effect-less Xyz), and a few interesting misfits like Yamorimori, the Oshaleons, Reptiliane Gardna, Screech.... Actually, thanks for pointing out a very underused combination xD I mainly really wanna dump Yamorimori in this strategy but it is a Level 2. Snake Rain makes things pretty good as well as Offering to the Snake Deity. - - -
  22. I don't know xD I haven't seen De-Fusion used IRL for a while, even in decks that fuse as easily as Elemental HEROes. Besides, the card itself doesn't have much of a cost but it does ask you to do a few steps.... Playing the game, getting materials, getting something like Poly, fusing, using your Fusion since that'd probably be the main goal of the Deck doing that.... Then getting a De-Fusion and this card both in hand, deciding to de-fuse and then this card can independently be live. You know what? the more I think about this the more I think I probably should have made a De-Fusion re
  23. Yeah, any version of Ring is better than Magic Cylinder. It not needing to wait for an attack, and getting rid of the monster in question on top of the burn. Even if you end up just healing without any damage involved, it means you can afford to pay LP more. Though 4000? What monster do you have in mind with such a big number? xD
  24. I am guessing this card is meant to enable the Ice Barrier lock-down effects. Like how Defender of the Ice Barrier (that Level 3 yellow fox Tuner) says monsters can't attack if their ATK surpasses Defender's DEF. Or Secret Guards which prevents monster effects from targeting them. Stuff like that. Or Tribute Summon, that's valid too. You can also use Pior of the Ice Barrier, that immediately Tributes itself to revive a bigger monster, and promptly releases you of the drawback, potentially without needing to use his self-Summon effect that locks you out of high Level Special Summons for t
  25. Come to think of it, the Legendary Dragons of the Orichalcos saga. Critias fuses with Traps sooo I'm thinking Hermos ideally needed to fuse with Spells, and the only reason it didn't was because "Red-Eyes Armor go burrrrrrr!!!" xD
    . . . well, no, the armor I think came from another thing, but still... because "gonna use something more iconic". Joey had ummm Graceful Dice, Foolish Burial, Question, I can't think of many more "Joey Spells".

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      Dokutah Jolly

      You do still have have that scapegoat token dragons art right?

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      Indeed I do xD

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