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  1. Good news: I am now Covid free. It's been rough but I am relatively okay. It seems like an eon ago now but I hope you all had a happy halloween despite it all. We only had 1 participant in this year's Masq, which is fine, it's better than no one. Here's hopin next year is better! I will be constructing a prize for the winner as I settle back into normal life. Until then, here's a song!
  2. Wow this looks really fun! Ghostricks as a whole have always had a soft spot in my heart for obvious reasons, but sadly their entire playstyle lost its footing come MR4 and the release of Link Monsters. The "(even if face-down)" part of the protection is strange, and honestly not sure if there is another card that does that. The main "treat" of this Ghos"trick" would be the revival + foolish ability in that last effect. Certainly powerful, but not too much so due to the archetype lock. Overall a super solid card, nice work! By the by, any chance you could throw me a bone and send that Ghostrick bg my way?
  3. Breaking character for a small second to give some horribly timed news. I have come under the weather after having been exposed to Covid-19. I am under quarantine on dorm at my trade school. My activity may drop as a result and I do so apologize, this is something I really wanted to do for YCM. I am by no means dying, but I very likely have contracted the virus and will give a proper update upon confirmation. As far as I am aware, I am not high risk. I am 20 years old, as well as in good health and don't suffer from any major disabilities atm. Just wanted to shed some light on this so you guys don't think I just gave up. Good news is that this gives me ample time to finish up a book I started this week. Stay safe everyone, I will do my best to remain as active as possible.
  4. God, I wish. Honestly THE most attractive language there is. I melt whenever someone breaks out la español mid-sentence like... whew mami.
  5. No. It's by birth, cupcakes. I was made this way, the only only difference between me and any other ghoul is that I'm simply eternal, which given is one hell of a difference. Ember missed you too. Er, I mean I missed all of you! All of YCM! Just as much as... boy is it me or is it getting kinda hot in here?
  6. Gotta admit... it's lonely being the only monster left. Maybe its for the best though, god knows it didn't end well the last time we had a full Masq.

    1. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      ur the only good monster, don't worry. no one deserves to have the title of last monster except u.

    2. Horu


      Ember, how am I supposed to pay tribute to the monster in my story without gore? It's literally what it does. 😓

  7. Honestly haven't given much thought on it. Probably, but maybe if this goes well I'll be back before a year's time. Because Hyde is a filthy old pervert. Also, I can neither confirm or deny. All you need to know is that they're the perfect size to hold.
  8. It's like Debby over there said, my time came and went. I was only meant to exist for a single month: October of 2018. Miraculously, I survived the monster genocide of that year. I've come to pay a visit every October since. And I was NOT about to see the Masq, the event that gave me life, just die out. Something as great as that should burn on forever! What better to reignite it all then a bit of Ember?
  9. Cuttin it a little personal there, eh? As if I'm gonna tell you that. askdaeifyoureallywannaknow
  10. Well aren't you the Debby-Downer. Yes it's true, my masquerade has long since ended, but the show isn't over yet. Maybe it's because this place feels like an old home, or because I failed to give a worthwhile performance way back then, losing hope in the Masq only to now realize that was the saving grace of it all. Regardless of what brought me here, I'm here. Even if this goes nowhere, I can say I tried my hardest to relight the kindle and bring a sense of homely warmth back to the place. Also, speck of light?? Do you know who you're talkin to? I'm Ember McLain! I'm the brightest flame you'll ever see, and I'm never goin out...
  11. Hellllo YCM! Are you ready to rock?

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    2. Lazarus IV

      Lazarus IV

      I'm more of a paper guy m'self.  We can both agree that scissors sucks though.

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      I just saw your proposition for a Halloween Event. I like your enthusiasm, and I think I'll make something for it.Let's not give up on the site. I know the activity is minimal, but I refuse to say RIP and good bye, damn it!

    4. Horu


      I prefer Smashing Pumpkins with Judas Priest's Iron Maidens.

  13. My love, you have returned!

  14. It's that time of year again, boys... and we monsters are gonna rock yo- 

    Wait, where are all the other monsters?

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