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  1. So while I have a bunch of prompts I want to do,the two I will most likely do first are the Chronoroid Archetype(the roids I was talkin about) or....*big gulps* Dryle...... 

  2. 😭 I did it!! Redoing the Alchemy Beasts:Alchenemies is a go and I'm legit gonna be out due to not sleeping. So lemme just post....

  3. Ok I'm actually torn between making another roid archetype,doing another Archetype prompt,or remaking the Alchemy Beasts. 

    1. Redro


      Alchemy Beasts!

  4. The next cards I post might be inspired by the Alchemy Beasts. I've been working on that after seeing GX again.

  5. Holy I'm scared I made that deck over powered to compensate for Genex being bad....

  6. Just finished the Genex inspired archetype I'm naming it Cyphi and it'll be posted at somepoint today...

  7. ......I lowkey want to try something based on Genex.

  8. I had fun doing the archetype game again.

    1. Redro


      Glad to hear it! 🙂

  9. Cool I actually got some stuff done while this was getting inspected.

  10. Just posted and Updated Version of my first post.

  11. Idk how to put links...go figure.

    1. goodfusion


      Don't bother. Really most decks don't need them.

  12. Edited Rabunneko, I think its better now since taking the advice of Tinkerer. Moving on to another now.https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/377989-rabunnekoan-archetype-i-decided-to-try-and-make/?p=7139336

  13. I forgot to post in multiples.

  14. I forgot to post in multiples.

  15. I forgot to post in multiples.

  16. I kinda want to do a blue eyes/cyber dragon inspired deck or set of cards. Just something with, (This cards name is also treated as a "Blank" Card

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