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  1. What if it were a condition? i.e. Engraver of the Mark activates its last effect and targets my Great Long Nose. During the next End Phase, if my Great Long Nose were still face-up on the field—say its effect were negated that turn—can I choose to resolve Great Long Nose's effect before it would potentially be destroyed by Engraver of the Mark's effect?
  2. Let's say that my opponent activates a card or effect that would destroy my Spirit monster during the End Phase or end of the turn. Would I be able to return said Spirit monster to my hand without it being destroyed?
  3. I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish with that statement. How can someone make a card custom-made that is described by an already existent YGO card?
  4. Dark Cauldron of Spells DARK Spellcaster / Fusion / Effect Level 6 - 1000 / 1000 Must be Special Summoned with "The Claw of Hermos", using "Alchemist of Black Spells". If this card is Special Summoned: Target 1 other face-up Spellcaster monster on the field; equip this card to it. Once per turn (Quick Effect): The equipped monster can change its battle position and place 2 Spell Counters on a face-up card you control that you can put a Spell Counter on, and if you do, the equipped monster gains 1000 ATK and DEF until the end of the turn. "Fang of Critias" + 1 Trap monster
  5. Number Wizard LIGHT Spellcaster Level 4 - 1900 / 1400 This magician has been recently tasked with retrieving the lost Number monsters, and will readily provide herself as Material for the allied Numbers or, if the situation arises, to blast them away herself with powerful magic and incantations. 1 monster that has a text similar to the Wattaildragon.
  6. Elemental HERO Blindeyes DARK Warrior Level 3 - 1800 / 0 This deadly Elemental HERO is the master of the shadows and the dark. Shrouding her enemies with the Veil of Blindness, she moves silently and and takes monsters by surprise. 1 monster related to the moon in some way.
  7. Nasty Jam DARK Aqua / Tuner Level 1 - 1000 / 200 Ew! The nastiest of all nasties, this little evil slob is out to destroy the world for allowing dirt and grime to get all mixed with his once beautiful jelly-body. There's not much we can do for him now, but remember: keep your slimes clean! (Level 1 Tuner for Level 1 engines, DARK for DARK engines, Aqua for Mermails and such.) Any monster, any way you like.
  8. A monster effect that activates when sent to the GY is unaffected by card effects that negate that monster's effect. Is the same true for on Summon effects? If I were to Summon a monster whose effects would be negated while it is face-up on the field, would any on-Summon effects activate?
  9. That's kind of difficult; as far as I know, Kaiba only describes cards that actually exist, but I can just use quotes describing the good old original: Blue-Eyes Heart! Dragon LIGHT Dragon Level 8 - 3000 / 3000 I've always believed that Duel Monsters was a game of sheer power, but Yugi claims that the cards have a heart. It sounds crazy I know. But could Yugi be right? Is there really a heart of the cards that can affect the outcome of a Duel? Source - Episode 008, YuGiOh! Anime 1 "(Insert color here)-Eyes (Insert color here) Dragon" monster
  10. Supreme Turkey FIRE Winged Beast Level 3 - 1500 / 1800 Armed with sharp talons and mighty wings, it is said that the most fearful thing about this flightless bird is itself; none who eat it ever wake up. 1 Beast-Warrior-Type monster that resembles a Porcupine.
  11. If I were to have Golden Castle of Stromberg face-up on the field during my next turn after activation, and I control a face-up Pumpkin Carriage or any card that negates my Field Spell Card from being destroyed by card effects, does this mean that my Field Spell Card can stay face-up on the field without having to pay its cost? If so, what would happen when whatever card that was protecting it left the field (I'd assume it would leave the field)?
  12. Gem-Knight Marble Rock Level 1 - 800 / 600 Many will look upon this little stone-boy and think small of him. However, little know that, when all the other great warriors, his great family, have fallen, it will be he that continues the legendary memory, history, and legend of an order that strives for peace and all things noble. He doesn't know much now, but soon, he will face a task most noble, and fulfill it diligently. 1 monster that has the word "egg" in its lore.
  13. Rusted Contrivance WATER Machine Level 6 - 1300 / 2000 Once a fearsome contraption to be sure, the times and the ages have all but reduced this machine's offensive power, though it may still boast of a strong exterior. 1 monster that is treated as belonging to an Archetype without sharing the same name, i.e. Summoned Skull.
  14. If I have an Xyz Material that has an effect when sent to the Graveyard, will its effect activate when the Xyz monster is sent to the Graveyard without detaching? EDIT: Another question: when you Tribute monsters via a Ritual Spell Card, when it states to Tribute monsters from (...), am I allowed to simply Tribute 1 monster?
  15. If the effects of my Millenium-Eyes Restrict were to be negated by any of my opponent's card effects, would I still be able to use Millenium-Eyes Illusionist or Relinquished Fusion to equip a monster to my Restrict?
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