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  1. I'm no expert at this kind of thing, but lemme give it a try Looks like that the bottom-right corner on the original image (where the trap attribute symbol is) contains the top-right corner of the card (the end of the card name box + a little bit of the template), yours seems to be extending the name box Give it a look here: https://imgur.com/NTpUDOg (made under a minute with paint online, I'm sorry XD) The part of the name box that is under the image seems to contain part of the actual card name (you can even see a little bit of the bottom of the trap attribute there) instead of the top part. Other than that, I think it's about figuring out the right dimensions and stuff.
  2. Whats the size of a Sneak Peek Playmat?

    1. The Sleeping Lion

      The Sleeping Lion

      over 9000 (more or less)

  3. Ultra Pro or Dragon Shield for Yu-Gi-Oh?

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    2. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      I buy Ultra Pro more often than Dragon Shield tbh.

    3. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Do you need all the sleeves you get with Dragon Shield. If yes, than go with them.

    4. Urayne


      ultra pro does the job...

  4. So... you can Pendulum Summon any number of monsters?

    1. Slinky


      Yes, but you can only do it once per turn. You can't summon 1, draw a card, then summon another.

  5. Well... I made a template and I really want someone do judge it. Can someone do this for me? I really want to improve it.

  6. If I want to post a Dark Synchro card, should I post on Pop Culture or Realistic?

    1. Aix


      Pop Culture or Any Other.

    2. kyop
  7. Flamvell is really fun until you mill all your rekindling...

  8. I'm looking for HD or at least HQ versions of the OCG Attributes... anyone know where to find?

  9. I'm trying to do a card template (not from scratch, tho). Anyone can give me tips how to get the right color for the cards?

  10. Anyone know where I can find OCG Proxy in HD/HQ or the OCG Attributes in a decent quality?

  11. I used Judas HQ template to try to do some japanese cards (just for fun, tho). Can someone say if its good? At least I know that the font is corect... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/189/6r3n.png/

  12. Its just me or the forum is a bit dead?

    1. VictorSempra
    2. Eury


      School. Just saying. It was pretty lively a month or two ago.

    3. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      Yeah, a lot of the people here are school aged.

  13. Anyone ever downloaded from 115.com? I'm trying to download a file but it always require VIP to do it..

  14. Any news about the card maker redesign?

  15. Any preview when the new card layout will be rady?

  16. Any tips for a fun deck thats not too expensive? Except Sturcture Decks, please

  17. So, ZEXAL is going to end? Really?

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    2. kyop


      I've searched a bit more about it... It's going to ZEXAL II... I'm gonna watch the first, then the second, I hope there is some really good explanation to it other than changing the air day to sunday

    3. kyop


      btw, thanks for answer my question :D

    4. Toffee.


      Megaman Starforce + Cardgames = ZeXal

  18. So... I'm trying to update my OSX, but my internet connection keeps going down, and I always have to restart the update from zero, because it freezes, even when the connection comes back... there is any way to update it without internet? ;{

    1. Bull3tM0nk3y


      I don't think so.


      Maybe Google can help?

    2. kyop


      I've searched, couldn't find anything. I guess I'll have to wait until my connection get better...

  19. Any tips for a HERO deck?

  20. Soo... I haven't being playing for something like 5 or 6 months, lol... I want to get a structure deck, since my incomplete HERO deck probably sucks now. Wich one should I get?

    1. kyop


      *which, not writting english in a bit made my writting suck

  21. Good Synchros/Xyz for Flamvell/Laval anyone?



      I don't know what you mean. Just run the good Syncs and Xyz in them. -.-

  22. Nowadays, Six Samurai still good? D:

    1. Daigusto Sphreez

      Daigusto Sphreez

      I love the six samarai. :D

  23. After months without playing Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm gettin back... so, any nice and cheap deck to play? :D

    1. .Corgi


      idk, haven't played since 5th grade when no one in the class knew the rules.

    2. kyop


      When I was in 5th grade, we used to play with imaginary cards lol

    3. Βyakuya


      There's a lot you missed recently. It's best if you look at new decks and Synchros and Xyzs.

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