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  1. i like that they're giant robot bears and not dragons or wyrms or some other winged-lizard these look fun
  2. Star Trek Voyager S2E8, where Kes' face is covered with boils 🤮

  3. The next Sentai team Kikai-Sentai-Zenkaiger-1.jpg

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    2. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      I am excited. This is 40 years, right? This is such a fun take, bringing the zords to ranger level, with the leader being his own creation. so cool

    3. Crouton


      45 years...that's a major achievement.

    4. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Most good anime is older than me. I remember this when I want to feel young.

  4. I assume that thread is 19 pages of people nominating @God Emperor Cow for mod. Don't correct me.

    A community putting aside drama to stand together in solidarity and call upon our beloved bovine savior to step up and moderate this forum! This is inspiring!

    Well, I too nominate Cow, who I say hi to now and then! In fact, I encourage all of you to show appreciation for our future leader, firm but tender, by saying "hi cowcow" every so often!

    hi cowcow

    1. God Emperor Cow
    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Actually. As hard as we tried, our poor Cow just couldn't produce enough milk to make the cut.

  5. Overdress should get delayed in favor of Exxxtra Story -Oppai-
  6. You could ask Santa for Legos and wake up Christmas morning to Megabloks instead.
  7. Sesame Street: Barneypokolips War. A salty Barney the dinosaur leads an army of demons to destroy Sesame Street. A lot of characters get eaten alive, mutilated, rebuilt into monster cyborgs...I hope Oscar and Cookie Monster survive 😨

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    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Oscar dies in a garbage fire and Cookie Monster dies of "natural causes".

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Yo cookie monster would fuck some fuckers up

    4. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      That's why he died of "natural causes"

  8. Dragonic Kaiser Crimson "THE CRIP"

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